30 Best Drinking Games Every Student Should Know

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30 Best Drinking Games Every Student Should Know

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Best Drinking Games Every Student Should Know

The best thing about the 30 best drinking games every student should know is that it lets you relive your college days. For some people, this might be a piece of their lives they’d rather forget, but it’s an experience for most. Groups of people generally play drinking Games at events or get-togethers to get drunk along the way.

They usually consist of simple rules and involve little strategy, so there’s no need to understand complicated game theories or be intelligent when playing them.

There are many different drinking games that you can play, but the most popular ones are probably card games or board games that have been adapted to include alcohol.

For example, the game of kings can easily be turned into a drinking game by giving each player a shot glass and taking a shot every time someone is either crowned King or queen.

Many commercially available Drinking Games sets come with everything you need to start, such as decks of cards, dice, and rule sheets. If you’re looking to play some party games, then these fun ideas might be for you. They’re themed around popular movies and video games, so you’d have a fantastic time.

30 Best Drinking Games Every Student Should Know

1. Friends And Enemies

Friends and enemies drinking games

The Friends and Enemies drinking game is an excellent way to bond with friends or enemies alike.

Ready for some fun? Grab a few drinks and gather your friends for a night of watching Friends! Just make sure you have enough snacks and drinks to last the entire episode – you’ll need them!

If you like a drinking game that will have you laughing all night long, look no further than Friends and Enemies. This game is perfect for any show fan, and it’s a great way to get everyone in on the fun.

All you need are some drinks, and you’re good to go! Just make sure you have enough for the entire episode.

If you like a drinking game to add to your next game night, look no further than the Friends and Enemies Drinking Game! The basic premise is that players are divided into friends and enemies. Players take turns drawing cards and either drink or save their teammates, depending on the card drawn.

To start, everyone takes a drink. The first player then says the name of someone they know as a friend. If the person named is also a friend of someone else, that player drinks too.

The next player then says the name of someone they know, like an enemy. Again, if the person named is also an enemy of someone else, that player drinks too.

You drink twice if you name someone as both a friend and an enemy. 

If someone names you as a friend, they become your friend and take a drink. If someone quotes you as an enemy, they become your enemy and take a drink. If someone becomes your friend and your enemy by naming you in one turn, they take 4 drinks (2x 2).

The game continues until everyone has had two turns naming people as friends/enemies. It is an excellent game for large groups of people as it quickly gets everyone drunk and generates a lot of laughter.

2. Irish Snap

If you are drinking with friends, even something as simple as playing some games can become a drinking game. One of the most popular Irish pub drinking games is Irish Snap.

Irish Snap is a game of chance common in pubs in Ireland. The basic idea is that one person throws coins into the air, and another person calls out numbers corresponding to the orientation of the coins when they fall back down.

If there are three or more coins that land with the same side facing up, the player who threw them up gets one drink assigned to themself, after which play continues.

When Playing Irish Snap, Remember These Basic Rules

  • After each turn, the game moves to the left.
  • If three or more coins land on the same side, the thrower gets a drink assigned to themself, and play continues.
  • If you call a coin toss wrong, you take a drink yourself.

Playing the Irish Snap Drinking Game with your buddies is a lot of fun. However, it has the potential to get you drunk. You may find yourself inebriated if you aren’t cautious before realizing it.

Each player is given six cards to begin the game. The game starts with the person holding the highest card. Then, one card is placed face-up on the table. After that, the following player must play a higher card than the preceding players.

They’ll have to drink and draw a new card from the deck if they can’t. If the following player can play a higher card than the first, they must drink and take another card. This pattern continues until one of the players runs out of cards. That player then loses the game.

3. Mr and Mrs

Mr and Mrs drinking game

Players compete in pairs to see who can drink more without being caught. Each team is timed for 30 minutes of drinking. The first person that fails or quits is the loser of that round/game.

Materials required: Two shot glasses, beer – preferably of higher alcohol content, pans to catch spills (optional), timer.


