20 Best Cashback Apps for 2023 – Top Cashback Extension – Earn Money Every Time You Shop

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Top Cashback Extension – 20 Best Cashback Apps For 2023

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Best Cash back Apps For 2023 – Top Cashback Extension – Cash back Apps To Earn Rewards & Save Money Every Time You Shop

Cashback is a word that’s been constantly evolving from the American Civil War when soldiers were paid with “cashback dollars” to fund relief for their families. let’s look at the top Cashback Extension.

Today, cashback means getting a small percentage of your purchase amount back as cash at various stores and services, including online stores, retail stores, and restaurants.

However, it’s not that easy to find the best cashback deals online – especially if you’re looking for discounts on brand-name goods at an established retailer. Why? The Best Cashbacks are often hidden in a sea of deals and discounts.

So, we have made a list of the Best Cash Back apps for the year 2022 so that you can enjoy shopping to your heart’s content! This Best Cashback apps list will change from time to time as new Best Cashback apps are released in the market.

And it will be updated regularly, keeping you informed of Best Cash Back apps available. This Best Cashback apps list will automatically give you the Best and Updated Best Cashback Apps, Top 20 Best Cashback Apps for Cashback.

20 Best Cash Back Apps To Fetch Rewards

1. Rakuten

Rakuten cashback extension app

This Best Cashback apps list starts with the most popular Best Cash Back app of all time – Rakuten.

Rakuten is one of the Best Cashback apps networks that gives you money back on products and services at Best Buy, Gap, Macy’s, and 150+ more stores!

You can earn the Best Cashback in the form of gift cards or even straight-up Best cash deposited to your PayPal account. Rakuten provides cashback programs at a variety of retailers.

Instead of going to Nike.com and purchasing a pair of shoes, you’ll go to Rakuten.com first and then click a link to Nike.com. You’ll be rewarded with significant cashback rates — sometimes up to 10% or more — for your few seconds of work.

Many companies, particularly online merchants, pay individuals to refer clients to them, making money. For example, if you purchase a book on Amazon via a link from this page, I will get a tiny share of the transaction.

You receive a little, and they get a little. It’s a win-win scenario since this is money you weren’t going to see in the first place.

As one of the most popular Best Cash Back apps for e-commerce websites, Rakuten also has a Best Shop program where you’ll get Rakuten Super Points when you shop online from their catalog.

These points add up quickly, and any remaining balance will automatically convert into the Best cash.

2. Dosh

Dosh cashback extension app

What is Dosh? This article will explain how the app works and why you should be downloading it. You’ll get a percentage of each purchase back in Dosh cash.

Once you have Dosh installed on your phone, all you need to do is link your bank account or credit card(s) with it.  Then when you go shopping, the cash you earn will automatically be deposited into your account.

If you shop at any of these retailers already (which most people do), it’s definitely worth giving the app a try: Rite Aid, The Home Depot, JCPenney, Best Buy, Old Navy, Macy’s, Express, Kroger…the list goes on!

The amount of cashback varies.  For example, in one situation, I bought a pair of running shoes for about $120 at Dick’s Sporting Goods with my linked card through Dosh.  Then I was awarded approximately $7 back as dosh cash within 24 hours.

How Does It Work?

When you make a purchase, your dosh balance will be reduced by the amount of cashback you’ll receive for that transaction.   For example: if you earn 10% cashback on a purchase, your dosh balance will be automatically reduced by 10% of the total cost.

3. BeFrugal

BeFrugal cashback extension app

BeFrugal is one of several companies that offers cashback on online and in-store purchases. BeFrugal offers features, such as the ability to donate cashback earned towards a charity.

The service is entirely free, with BeFrugal taking around 18% off the top of what you earn in cashback. This fee goes directly to the company that puts you in touch with the merchant, so it’s a service charge to use this website.

The second most significant issue is that there are no customer service representatives available if you have any problems requiring them to contact BeFrugal on your behalf.

If you’re buying something you need offline and will use, such as a purchase at CVS for an antibiotic to treat strep throat, then, by all means, take advantage of Cashback on that one.

However, suppose the only reason you’re purchasing with BeFrugal is to get some form of discount or cashback on an item that wouldn’t have cost you anything anyway (such as buying some ointment that you could’ve gotten for free at the doctor’s office).

