14 Best AI Video Generators (Text-to-Video) – Ranked & Reviewed

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14 Best AI Video Generators Reviewed

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Best AI Video Generators (Text-To Video) – Ranked And Reviewed

Best AI video generators. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Video Generators are a fantastic tool that can help you make videos quickly and easily. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Video Generators are becoming more popular day by day.

And one main reason for that is their quick video creating capabilities. But, besides the speed, there are other pros to using AI you might not know about!

If it’s challenging to use, it will take you more time to create your videos, not to mention that you might even break the whole process in half by asking for assistance.

And this is something you surely don’t want to happen; ask someone else to do it for you when there are AI Video Generators out there who can do it so quickly!

14 Best AI Video Generators

1.   Invideo

Invideo - 14 Best AI video generators

Within Invideo, it’s intuitively easy to add your video clips and photos, which you can change up with dramatic animations to carry across the emotions of each scene sensationally. Invideo also allows users to include background music from Invideo’s sizable library or their collections.

In addition, Invideo for creating stunning videos offers multiple options for sharing completed works or saving them as digital files from within Invideo via email or social media platforms such as Facebook.

Invideo is simple enough even for beginners while offering various features that more experienced users appreciate. In addition, Invideo is a cross-platform application that works on both Windows and Mac computers.

Invideo offers a free 15-day trial period for new users before requiring that they purchase the whole program to continue using Invideo’s video creation tools. After that, users can upgrade Invideo at any time by purchasing Invideo in their user accounts.

Invideo has an intuitive interface and allows advanced features such as quick editing and adding special effects to your videos; Invideo makes it easy for everyone to create stunning videos within minutes of downloading Invideo. First-time Invideo users should give Invideo a try!

Key Features

  • Invideo has a variety of features that give you the freedom to express yourself
  • Intuitive interface that allows you to take control of your video production from start to finish
  • Invideo provides the option to add music from an online library
  • It includes a variety of trailer templates for several situations, events, and occasions
  • The company customer service is available via phone or email. Invideo provides online help articles for vloggers, marketers, teachers, students, and other users who want to get the most out of Invideo
  • The organzation has an extensive collection of video templates that you can use according to your needs

Invideo Pros

  • Invideo offers an easy-to-use platform that is perfect for creating stunning videos.
  • The software is easy to navigate, and you don’t need any ptior video editing experience.
  • You can easily add text, music, and other effto your videos.
  • Invideo allows you to share your videos with others online.
  • Invideo is available to use immediately after purchase.

Invideo Cons

  • You can’t change templates midstream.
  • Exporting is time-consuming and complicated.
  • Using a stable internet connection.


Invideo pricing

If you go for the yearly subscriptions, you’ll get the following prices:

  • Free plan: $0/m
  • Business Plan: $15/m
  • Unlimited plan: $30/m

2.   Gliacloud

Gliacloud -  Best artificial intelligence video generators

Gliacloud technology develops an AI video generator, but what does it do? The name says it all. It is a technology capable of generating videos from nothing more than text. It allows anyone to generate professional-looking start videos for their company’s YouTube channel with just the press of a button.

What are some advantages?

  • Gliacloud has several advantages over other similar technologies already available on the market. Here are some examples:     
  • Ability to create text-to-video content directly into any language, without human involvement
  • Compatibility with all types of digital platforms (Facebook, Youtube). Other competitors only work on one platform.
  • Public API. Nowadays, customers want tools integrated into their current systems to work together. * Work with images as well as videos
  • Unlike their competitors, which have a daily limit, there is no limit to the number of videos you can create.

Now that we’ve seen what Gliacloud does, let’s see how it works:

The technology is built on top of a mighty artificial intelligence engine that has been trained using millions of human-generated videos. The system analyzes these videos and learns the nuances associated with each one, allowing it to generate its product from scratch without any input from humans.

It means that the only thing you need to do is indicate which types of characters or objects should appear in your video so that they can be “people” or “objects,” and Gliacloud will generate the rest.

You can use this technology for all kinds of video formats and create different characters to appear, such as angry, sad, happy, or enthusiastic.

In addition, this company uses various techniques (e.g., generative adversarial networks) to achieve superior image quality and diversity results compared with other similar technologies on the market.

As we’ve seen, videos made with artificial intelligence are genuinely incredible and allow anyone at any time to produce professional-looking content in just a few seconds.

However, given that these tools may reduce costs and speed up production time in certain areas where media is used, we need to consider that AI creations may not be 100% perfect.