Find a quiet room with many hiding places for each participant besides their significant other. Also, have a timer set up on your phone or another device clear enough to be heard from anywhere in the room, so both players know how much time has passed/remained.

Both participants are given two shot glasses filled with their beer of choice. Once the timer starts, they have to hide and not speak or make any noise that their partner can hear. If one person is caught, they become the “spy” for the other team and try to catch the other team while drinking.


The first team to finish their 30 minutes of drinking or the team with the most amount of shots left at the end of 30 minutes wins!

This game is best played with couples who enjoy a good competition or friends who like to push each other’s limits. It’s also a fun method to check how well you know your partner or a buddy.

It’s like other drinking games where you take turns to think of two people. Then, you make up a question for each person to ask them. You get points if the person answers the question honestly or refuses to answer the question. The winner is the individual who has the most points at the end of the game.

4. Around The World

The Around the World drinking game is a great way to add excitement to your next party! Here’s how to play:

First, choose a country. Then, everyone takes turns flipping over a playing card. If you flip over a card with a selected country’s flag, you must drink. The first person to finish their drink then becomes the new challenger and chooses the following country.

If you flip over a card with another symbol on it, nothing happens. However, if you flip over two cards in a row with flags of different countries, you must drink twice! So be careful when flipping over those cards! Ready to start your next party off with a bang?

The Around the World Drinking game is a drinking card game played with a standard deck of 52 cards. It can be played as a team contest or as an individual contest.

The object is to match a card from your hand to the cards on the table, either by symbol or color and consume a drink. The first person to finish their drink becomes the new challenger and chooses the following country. If you flip over two cards in a row matching different countries, you must drink twice!

There are all kinds of different cards in this game to increase the fun and excitement. Cards can be red or black, and they can have symbols like flags, dollar signs, skulls, etc…

Any combination of colors or symbols can be found on one card; unique action cards are requiring you to do certain things (the President must be flipped over if it is not already showing), and much more! This game never gets old because everyone’s got their tricks up their sleeves when playing this game!

The Drinking Rules For Around

The World is reasonably straightforward. They are taking turns flipping over cards to match them with cards on the deck. If they flip over two cards in a row with flags of different countries, they drink twice.

If they flip over a card with any other symbol, nothing happens. The first person to finish their drink then becomes the new challenger and chooses the following country. Play then proceeds as normal.

This game is great for parties or get-togethers with friends! People of all ages can play it (although it may be wise to adjust the drinking rules accordingly for those not of the legal drinking age).

It is a great way to get everyone involved and socialize. So gather your friends, break out the deck of cards, and let the party begin!

5. Fuzzy Duck

Fuzzy duck drinking game

The Fuzzy Duck Drinking game is a popular party game that many players can play. The game is best played with alcoholic beverages but can also be played with non-alcoholic drinks.

If a player says “duck,” they must drink and state how many they have left to drink. If a player says “fuzzy duck” instead, all players must take a drink and count how many fingers are on the player’s hand to their right.

The Fuzzy Duck Drinking Game Can Be Played As Follows

  • All players sit down in a circle
  • Players take turns saying “duck” or “fuzzy duck” (Remember, if you say ‘duck,’ you must drink and state how many more drinks you have. If you say ‘fuzzy duck,’ all players must drink and count the number of fingers on their right hand)
  • When someone says “duck,” everyone but that person drinks and holds up several fingers based on how many more drinks they have left to finish
  • When someone says “fuzzy duck,” all players except for that player drink and hold up 1 finger
  • The first person to reach 11 fingers loses the game, then the second person hits 11 fingers, etc.

There are a variety of game variants, such as drinking games using cards or dice. You are also free to set your own rules. The Fuzzy Duck Drinking Game is a fantastic way to start the party and keep everyone amused! Enjoy!

Try the Kamikaze Drinking Game if you’re looking for something a bit more challenging. Please see our website for further information.