In that case, it might be better not to use this service. If, on the other hand, you’re purchasing something online, and if the cashback would typically cover enough of your purchase to make it worth using BeFrugal instead of directly through the merchant, then use it.

One of the better features of this service is that they have a relatively decent number of stores to earn cashback. This includes major retailers like Macy’s, Target, and Walmart, to name a few.

Unfortunately, there are also quite a few smaller companies that BeFrugal counts as “stores” that don’t provide you with much cashback, such as items from the Home Depot or Ace Hardware.

You can use BeFrugal to purchase gift cards and codes for virtual currencies (including Steam and Amazon) and then resell them on online marketplaces like eBay.

4. TopCashBack

TopCashBack cashback extension app

Do you want to make some extra cash? TopCashBack is a website where you can shop online with over 2,000 stores and earn money back on what you buy after setting up your account and signing in.

The idea of making money turned out to be accurate, and TopCashBack is how it’s done! All you have to do is sign up with an email address or Facebook account, then start shopping at your favorite stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc.

You don’t have to do anything different from what you usually do when ordering things on the internet; TopCashBack earns their commission and then sends you money for future purchases that you will be making anyway. If 30 days pass and no claims are submitted, any pending claims will be removed from your account.

You can also check out some of their coupons, which is the first step to saving more on what you buy online. For example, TopCashBack has coupons for $5-$10 off at specific grocery stores if you buy groceries online.

You can earn up to $10 for each friend you refer, so it’s easy to make some extra cash just by sharing your referral link. When people visit online stores, they are looking for ways to save money, and when they use your referral link, they’ll get free coupons that help them save money on their next purchase.

You can earn money just by shopping online with TopCashBack, and the best part about it is that you don’t have to do anything different from what you’re already doing!

Just sign up, head to your favorite stores’ websites, make a purchase – then get money back in your account for your future purchases!

Sign up today to start making money with TopCashBack!

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5. SwagBucks

Swagbucks cashback extension app

If you use your computer to do online shopping, you can get back some of what you spent. Or if you use Swagbucks to shop at Amazon, the cashback is instant!

They also have gift cards that they sell for places like Starbucks and Amazon, but honestly, I’d get Amazon gift cards because you’ll probably buy something there anyway.

I don’t know the minimum payout for Swagbucks, but they raised it recently to $3. So by spending an hour or two every day on your computer, you could make some pretty good money. And if you want to make more, check out these ways to make more Swagbucks!

If you’re used to CashBack programs, you have to know that Swagbucks is entirely different. But it works similarly: you use their special links and search engines when shopping online, and they give you a percentage of what you spend back.

Here’s the difference between Swagbucks and CashBack shopping sites like Ebates: with Swagbucks, you don’t have to shop at certain stores, and you get money back for using their search engine.

With CashBack sites, you go to specific web shopping sites and get a percentage of what you spend back (usually, there’s a minimum amount that you need to buy).

6. Drop

Drop cashback extension app - Top cashback extension apps

“Earn with drop is a cashback app that makes local shopping more rewarding.” This free app helps you find all the best deals at nearby shops and restaurants – then get an automatic refund on every purchase you make!

You can also earn cash by telling your friends about great deals, sharing them on social media, and referring new users to the app. Earn with drop is free to download and use, and your privacy is of utmost importance.

Earnwithdrop is a cashback app that makes local shopping more rewarding. This free app helps you find all the best deals at nearby shops and restaurants – then get an automatic refund on every purchase you make!

You can also earn cash by telling your friends about great deals, sharing them on social media, and referring new users to the app.

Earn with drop is free to download and use, and your privacy is of utmost importance. Earnwithdrop is a cashback app that makes local shopping more rewarding.

This free app helps you find all the best deals at nearby shops and restaurants – then get an automatic refund on every purchase you make!

You can also earn cash by telling your friends about great deals, sharing them on social media, and referring new users to the app. Earn with drop is free to download and use, and your privacy is of utmost importance.

“With earnwithdrop, you can find the hottest deals, create a personalized feed of your favorite shops and restaurants, and share what you love with others – all while earning cash for every purchase made!”

“Now that’s smart shopping.”

With earnwithdrop, you can find the hottest deals, create a personalized feed of your favorite shops and restaurants, and share what you love with others – all while earning cash for every purchase made! Now that’s smart shopping.