Gliacloud Features to generate videos

  1. -High-quality video with a wide variety of characters and objects
  2. -No limit to the number of videos you create
  3. -Ability to generate videos directly in any language without human input
  4. -Compatible with all types of digital platforms (Facebook, Youtube)

Gliacloud Pros

  • Gliacloud is a cloud-based video production company
  • They offer an easy and affordable way to create videos of any length or complexity.
  • You can use their site to upload your content, or you can collaborate with them on the script
  • They provide high-quality editing software, so you don’t need to buy expensive equipment or hire professionals for post-production work
  • The platform is accessible anywhere in the world, which means that it can help people who are not located near professional studios produce great videos
  • Since they’re online, there’s no risk of losing footage due to technical difficulties like power outages or computer crashes.
  • Their customer service team will walk you through the process of creating your video
  • The company has over 100,000 clients in more than 80 countries around the world.

Gliacloud Cons

Although Gliacloud Pros offers an easy and affordable way to create videos, there are a few downsides to using their platform. Here are some of the biggest cons:

  • The process of creating a video can be complicated and time-consuming
  • There’s a risk that footage may be lost due to technical difficulties
  • Customer service is not always available

Gliacloud Pricing

Gliacloud pricing

GliaCloud provides three plans plus a 14-day trial plan.

  • Pro – $300/m
  • 2. Business – $550/m
  • Enterprise – Custom

3.   Synthesia

Synthesia - AI video generators

Synthesia harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to help content creators create engaging video content from text. The AI-powered tool can take any article or transcript from a video file, analyze the data, and generate an attractive, explanatory animation.

If there is no available transcript for articles in videos, Synthesia can generate an animation by extracting individual sentences from the audio. It lets content creators and marketers discover new insights and ideas related to their topics of interest and share these engaging visuals with audiences on social media or websites.

All videos created with Synthesia start by uploading media assets (music, text, or images) analyzed and processed by Synthesia’s AI. Next, the system can recognize objects and create an original video file. Next, Synthesia inserts captions so content creators can add text, annotations, or emojis over the images.

This way, videos are personalized and unique every time they’re exported. Synthesia’s possibilities are endless. This innovative software is already being used by influencers and companies who want to create videos that appeal to their audience.

You can use this to quickly create content for your website or YouTube channel that looks like it came from a professional studio. Many companies have already started using this software to save time and money on their video creation process.

The Synthesia AI video creator uses state-of-the-art AI technology to turn text into videos. This software is a game-changer, as it creates high-quality videos from text with minimal input from the user.

The Synthesia AI video creator represents a considerable step forward in content creation for businesses and video marketers. Companies have had to hire professional video producers to create promotional videos.

These production teams take time and money, which can be a significant obstacle for small businesses that do not have much capital at their disposal.

Key Features

  • Make a short film of your own.
  • Submit the video to Synthesia.
  • You’ll be charged for the add-on feature when you choose to use it.
  • After you’ve completed your request, wait for the completion.
  • Open your Synthesia studio application and go to the avatar section.

Synthesia Pros

Here are several reasons why you will like Synthesia:

  • First, hacks allow you to save hundreds of hours of work on video creation.
  • In minutes, you can have a video together with your text.
  • Makes videos in over 30 languages.
  • Users’ Learning Management Systems get exported.
  • Has over 40 pre-installed avatars.

Synthesia Cons

  • It does not support 4K videos
  • You get a limited number of features with the Basic Plan. For example, you won’t create your avatars or gain API access.

Synthesia Pricing

Synthesia AI pricing

Synthesia offers a personal and corporate plan along with a free trial.

  • Personal starts from $30 per month
  • Corporate is Custom

4.   Rawshorts

Rawshorts - 14 best AI video generators

Some features come with every edition of Raw Shorts. Unfortunately, cloud-based software implies it can only be used with the internet. Although Raw Shorts’ videos are lovely, they aren’t capable of supporting a professional production level.

You will only receive essential features of the program if you download it for free. Therefore, we recommend utilizing this software for fun videos rather than professional ones.

To summarize this Raw Shorts review, we can affirm that it is one of the most straightforward applications available, but it isn’t that great. It is not a terrible video editing program for someone who has no prior expertise.

However, because of the product’s restrictions, professionals in the field will not utilize it. As a result, it is not suggested for seasoned users who work in professional and business environments.


  • Intro videos for YouTube channels are also possible.
  • There are several text designs to pick from, depending on your needs.
  • You can utilize professionally made and expert-approved video templates.
  • You can upload video clips and even trim them with simplicity.
  • With the drag and drop function, you may add transitions, media, and texts to videos. It’s pretty handy.
  • Over 50 media libraries are accessible through the library management system.
  • There’s also a hidden storage area for pictures, videos, and other essential documents. It holds up to 100GB of data.
  • Reduce Shorts offer full HD 1080P.
  • HTML5 builders are available for download at Schema.org (like by P3 and eShop) or from the developer’s website (like Shopify).
  • This software converts all video file formats.