“Earn with drop is a free app that helps you find special deals at nearby shops and restaurants.”

“All the best local offers in one place, plus you get an automatic refund on all your purchases.”

“You can also earn cash when you tell your friends about great local deals, share them on social media, or refer new users to the app.” Earn with drop is a free app that helps you find special deals at nearby shops and restaurants.

All the best local offers are in one place, plus you get an automatic refund on all your purchases. You can also earn cash when you tell your friends about great local deals, share them on social media, or refer new users to the app.

7. Freebird

Freebird cashback extension app - Best cashback extension apps for 2022

Freebird cashback is unique because it offers customers cashback and coupons for purchases made at all top online stores, including prevalent ones like Amazon.com.

But what makes them even more remarkable is that they offer their customers a chance to make money with them by offering rewards and sharing posts on social networks.

You can choose to make money by sharing posts on social networks or liking and retweeting them. Still, you can also sign up with an affiliate program like Amazon Associates and start referring people to their offers via your website.

The best part is that if you refer people to their site, the company will even pay for all of the advertising that you need to do.

They’re not just giving away cashback and coupons, but they’re letting you share your website address freely during different promotions so that their customers will see it when they look for deals online.

The best thing you can do is sign up with their affiliate program so that you can start referring people to them at no cost to you. Also, if you have your site, be sure to let them know by leaving a comment on their contact us page so that they can help promote it for free.

8. Ibotta

Ibotta cashback extension app - Top cashback extension apps

It’s super useful for those who don’t know as it helps people save money on groceries, gas, bills, and more!

You can make these purchases both in-store and online during select times of the year.

  • Join offers with your phone at participating stores that have an ibotta machine or employee present.  These are typically rebates and discounts that you can save up and cash out.
  • Ibotta rebates send a receipt via email, which you then submit to receive your reward money.

Signing up for ibotta is easy.  They have an app for both android and ios devices and a website where the account information is the same as the app.

iPhone AND Android are compatible AND free! You can find ibotta on the Google Play app store or in your Apple app store. It’s compatible AND free!

” ibotta is a mobile couponing platform that allows consumers to receive cashback on everyday purchases by taking advantage of special offers from retailers, brands and local merchants.”

It’s super simple to use. All you do is select an offer (which on average pays $5-$10), sign up with an email (or link it to your Facebook account!), then take a snapshot of your receipt and upload it via the ibotta app.

You will get paid instantly and can use that money for groceries, gas, bills, etc., even if it’s paying another bank loan off! Ibotta has partnered with several stores, including Rite Aid, Target, Walmart, Publix, and many more!

New user bonus! They have a $10 welcome bonus, so you can get $10 off your next purchase just for signing up! You can sign up by entering my user code or clicking on the image to the right, taking you directly to the ibotta site.

9. Paribus

Paribus cashback extension app

Paribus is a cashback service for all your online purchases. This Paribus review will cover what the program does and how it works, whether we recommend it, and who stands to benefit most from using Paribus.

This usually happens because the retailer specially offered a credit or discount. Paribus works by tracking your purchases and catching these offers, then getting you money back when they do.

What Does Paribus Do?

Paribus connects with your email account and tracks all of your online shopping receipts. It looks for any confirmation emails that are sent after you make a purchase.

If Paribus finds out that the retailer has sent you an offer, it will automatically apply to your purchase at checkout. It also means that even if the timing of your orders doesn’t match up with any offers (i.e., when there’s no offer at the moment), you can still make money back later.

Once Paribus has applied a credit to your purchase, it will file a claim on your behalf and get you your money back. You won’t get an email about this unless there is no other way for Paribus to track down your cashback.

This usually means that you need to manually go through all of your online transactions and check if there’s a Paribus logo in any confirmation emails.

The service also offers a free Chrome plugin so you can find out when Paribus has tracked one of your purchases in real-time. You can use the plugin without signing up to Paribus or giving them any personal information.

What Makes Paribus Better Than Other Cashback Services?

Paribus is unique in that it tracks all your online shopping and applies any relevant offers on the spot. Most other cashback services only do this for a limited number of pre-selected stores; Paribus, meanwhile, listens to you and does what you want it to do.

Another way that Paribus differs from its competitors is because people who sign up for Paribus Membership get an extra $20 per year on top of their usual cashback rate.

This means they can get more money back from each claim than if they used the service type. It also makes sure they don’t miss out on any special deals because most cashback platforms have a limited pool of retailers available to them.

10. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot cashback extension app

RetailMeNot is an online coupon website that has been around since 2009. They have coupons for almost everything from restaurants to movies, and every year they offer a cashback promotion.

The portal allows you to search for coupons for hundreds of businesses and provides a wide variety of cashback deals to help you save money on your next shopping trip.

Signing up for an account is entirely free, and all you need is your email address. You don’t need an account to locate coupons, but you will need one to use all of RetailMeNot’s valuable shopping tools.

This means you can sign-up for free AND earn $5 just by signing up! If you haven’t signed up for Ebates. Just like Cashback shopping at eBay, buying things at their standard price nets you money back.

This isn’t always necessary, though, because RetailMeNot sometimes has coupons or codes you can use. With Ebates, you get almost all of your money back without having to alter prices. I’ve seen ridiculous deals that ended up giving me cashback.

For example, check out these big-ticket items on Craigslist in the United States. All product links will take you directly to the RetailMeNot website, where their cashback promotion runs through Ebates.

Cashback shopping never hurt anybody! It’s always good to know what’s out there, especially when it’s giving your money back!

It’s Cashback Extension

If manually searching for discount codes, this extension is for you, and Cashback in RetailMeNot’s database seems too time-consuming.

At checkout on qualifying websites, the Deal Finder extension, previously known as the RetailMeNot genie, automatically applies discount codes and checks for cashback incentives. To put it another way, this extension allows you to use RetailMeNot’s online services automatically.

This extension, on the other hand, saves time and money for frequent internet consumers.

11. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 cashback extension app

Checkout 51 is a cashback app that pays users for buying at grocery stores, petrol stations, and online. This is a free program that is basic and easy to use. You may explore and choose deals within the app before uploading a picture of your receipt to validate your purchase.

You will get cashback rebates as a result of this. Each offer contains conditions that specify limits, such as whether the offer may be combined with coupons, how many times the offer can be claimed, and so on.

New deals are posted to the app every Thursday at midnight local time; offers expire on Wednesdays at 11:59 p.m. local time. Some deals are only available to a limited number of people. You may request a physical check in the mail or be paid through PayPal after hitting $20 in cashback.

Checkout 51, unlike some other cashback applications, has supermarket discounts that aren’t store-specific. Any grocery shop, pharmacy, big-box store, or convenience store may fulfill an offer. Store-specific deals do appear from time to time, but they are clearly labeled.

Checkout 51, unlike many of its competitors, gives cashback on petrol purchases. All gas station promotions are unique to each location. You may explore gas stations in your neighborhood to find a deal that works for you, then add it to your account and submit your receipt.

On top of that, you may get cashback on your online purchases. You must submit a picture of the packing slip after your product arrives to claim credit for online purchases.

It’s pretty interesting, actually, but simple at the same time. You browse through your usual apps and websites, find something you like, add it to your virtual shopping cart, and you get cashback on your purchase.

That’s it! You can also use the app to figure out which purchases give you the most cash back and then go ahead and buy something else at a higher rate. It’s kind of like getting free money, right? Right!

How Much Cashback Can I Expect?

I haven’t used the app very long, but so far, I’ve got $6.67 for buying things that I would have bought anyway. Isn’t that cool? You can also go to their website and check out your transaction history.

Why Should You Use This App?

Well, if you love to shop online and want to save some money on the side while doing so, checkout 51 is a must. It’s easy to use, and there’s no limit to how much cashback you can earn – all you have to do is add items from your cart! Also, it has a super sleek design, and it’s free to use, which is also a bonus!

12. FetchRewards

Fetchrewards cashback extension app

You’ll be prompted to provide your phone number, home state, and birthdate.

Fetch Rewards advises using a password with at least 12 characters, capital letters, numbers, and special characters.

Everyone has different needs, and not everyone will benefit from FetchRewards at the same level.

Here’s how it works: When you buy online, you typically have to enter a bunch of information. But FetchRewards automatically enters all of your relevant information, as long as you specify which the app should save email and password.