Rawshorts Pros

  • The App has templates for both beginners and experts
  • It’s simple to use, and it doesn’t take long to learn.
  • Compared to other goods on the market, Raw Shorts has the most potential.
  • This program’s AI effectively takes the text and creates a video.
  • Transition and effects are both excellent.
  • Raw Shorts may be used to create high-resolution movies.
  • This program’s AI effectively takes the text and creates a video.
  • Transition and effects are both excellent.

Rawshorts Cons

  • It’s not advised to use this tool for templated videos.
  • Customers of Groupon, like most other internet sites, are unable to obtain assistance from the company.
  • When you view a video, this may happen when it’s being rendered.

  • It’s not advised to use this tool for templated videos.


Rawshorts AI pricing
  • Starter free trial:

The Starter free trial is a package that includes five non-premium export tools and has a one-month subscription. It also provides standard video quality (16:9) in 480p resolution. A watermark and outro are included with the free trial.

  • Essential $39/ month:

This plan includes 25 premium exports each month, 1080p resolution, social video (1:1 and vert.), and third-party transfer rights. The App also gives 10 authorized video clips every month and these features.

  • Business $59/ month

The best elements of this software are included in this premium bundle.

5.   Jumptvs

Video marketing has become an important activity for social media marketers worldwide. For example, according to Adweek, 70% of all online activity is video-related, up from just 30% two years ago.

Jumptvs brings in many conveniences to users, including maximizing clicks and viewership by generating different video variations. It also reduces costs for video marketers, making Jumptvs a promising tool.

Jumptvs allows users to upload videos and let the AI algorithm generate different variations of the video, like:

• start with different opening shots;

• add or remove clips;

• use different camera angles;

• add or remove intro/outro.

It is said that the videos generated by Jumptvs are visually appealing to viewers and will help marketers maximize clicks and viewership.

Also, users can customize the video output by uploading their logo, text, photos, or music to further improve the results of marketing campaigns.

And in addition to the benefits for global and local businesses in the video marketing field, Jumptvs offers a data-driven platform and has no set-up fees or monthly subscriptions.


  • Get a report on your business video every day.
  • Get inside knowledge on how people use your product.
  • Make your website more user-friendly on any device.
  • Analyze your marketing campaign’s performance and provide content suggestions.

Jumptvs Pros

  • Ideal for selling a product, service, or idea.
  • Can deliver actionable results to improve your business.
  • Can get a look at how people use your product.

Jumptvs Cons

  • I may have difficulty distinguishing between background music playing and someone singing/humming loudly, especially in crowded areas.


  • JUMP Basic Package: 500 US$/month
  • JUMP Add-on Packages

6.   Premiere

Premiere AI video generator

Adobe Premiere (originally an acronym for “Premiere: The Video Toaster”) is a video editing software developed by Adobe Systems. It was the first non-linear editor to support four-track videos, allowing editors to accomplish tasks that were impossible in other programs.

This advance significantly sped up the post-production process because it allowed editors to do multiple edits faster than in real-time.

In addition, these edits could be saved as presets so they could be reused later. One prominent feature used in Premiere was auto-save. It would periodically save all files opened during a work session so that any unexpected accidents occurred and users did not have to worry about losing all of their data.

A new “auto-save recovery” feature was added to Premiere 4.0, allowing users to undo their last edit session should they lose their file in the middle of editing; this is especially helpful if the user accidentally took themselves off of the computer without saving or closed out of an unsaved document.

Another significant feature that made Premiere unique was four-point editing, which allowed multiple edits to be done simultaneously, significantly cutting production times.

Two points were used for video cuts, while two were used for audio cuts. So, for example, by crossfading and mixing sound using volume changes instead of just cutting them apart, the one-track mono sound could be edited with these four points.

Premiere also had many effects that other non-linear editors did not have at the time. It was able to add many effects such as fade in/fade out, dissolve, split-screen, and superimpose (overlay one video over another).

It also had more transitions than were typical for its time, including grid wipes, diagonal wipes, cascade, and page peel.

Premiere had many real-time playback options that other non-linear editors did not offer until years later. For example, users could playback videos using three speeds with sound on a single monitor or set it, so multiple monitors were used.

Each screen showed a different video speed with sound playing from only one. Premiere Pro uses Adobe Media Player, which can do most of these same tasks, but it does not have the same flexibility in how these tasks are achieved.