In addition, the app tracks all of your online activities across many different retailers. For example, if you frequently purchase from Best Buy or the Banana Republic, and you’ve installed and used the FetchRewards app, these retailers will show up as options.

FetchRewards tracks the order and gives you cashback when buying from one of those stores. The amount depends on how much you typically spend at that retailer.

In addition to online purchases, users can enter codes from their receipts to get cashback on in-store purchases. However, the app only tracks purchases made at one store at a time. So if you want cashback for your CVS purchase, you have to uninstall the app from Best Buy.

Another caveat is that FetchRewards can’t monitor cash transactions or self-checkout. Users only get cashback on purchases that would otherwise be eligible for reward points or miles, such as those made online and over the phone.

Because it’s a cashback app, FetchRewards is not meant to replace your regular rewards program. Instead, this app gives you the chance to earn extra rewards more quickly or take advantage of special deals.

For example, some retailers offer an additional percentage back on purchases if users download the FetchRewards app and follow them on social media. Similarly, Amazon sometimes offers $5 after the first Amazon purchase made through FetchRewards.

13. ShopKick

Shopkick cashback extension app

Many apps provide incentives for purchases, but Shopkick, one of the most popular rewards applications, allows you to earn gift cards without making purchases.

Simply wandering into participating shops and scanning products without purchasing them will earn you points. There are many more methods to gain points, both with and without the use of money.

Shopkick allows you to earn kicks both online and in real places. It could be simple to include it into your usual buying habit. While purchases usually result in higher rewards, attending partner shops may net you 25 or more kicks.

You must enable Bluetooth and allow Shopkick to monitor your location for this to operate. After that, the app will refresh your homepage to show you nearby participating retailers.

Once installed, it will notify you when you are close to partnering stores and restaurants, at which point it will allow you to check in and be rewarded for your patronage. The rewards offered by retailers will vary but may include discounts on items as well as gift cards.

Unlike other mobile shopping apps such as ShopSavvy, the Shopkick cashback app will also let you earn real money that can then be transferred into a PayPal account or deposited directly into your bank account.

Mall partnerships with the Shopkick cashback app will make checking in even more frequent for smartphone users, boosting its adoption rate. This is good news for retailers because they can offer discounts to more people and thereby attract them into stores more often.

Shopkick also makes money by offering the service free of charge to retailers, using a unique reward system that allows the company to provide more value for less money.

14. OpenTable

OpenTable cashback extension app

Consider OpenTable to be a loyalty program… without the need to be devoted to a particular restaurant! It functions similarly to other restaurant reservation applications such as BigDish.

The fact that OpenTable has a global network of over forty thousand restaurants is what sets it apart. OpenTable may serve as your concierge and guide to new restaurants if you like traveling. The app allows you to find restaurants based on their location, cuisine type, or diner reviews.

You may reserve a table utilizing the table after you’ve found a restaurant you’d like to try. Because no two meals are similar, the app learns about your tastes and may generate tailored recommendations based on your use.

That’s why OpenTable includes a restaurant selection that’s been hand-picked. Brunch, romantic dating, group eating, casual dining, family dining, and more topics are included in these listings.

Top-ranked restaurants, as well as those that paid for marketing, will display right away. In fact, through studying the app and the comments, I’ve uncovered several hidden treasures.

As I previously said, there are several techniques to narrow down options. Depending on various factors, including location, cuisine, eating style, and even pricing, you may do so. Because I am a gourmet on a budget, the final one is essential.

15. Upromise

Upromise cashback extension app

Upromise has almost 10,000 restaurant partners throughout the United States. You may earn 2.5 percent cashback on your purchase every time you dine at one of these restaurants.

Once you’ve done that, every time you order from one of the participating restaurants, you’ll start earning 2.5 percent cashback.

Benefits Of Shopping Online Through Upromise

When you purchase online, you may also earn cashback. Under Armour, QVC, and Macy’s are among the participating online retailers. Upromise also allows you to book accommodations.

You may complete your transactions on Upromise’s specialized platform. You must log into this site anytime you wish to purchase anything from these stores to get your cashback.

Depending on the online merchant, you may receive up to 12% cashback if Upromise confirms your purchases.

If you’re accepted for the Upromise Mastercard, you’ll get 1.529 percent payback on every dollar you spend. In addition, instead of the standard 2.5 percent, you’ll earn 5% at selected restaurants.

The Upromise Mastercard’s most incredible value comes when you link it to a 529 College Savings account. If you do, you’ll get a peak cashback rate of 1.529 percent!

If you spend $2,000 on your card in a month and have $10 in roundups with a 529 connected, you’ll put $40.25 into your linked 529 each month, or $483 yearly.

What makes Upromise so appealing? The service, for example, allows parents to start saving for their child’s college fund early.

When you shop at one of the 850 online companies that have joined with Upromise, a cashback program will deposit the earnings into your child’s university account immediately.

You may earn up to 10% cashback when you purchase online at Sears, Macy’s, or Staples, among many other stores. Upromise also offers restaurant partners that will give you up to 8% cashback, and travel companies will give you up to 5% cashback.

Upromise will provide you with cashback on everything you buy, and it will all be stored for your child’s future.

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16. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog cashback extension app

Receipt Hog is a market research firm that compensates you for uploading receipts. You’ll get “coins,” which you can exchange for magazines, PayPal cash, or an Amazon gift card.

Depending on the retailer associated with your receipt, you may have the option of earning “spins” instead of coins. Spins are used in “Hog Slots,” a virtual slot machine that allows you to win more cash.

While this can be entertaining, keep in mind that playing Hog Slots is gambling because your coins can be exchanged for real money.

If you’re trying to make some extra cash to meet a small financial goal, you should avoid taking risks and instead focus on increasing your bank account balance.

You will receive a bonus for completing a questionnaire and connecting your email account.

17. StormX

StormX cashback extension app

StormX is a cashback shopping app that offers up to 10% cashback on specific merchants’ purchases. It’s similar to Rakuten, but with one key difference: you’ll be compensated in bitcoin rather than cash.

You’ll earn “Bolts,” which are points that can be exchanged for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few other cryptocurrencies. STMX, StormX’s unique Ethereum-based currency, is one of the crypto reward alternatives available to you.

You may earn greater cashback rates on future transactions as well as interest on your holdings if you redeem your Bolts for STMX and keep your profits in your account (rather than trading them for dollars).

When you try the app, you will see that it features a reasonable list of connected merchants; however, it is on the smaller side compared to Rakuten, Swagbucks, and other popular cashback sites. Only 60% of the ten leading stores we looked at for this evaluation provided StormX incentives.

18. Acorns

Acorns cashback extension app

Acorn is an investing app that has collaborated with hundreds of shops to give cashback when you purchase via the Acorns portal at participating establishments.

This function, dubbed “Found Money,” is unusual in that it adds the monies to your investment portfolio rather than delivering them to you through a gift card or PayPal.

Found Money rates at Acorns are consistently high, ranging from 2% to 10%. I also like that Acorns allows you to tailor your investment strategy to fit your financial objectives.

Because Acorns invests in index funds, you can’t choose particular stocks. You may, however, select your acceptable amount of risk, as well as your development timetable and a few other parameters.

Acorns also has a function called “Roundups” that allows you to save money.

Those monies, like your Found Money, are added to your portfolio. If you’re having difficulties building up your savings account, this might be an excellent method to put money down.

It may be used in the following situations: Acorns is the only place where money works while purchasing online. Roundups may be used with any online or in-store purchase.

19. Drop Rewards

When you shop via the company’s online portal, you may earn Drop Rewards points on your purchases.

Drop’s famous “Power Offers” service, which enabled customers to earn cashback by passively purchasing at up to five of their favorite stores, has been canceled.

You may earn many Drop points by shopping using their app or by shopping in-store at a merchant you manually pick from the app, in addition to using (un)Limited Drops.

The Drop app periodically updates a list of linked companies where you may earn bonus points by shopping. If you intend on doing any shopping, it’s generally a good idea to check the app for deals before making a purchase.

There are generally hundreds of offers to choose from. Many of the ‘boosted’ deals provide generous cashback incentives significantly more significant than the standard Power Offers. I’ve seen several enhanced offers that give up to 8% cashback.

Top Cashback Extension – 20 Best Cashback Apps For 2022 – Earn Money Every Time You Shop

20 – Earny

Earny cashback extension app

Earny is a cashback extension that gives you money back on your online purchases. It’s one of the best cashback apps out there, and it’s completely free to use.