  • Adobe’s Sensei AI platform solves this problem by automatically matching colors.
  • With the face detection option, you may adjust the colors of your photos.
  • Auto-dimming of the music and effects soundtrack around dialogue conserves energy by lowering the volume of both simultaneously.
  • Using layers like a fluttering flag, the enhanced puppet engine is used to create organic-looking and realistic effects.
  • The integrated system ensures a seamless and error-free operation.
  • Functions like VR Video Conversion and VR Scene Construction are supported.
  • Creates thoroughly engrossing films.
  • It supports a variety of file types.

Premiere Pros

  • Several Simultaneous Projects
  • Professional graphics templates for media production
  • Shared Projects
  • Timeline and animation editing
  • Timeline and animation editing
  • Create audio-editing music and effects
  • Graphics & Video Add-ons
  • Between activities can be difficult
  • Closed captioning standards in different regions
  • Product labels
  • Choose an appropriate type of tool


Premiere AI pricing
  • The service costs $20.99 per month with an annual commitment or $31.49 per month on a month-to-month basis.
  • It also offers a free 7-day trial by downloading the software for free.

7.   Magisto

Magisto AI video generator

Magisto allows you to create videos as you please by using photos, videos, and music from your device’s camera roll or iTunes library. You can also use songs from Soundcloud or YouTube, but keep in mind that if you do so, the rights of those songs automatically go to the company that owns them.

You can change effects, transitions, and text, giving a better final product. For instance, when you choose a song, it asks if you want to make a slideshow or “Disney style” short movie with animated text that moves around on-screen with lots of visual effects.

The same goes for slideshows, except there are no text effects. For videos, you can use one of their pre-selected themes or customize it. The themes are the same as in slideshows but with videos instead.

Customizing your video is where it gets interesting. First, you choose your photos and automatically put them into the order you want them to appear on-screen using their AI.

It then creates a little intro for you, adding some custom text revolving around what it thinks is important about the photos you chose and fades to black between each picture.

Afterward, it begins making transitions between each photo and adding some text written by Magisto’s AI based on info from the photos selected earlier.


  • Different themes abound.
  • You can move, delete, and reorder scenes using the Add Scene dialogue box.
  • On the left-hand menu, click on “File,” then select “New.” You may also add logos and descriptions using this option.
  • Promotional distribution
  • Upload photographs
  • The three types of video editing styles
  • Music that is commercially licensed
  • Create movies with more content.
  • Unique business models

Magisto Pros

  • The simplicity with which you can upload, sort, and modify movies.
  • There are many alternatives to adding themes, music, and styles.
  • All from within the same platform: hosting, downloading, and sharing all three.

Magisto Cons

  • It would be fantastic if Magisto allowed much longer videos, such as 20 to 30 minutes.


Magisto AI pricing

If you go for a yearly subscription

  • Premium: $4.99/m
  • Professional $9.99/m
  • Business $34.99/m

You will get a free trial on Professional and Business subscriptions.

8.   Rephrase.ai

Rephrase.ai video generator

Rephrase.ai is an app that takes many texts from you and turns them into awesome history-making videos. It does it to make sure that the voiceover guy doesn’t get bored reading your text.

The App has many options for this purpose, but its free version can only work on one video with a minimum word count of about 200-250 words which is not bad either.

Rephrase.ai works by scanning through thousands of videos & audios and then making an algorithm that understands how people talk in videos & audios. For example, when you feed the App your text, it looks for words frequently used together, so they are phrased together in the video.

It’s straightforward to use; paste your text and hit the rephrase button, and you will receive a time-stamped .wav file with raw audio as well as an mp3 file within seconds.

Also, it comes with extra lush features such as multiple voices, pitch & speed control, spelling correction options, etc. You can try out their free version only once per day.

Another thing that will make this tool unique among its competitors is its flexibility for users. It is because Rephrase.ai gives you access to a bunch of templates along with an option to upload your original file and write a script by yourself.

In short, it offers total control over the output video, which makes it more versatile than other similar tools out there on the web.

Features of Rephrase.ai

  • Videos in high resolution
  • Customization capabilities are supported.
  • It’s designed for a variety of applications.
  • Users have the option to choose their favorite AI voice.
  • Celebrities’ AI avatars.
  • It supports a variety of video editing applications.

Rephrase.ai Cons

  • It has a complicated pricing structure.


Rephrase.ai pricing

Rephrase.ai is broken into two categories, with varying pricing plans: Rephrase Studio and Rephrase Personalized Videos. The term “video production cloud studio” describes Rephrase Studio, which features virtual cinematographers, camera people, and actors.

In contrast, the term “Rephrase Personalize” is more appropriate for marketers and content producers. Who wish to personalize their customer journey.”

9.   Synths Video

Synths Video AI generator

Synths. Video is a generative image-to-video converter. It takes an image sequence as input and generates an HD video with encoded information.