You can use Earny to get cash back at over 10,000 online stores, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more. Plus, you can use Earny to get coupons and deals on your online purchases.

Earny, like Paribus, tracks your transactions using your email and seeks for price decreases. As long as the price reduces between 14 and 90 days after your purchase, you’ll be able to receive your money back.

Banks, shops, and other businesses are among Earny’s more than 5,000 partners. Your bank or credit card company will reimburse you for price protection in the form of a rebate.

You can be compensated for the difference following a price drop because the majority of credit cards offer price protection. Earny will take 25% of the return as payment for serving as the middleman, and you will receive the remaining 75%.

They safeguard 30 million items offered by 15 major retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, and Target, and their prices range from $12 to $30. You’ll probably be protected if you purchase at major retailers.

It’s crucial to remember that Earny mostly functions by keeping track of your online purchases.

You must link an email account, and Earny will utilize that information to find out what you bought, how much you spent, and whether the price has changed. You receive payback if the price drops after you make the purchase.


– You can get cash back on your online purchases.

– It’s one of the best cashback apps out there.

– It Completely free to use

– You can use Earny to get cash back at over 10,000 online stores.

– You can also use Earny to get coupons and deals on your online purchases

– Tracks your transactions using your email and seeks price decreases.

– Get compensated for the difference following a price drop.


Without time and effort, you may be able to get a high return on your investment.

many partners—a large number of businesses, including prominent merchants.

It’s simple and straightforward to use.


– Monthly Cost

The monthly subscription fee is usually a few dollars per month. It may be anything from $5 to several hundred each month, depending on the provider.

– No Instant Deposit

The money is not deposited instantly, but rather as a payment from your bank or credit card company for price protection.

What is a cash-back app?

A cash-back app is a tool that helps you earn cash back on purchases. Think of it like a rewards program, but you get actual money instead of points or miles.

The cool thing about these apps is that they often partner with hundreds of retailers, so you can earn cash back on all sorts of things, from groceries to gas to online shopping. 

Plus, some apps even offer bonus cash back on specific items or during special promotions, so you can really maximize your savings.

Which Cash Back App Is Best For You?

Deciding which cashback app is best for you can be daunting, but don’t worry! I’m here to help. To determine which app is right for you, consider the following:

  1. Your shopping habits: Different cashback apps partner with different retailers, so consider which stores you shop at most often. If you frequently shop at one particular retailer, look for a cashback app that partners with that store.
  2. Cashback rates: Compare cashback rates offered by different apps to see which one will give you the most bang for your buck. Remember, the higher the cashback rate, the more money you’ll save.
  3. User-friendliness: Consider how easy the app is to use and navigate. A user-friendly app will make earning cashback a breeze.
  4. Payment methods: Make sure the app you choose offers a payment method that works for you. Some apps provide PayPal, direct deposit, or gift card payouts, so choose the best option.
  5. Bonus savings: Look for apps that offer bonus savings on specific items or during special promotions. These extra savings can add up fast!

So, there you have it! To determine which cashback app is best for you, consider your shopping habits, cashback rates, user-friendliness, payment methods, and bonus savings. Happy shopping and saving 

Why should you use Cash Back or Rewards Apps?

Listen up, my friend! Cashback and rewards apps are the perfect way to save money on the things you’re already buying. Here are a few reasons why you should give them a try:

  1. Easy Money: With cashback apps, you don’t have to do anything extra to earn cash back. Just link your card, shop like you usually would, and watch the cash roll in. It’s like getting paid for shopping!
  2. Bonus Savings: Many apps offer bonus cashback on certain items or during special promotions, so you can maximize your savings. Plus, some apps even offer extra savings if you shop through their app.
  3. Convenient: No more clipping coupons or keeping track of loyalty cards. Cashback apps keep everything in one place, so you can easily see all the money you’re earning.
  4. Wide Selection: With hundreds of participating retailers, you can earn cash back on everything from groceries to gas to online shopping.
  5. Share the Love: Some apps even let you share your cashback with friends or family. It’s like giving a gift, but you don’t have to spend any extra money!

So, if you want to save money on the things you already buy, give cashback apps a try. Trust me, your wallet will thank you!

Why do companies pay cash back to the shop?

Companies offer cashback as a way to get people to buy their products. It’s a win-win situation: You get money back on your purchases, and the company gets a new customer.