It allows us to generate videos at resolutions much higher than other current state-of-the-art models can produce while preserving essential details about visual appearance.

Synths. The video also provides a jQuery plugin that can be used as a drop-in replacement for JPG or GIF images on web pages and will automatically generate videos on the fly as soon as the user accesses those pages.

Features of Synths Video

  • It has an integrated YouTube integration that allows you to easily submit videos to your channel.
  • URLs are converted to videos.
  • Over 20 different avatars
  • Users may upload videos in high-definition resolution.
  • It supports over 40 different languages.

Synths Cons

  • There is no free plan available


Synths Video pricing
  • YouTube Start: $399/m

10. Veed.io

Veed.io - Best artificial intelligence video creator

Veed.io is an AI-generated video creation platform that helps marketers better engage with their audiences by providing dynamically generated videos.

Veed can be used to create on-brand, on-message, on-time video content for the first time – without requiring any human labor or manual processing.

Instead, videos are made entirely on Veed’s cloud-based AI platform using just a few simple parameters, including your brand guidelines and creative messaging.

Artificial intelligence capabilities in the form of deep learning and neural networks have been around for decades, and there has recently been a surge in their practical applications.

For instance, machinery previously used strictly for processing data is now more widely available to handle actual decision-making tasks, such as choosing which images might be appropriate for an advertisement given the target audience’s preferences – all with no human involvement required.

Veed has identified this opportunity and capitalized on it by building software that takes full advantage of these new AI capabilities, allowing marketers to create impactful videos at scale without sacrificing quality or creative messaging.

Marketers can upload brand guidelines and creative messaging through Veed’s simple online interface, and the company’s AI engine will create a video that is guaranteed to fit those requirements.


  • Create professional videos with ease, add subtitles, and expand your following.
  • They were designed for marketers and influencers.
  • Add post-production effects to the videos, such as VHS and Glitch & Filmic.
  • Using our unique software, you can transform podcasts into movies in a few minutes.
  • Trim videos to the correct length for uploading.
  • Video editing apps like VLC, KineMaster, and Avidemux allow you to apply filters and LUTs to create a more professional appearance.
  • You may add photos and images to your videos to determine when they will be shown.
  • Rotate videos by 90 degrees or at a custom distance.
  • Cropping videos to suit the various video platforms is a breeze.
  • With little effort, you can add text to videos using custom typefaces, colors, positions, and timings.
  • To highlight some aspects of videos, use the pen tool.

Veed Pros

  • AI assists human creativity so marketers can create dynamic videos for the first time.
  • Videos are generated in minutes to save time and money.
  • No human labor or manual processing is required


Veed.io video pricing
  • Free plan: $0/m
  • Basic plan: $12/m
  • Pro Plan: $24/m
  • Enterprise Plan: You’ll contact the sales team for a price estimate.

11. Lumen5

Lumen5 AI video creator

People are using AI in every facet of their daily lives to control objects, plan routes, and make suggestions about what to watch next on Netflix… But one area where AI has yet to progress in creating meaningful content.

Many think it will be 10 or 20 years before any natural artificial intelligence can create content. However, one company has already begun to pioneer AI in creating engaging video content at scale.

Lumen5 is an online platform that uses machine learning to generate human-like scripts based on relevant information you enter into the program. The idea behind Lumen5 is that businesses and individuals often struggle to come up with engaging video content ideas.

Lumen5 claims it has a 96% success rate when uploading its AI-generated videos to YouTube.


  • Enter a blog post or RSS feed, and the artificial intelligence system will summarize the material and connect each scene to relevant videos, photos, and music.
  • A built-in media library contains hundreds of thousands of free creative commons media files that may be used to create films.
  • Brand identity, watermark, typeface, and call-to-action may be customized for each video.

Lumen5 Pros

Some of the pros of Lumen5 include:

  • The platform has a 96% success rate when uploading videos to YouTube
  • The AI can generate human-like scripts based on relevant information
  • Brand identity, watermark, typeface, and call-to-action can be customized for each video
  • There is a built-in media library with hundreds of thousands of free creative commons media files
  • There is an extensive knowledge base and customer support network

Lumen5 Cons

  • You can’t do live events with this platform


Lumen5 pricing
  • Community: $0
  • Creator: $14.25
  • Premium: $75.05
  • Business: $189.05
  • Enterprise: Custom

12. Pictory

Pictory AI video creator

Pictory is a newly established company that merges Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with video communications. The product is the first of its kind for this high-tech industry, which uses cutting-edge AI technologies to generate unique and captivating videos and images.

Pictory’s solution enables the creation of bespoke and original videos using nothing more than a single image. These videos are relevant to brands, organizations, and individuals everywhere, with applications in various industries, including marketing, retail, education, and entertainment.

Pictory is the brainchild of an international team of tech experts who were inspired by the capabilities of AI technology to create unique experiences.

The high demand for ever more captivating content has seen an explosion in recent years of apps and websites that allow users to create videos from a library of stock footage.

But while these video libraries offer some degree of personalization, what’s on offer is still limited by the imagination of others. By contrast, Pictory uses cutting-edge AI technology to generate new content from a single input image without any human input.

Pictory combines state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning with creative input to create an exciting new video platform. Pictory offers a range of services to help brands and organizations become more creative and original:

Personal – Personalized videos that are unique to the user, with a vast library of the source material.

Bespoke – Out of this world video content created especially for each customer. This service allows brands and organizations to create videos that are unique to them.

Commercial – A vast library of pre-recorded video content can be used for commercial purposes under a royalty-free license.

Pictory is an app available on iOS platforms – iPhone and iPad – with Android versions developed.


  • Upload an existing video and have the platform’s AI transcribe the input video into text.
  • Trim the video by using the built-in video editor.
  • The AI built-in to the App automatically pulls out the most significant video moments.
  • Use Pictory AI to get the essential phrases from articles and blogs.
  • The interface, however, is much easier to use than Vantage FX’s.

Its interface makes it easy on the eyes, even if you’re working with hundreds of tracks and no visual source material. Additionally, the sound library offers over 1,000 sound effects, some of which are licensed from Shutterstock (such as music and voices).

Pictory Pros

  • It offers a free plan
  • Easily trim the video down to only the best parts
  • Built-in tools for adding music, changing speed and color, adding subtitles, etc

Pictory Cons

  • The AI is very literal when it comes to transcribing videos.


Pictory AI peicing

Pictory.ai offers a free trial for three videos.

  • Standard: $19
  • Premium: $39
  • Enterprise: Custom

13. Designs.ai

Designs.ai video creator

Graphics were created for the podcast by Designers.ai, a relatively new online graphic design platform that’s beginning to pose a threat to big names such as Canva and Snappa.

Designed.ai is significantly more comprehensive than other online graphic design platforms you’re accustomed to.

For the time being, Designs.ai is only accessible through subscriptions and not as a one-time purchase. Fortunately, the team was gracious enough to grant all Photutorial visitors a 30-day free trial for the Basic Plan, allowing you to test it out without risking any money.


Graphicmaker – Drag and drop elements onto your canvas, customize them to suit your needs, and you’re all set! No need for any design skills.

Logomaker – Similar to Graphicmaker, but with the added feature of uploading a logo instead of taking it from an existing resource.

Videomaker – Make a video from scratch without any design background.

Designs.ai is an all-around, comprehensive platform for graphic design with various tools to choose from. I hope you’ll enjoy the 30-day free trial!

Designs.ai Pros

  • The whole procedure is simple, thanks to intuitive and easy-to-use applications.
  • For faster design development.
  • This simple tool offers easy-to-use tools and templates for creating ads that stand out.
  • From the browser, you can create work.
  • All of your projects are saved in the cloud.

Designs.ai Cons

  • loads very slowly
  • More expensive than the competition

More expensive than the competition


Designs.ai pricing
  • $39 per month – if you pay yearly
  • $49 per month – If you pay monthly

14. Wisecut

Wisecut video generator

Wisecut is a video-editing app that is simple to use and helps you to create amazing videos. Wisecut is available for free on Apple Store and Google Play. Their other popular apps include Photo Editor Pro, Clear Pro, and Photo Video Maker.

Wisecut allows you to add professional effects like text, music, and filters to your videos.

After you shoot a video with your camera, you can add text that tells people what is happening or how you feel in the video. You can also add captions for when someone talks in the video.

Captions will appear on top of the video, and they show up at the same time as the sound. Text can also be added to still images shot on your camera.

You can add music to your videos, so you have a soundtrack behind what is happening or being said in the video. You can select from different music genres and have the option to search for specific songs, too.

Wisecut will also allow you to choose how loud or quiet your music should be relative to the other sounds in the video (the voice, sound effects, etc.).

Wisecut has many filters for adding effects like B&W (black and white) and Sepia (sepia tone). Many filters are available, but not all are free; some require payment outside of an ad-supported version of the App.

Wisecut also allows you to share your videos with family and friends on social media, like Facebook or Instagram. You can also save your video in your camera roll to post it later in an editing program like iMovie.

The App is free, but some in-app purchases are available for Wisecut Pro. This version of the App has all the available features mentioned above (text, music, filters).