Here’s the deal: By offering cashback, companies are paying you a little money to try their products. If you like what you buy, there’s a good chance you’ll keep coming back and buying more.

If you share the app with your friends and family, they might also start buying from the company.

Another reason companies offer cashback is to stand out from the competition. With so many retailers vying for your business, offering cashback is a way to make their products more attractive.

 It’s like a sales pitch, but instead of trying to convince you with words, they’re trying to persuade you with cash.

So, there you have it! Companies offer cashback to get you to try their products, stand out from the competition, and become a loyal customers. And hey, who doesn’t love getting paid to shop?

How Do Cashback Apps Work?

Here’s how it works: First, you download the app and create an account. Then, you link your debit or credit card to the app. When you purchase at a participating retailer using that linked card, a portion of the money you spend gets returned to you as cash back.

Some apps also offer bonus cash back for shopping through their app or for making purchases at specific retailers during special promotions. And, if you’re feeling generous, you can share your cashback with friends or family through the app.

Cashback apps are a great way to save money on things you already buy. And the best part is, you don’t have to change your shopping habits or go out of your way to use the app – just shop like you usually would and watch the cashback roll in.

So, a cashback app is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a simple and painless way to save some cash. Give it a shot and see how much money you can save!

Features of the best cash back apps

Cashback apps are a fantastic way to save money on the things you already buy, but with so many to choose from, it can take time to know which one is right for you. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the features you should look for in the best cashback apps:

  1. Wide Selection of Retailers: The best cashback apps partner with hundreds of retailers. You can earn cashback on everything from groceries to gas to online shopping.
  2. High Cashback Rates: Some apps offer higher cashback rates than others, so compare rates before signing up. The more cashback you earn, the more money you save!
  3. Bonus Savings: Look for apps that offer bonus cashback on certain items or during special promotions. These extra savings can add up fast!
  4. Easy to Use: The best cashback apps are easy to navigate and use. They should have a simple, user-friendly interface and be quick and easy to link to your card.
  5. Cashback Guaranteed: Make sure the app you choose guarantees your cashback. Some apps only offer cashback on certain purchases or require you to hit a certain minimum amount before you can cash out.
  6. Quick Payouts: The best cashback apps will pay you quickly, so you can start spending your savings immediately.

So, there you have it! Happy shopping and saving! If you’re looking for a cashback app, make sure it has a wide selection of retailers, high cashback rates, bonus savings, is easy to use, offers cashback guarantees, and has quick payouts. 

How to Avoid Cash Back Reward Scams?

Scammers are everywhere these days, even in the world of cashback apps. But don’t worry, my friend! With simple tips, you can avoid falling for a cashback scam and keep your money safe. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Only use reputable apps: Do research before downloading a cashback app. Read reviews and check the app’s rating in the app store. If an app has a lot of negative reviews or a low rating, it’s probably not worth your time.
  2. Watch out for unrealistic offers: If an app promises to give you substantial cashback rates that seem too good to be true, they probably are. Be wary of apps that offer cashback rates that are significantly higher than other apps.
  3. Check for secure payment methods: A reputable cashback app will offer secure payment methods, such as PayPal or direct deposit, to pay you your cashback. Be cautious if an app asks for your bank account information or credit card number.
  4. Don’t share personal information: A legitimate cashback app will not ask for sensitive information such as your social security number or a password. If an app asks for personal information, it may be a scam.
  5. Read the terms and conditions: Before signing up for a cashback app, ensure you understand the terms and conditions. Some apps may have restrictions or requirements that you need to be made aware of.

So, there you have it! With these tips, you can avoid cashback scams and keep your money safe.

Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is! Stick with reputable apps, watch out for unrealistic offers, check for secure payment methods, don’t share personal information, and read the terms and conditions. Happy shopping and saving!

Best Cash-back Apps To Get Money Back In Your Pocket (2023) – Conclusion

If you frequently shop online, then a cashback extension could be a great way to earn money back on your purchases. By installing a cashback extension, you’ll be able to earn cashback on your online shopping.

There are a few different cashback extensions available, so it’s important to compare them from the given list above before deciding which one to use.

There you have it! We discussed the top cashback extensions and the best cashback apps for 2023. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start using these extensions to save money on your online purchases.

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