  • The AI-powered audio ducking setting creates an equalization profile that dampens background noise while maintaining intelligibility.
  • The AI voice booster and noise-canceling are also available.
  • It gives you the comfort of adding the videos directly to your channel and sharing your channel with an audience of millions.
  • Add text to videos
  • Add music to videos
  • Choose filters for videos
  • Use soothing, relaxing music or ambient noise.
  • Subtitles and captions for audio and video files

Wisecut Pros

  • There is a free version of Wisecut with some valuable features; more features are available with the paid version.
  • Professional effects like text, music, and filters can be added to videos and still images taken with the camera.
  • Wisecut has a lot of filters available, with some filters requiring a paid version of the App.

Wisecut Cons

  • Some in-app purchases can be expensive (more than $1).
  • Functions of Wisecut may be too essential for you if you want to make edits more advanced than adding simple text, music, and filters.


Wisecut pricing
  • Basic: $0/m
  • Professional: $19/m
  • Business: $99/m

Video Generator?

Video Generators are programs that use AI to create new video clips or “new” videos. The program runs through a series of user-inputted parameters and will generate a new video clip based on those parameters.

A popular video generator program is FakeApp, which uses the open-source AI framework “Deep Neural Networks” to create many new and somewhat realistic videos of people doing or saying things that they didn’t do or say.

Video Editor programs allow users to edit video clips like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut. Video Generators allow users to generate new videos by inputting parameters about what type of edits they want; for example, “add this person saying this line to the end of the video.”

Video generators work by training an AI on a set of pre-existing video clips. The program’s creator must first teach the AI what types of edits are acceptable based on user input, and then the AI can be given new parameters to generate new videos.

What Must You Search In The Best AI Video Generator?

AI video generator is a term used to define an application or an algorithm of software that can deliver unique videos. You will never get bored of watching these kinds of videos because they’re unique and slightly entertaining.

AI video generator can give life to a dead or still image. However, it is not true that the only application of AI video generators is for entertainment purposes. There’s also an application to search for other uses such as education, commercial, and promotion videos.

The best video generators won’t just use artificial intelligence to produce these unique and entertaining videos but will also emphasize the visual quality and audio output.

Moreover, it should offer easy controls so that anyone who uses it can create their own unique and personalized videos by themselves without hiring experts again and again.

1. Visual Quality

The appearance of video is an essential factor that you should consider when looking for a suitable AI Video Generator Application. A good application will create unique videos, but its output must be engaging, too.

You can easily distinguish whether the application is worth using or not by seeing how it delivers visual quality in every video created by them. It does not matter if it is about advertising, commercial, or other purposes because visual quality should always be considered.

2. Audio Quality

It will be great if the AI Video Generator can also give importance to your ears. Some of these applications deliver visual quality but fail to impress their consumers because of bad quality audio.

3. Controls

It would be frustrating to encounter another problem – having difficulty controlling the application itself.

The best AI Video Generator must offer an easy-to-understand interface so that anyone can use it without any guidance from experts or instructions manuals again and again. Using a complicated control panel will waste your time and energy.

4. Video Quality

You should consider this an essential factor if you wish to make an AI Video Generator Application for commercial or other purposes. You would not want to waste your time knowing that what you promote is unique but has no quality video output, right?

That’s why the application of AI video generators must offer good quality videos. An excellent example is the “WOWMee” app which offers high-quality videos with 1080 pixels resolution that can give life to your boring photos and images.

5. Compatible Platforms 

Some video generators deliver good outputs, but they won’t deliver the same result on every platform they develop. Whether you use it on iOS or Android, it does not matter if the application provides good results.

6. Ease Of Use

An AI Video Generator should be easy to understand so that everyone can use it without any guidance from experts again and again. The best applications will create unique videos, but their output will also be exciting and funny to watch.

Moreover, it should provide easy controls so that anyone could do it themselves without hiring other people to do the task for them.

To solve your problems searching for a good AI video generator app, I have researched reliable sources such as Amazon, YouTube, Google Play Store, and Apple Store. After several hours of research, I came up with five top compatible applications across all platforms.

How To Create A Video Utilizing An AI Video Creator?

It is easy to start your video by adding your logo, setting the mood with background music, and choosing from various templates, including kinetic typography, infographics, green screen overlay, and many more.

Its simple but effective interface ensures that all of this can be done without prior knowledge or experience. Furthermore, you are free to download it in popular formats without restrictions on its use—it truly has been designed for complete creative freedom!

AI Video Generators Videos can be used in various ways, including presentations, advertisements, digital signage displays, and even motion graphics projects!

The overall design styles vary between options so that you can create something unique each time. In addition, every video is entirely customizable with endless possibilities, making them perfect for any creative project.

Its simple-to-use interface makes it easy for anyone to start creating professional-level content without needing any advanced skills or training.

AI Video Generator Features include:

  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • 6 Different Pre-Designed Styles
  • Add Your Logo – 7 Types of Overlay Effects
  • YouTube & Vimeo Integration
  • Make Videos in Minutes

How To Make A Video Using AI Video Generator

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more important in our lives. For example, a new AI video generator uses AI to generate videos for you.

First, log in to the site with your Facebook account or email address. Then pick between one of three categories: science & technology, business & finance, or general news. After selecting a category, the website will provide you with options to create your video.

Select what type of video you want, if any specific keywords should be included in the video, and how long it should be (either 30 seconds or five minutes). Next, click on “Generate” — your first generated video will be on its way!

The main thing you may want to keep in mind is how much time you have available. If you only have five minutes, it’s advisable to go for something short.

The longer your video, the greater the chance there will be inconsistencies, so aim for accuracy over length! That said, here are some examples of what you could get:

There are now several services where you can create AI-generated videos. The idea is that you can use them for your social media or personal sites while introducing your audience to the concept of artificial intelligence.

AI Video Generator FAQs

1. What are Artificial Intelligence (AI) Video Generators?

An artificial intelligence video generator is a software tool that can generate a video file from input text in its simplest definition. The actual process of converting the input to a video depends on the approach used by each specific AI-driven system.

The tools can generate either an entire video or part of it containing dynamic elements that change over time based on the provided input text.

In most cases, the generated content looks like a real TV show where computer-generated actors appear in front of virtual 3D backgrounds and perform according to some preprogrammed driving storyline.

2. Do AI Video Generators Useful?

Today, many enterprises rely on AI-driven video producers to generate professionally produced films for YouTube, sales presentations, tutorials, and other purposes. With the aid of AI technology, you may create professional movies for YouTube, sales pitches, lessons, and more.

AI-based video generators can help you save money while analyzing data, search terms, and optimizing your content to convert leads into paying customers.

3. What is the best AI Video Generating App?

The best AI video generator is Gliacloud. You probably know how important video content is for increasing traffic, interaction, and conversions on your website or blog.

GliaCloud allows you to produce attractive films from existing text material in minutes, with no prior video-editing experience required.

There’s no need for costly gear or any knowledge of video editing software. Simply supply your article or post the URL, and GliaCloud will generate an engaging movie for you.

You may then preview and modify this script before generating an HD-quality video file that you may use on your website or social media platforms.

4. Can AI Create Videos?

Yes, you generate videos using AI. You can generate videos indistinguishable from real TV shows but are much shorter.

The generated videos can cover various topics, including news, weather forecast, sports highlights, or any other input text containing enough information for an AI video generator to build the initial scene and animate its characters.

5. Are AI Video Generators Free?

You may simply modify your existing written pieces or blog posts into effective video advertisements for little or no cost. Furthermore, the procedure is quick and painless, yet it provides professional results.

It may assist boost website traffic by using video marketing, resulting in increased sales and profits. These solutions can help businesses save time, money, and resources for marketing.

Lumen5 text to video converter allows you to quickly convert text into a video. Its free plan has some restrictions. Users are limited to producing three videos each month on the free tier.

They can only be recorded in 720p resolution and have a Lumen5 watermark. Lumen5 is an excellent alternative to expensive and complicated video editors if you don’t mind these limitations.

6. Can AI edit videos?

Artificial Intelligence can select, edit, film, and distribute video clips online, making them ideal for production and distribution. In addition, you may now create more customized and tailored videos with the aid of AI, resulting in increased engagement.

Artificial Intelligence is now able to perform programmed or automated video editing. Cameras don’t need to be handled manually anymore, and you won’t need to tell them what to do.

Instead, it is a platform for consumers to create and share movies, with AI handling most work. It can quickly gather and select the crucial moments, edit them, and produce a movie.

7. Will AI take over the Creation of Video Creation?

Although AI technologies have a lot of advantages, they can’t take over human responsibilities. We obtain assistance from these techniques, but the final product is in our hands.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now involved in intelligent video creation, affecting businesses. It also creates a lot of employment possibilities in the field.

8. What is the process behind how AI Video Generators Work?

You don’t need a high-end video editing program or any additional equipment to make an AI video with one of these tools.

Simply submit data to the AI tool, and it will automatically create a movie for you. For instance, you may quickly convert a blog post into a video in minutes using one of these solutions!

Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Video Generators – Summary

This article presented the 14 best artificial intelligence (AI) video generators. Machines are getting smarter, and the quality of AI-generated content is improving. As a result, there are many new possibilities for auto-generating videos using AI – including text-to-video conversion.

The tools can generate either an entire video or part of it containing dynamic elements that change over time based on the provided input text.

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