6. International Drinking Rules

The International Drinking Rules game is a great way to get to know your fellow drinkers and have some fun while doing so. The game is played by following rules that all players agree upon before starting.

These rules can be anything from drinking every time someone says a particular word to taking a drink whenever someone does something silly.

The game may be enjoyed by people of all ages and is a terrific way to break the ice at parties or social events. You may even make up your own rules while you play, which adds to the pleasure of the game.

So check out the International Drinking Rules game if you’re looking for a fun way to spend a night out with your mates!

With more than 50 rule cards to choose from, this international drinking game has the potential to be played like never before. The International Drinking Game can be played by 2-6 players and takes an average of 20 minutes to complete.

The International Drinking Rules game has many cards that make you do different things when you drink.

7. Task Master

Task master drinking game

Task Master is a drinking game where participants perform tasks and drink whenever they mess up.

When playing as individuals, each player starts with their cup and must drink from it every time they fail a task. Then, depending on preference, they can decide between spilling or chugging; the loser spills if both players choose different options.

If the group decides that there’s no winner (usually after someone has seen enough), everyone loses and only drinks from their cups.

The group can assign some faces to each die roll, and the loser of that task must drink everything in their cup corresponding to those numbers. For example, if one player rolls a 4 and another rolls a 3, the first person must drink four alcoholic fingers.

If players start with different size cups, they keep refilling them as necessary until they’re equal again. Then each successive round begins with everyone’s new cup filled halfway with whatever fluid was used last time.

Here Are Some Possible Tasks

  • Take a sip every time someone says ” task.”
  • Whoever finishes their drink first does the following task
  • Drink whenever you laugh
  • Every time someone makes a mistake, everyone else drinks
  • Take a sip every time you switch tasks
  • Do five jumping jacks and then drink
  • Touch your nose with your thumb and then drink
  • Drink whatever is in your cup whenever someone else rolls a one on the dice

The possibilities are endless – create your tasks or choose from the ones suggested here. Just be sure to make sure everyone is aware of the rules before starting! And remember, it’s always more fun when playing with friends.

8. Loose Tongues

Loose Tongues as a drinking game is an easy way to increase your buzz while having fun with your friends. You will probably have more fun because it’s easy to learn and doesn’t require much thought or effort from those playing. It makes for an excellent beginner’s gaming experience for those reasons.

The rules are simple enough that everyone will know them, no matter how drunk you get. Even if some forget the rules or lose focus on them halfway through around, they can be reminded and picked back up again next time without having to worry about starting over.

The game itself is simple enough, but it can quickly get out of hand; players have many opportunities to make mistakes that cause them to drink instead of their opponents.

Because of this, it’s essential to pick your drinking buddies carefully before getting started. In addition, this game might cause more tension than it’s worth between friends who don’t know each other well enough yet; it could end friendships! So proceed with caution when playing with strangers (non-gamers).

The game is best played with anywhere from 2 to 8 players. You will need one deck of cards for every player plus one extra. Dealer is determined randomly and does not change throughout the game. The game starts with the player on the dealer’s left and works its way clockwise.

A (high), K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 are the card rankings (low). The Ace may be played as a high or low card. Suits aren’t necessary. To start the game, each player is dealt five cards face down in a row in front of them.

On the horn:

The player to the dealer’s left is “on the horn.” That player has the first turn and can play any card, regardless of suit or rank (if possible), with one exception:

The “On the Horn” rule: Any card that would be played without this rule is skipped. However, if a 2 is played, the next player MUST drink instead of skipping their turn!

The penalty for playing a two, either as part of the regular play or as an “On the Horn” card, does not apply if it ends up taking more drinks than intended. Remember; don’t try to use this card to get out of playing a high card. Only the “On the Horn” rule can be used to skip a turn.

9. Picolo

Picolo is a drinking game that is played with a deck of cards. The game aims to eliminate all of your cards as quickly as possible.

The game begins with the person holding the highest card, and it proceeds clockwise. They must place one card on the table on a player’s turn. The suit of the card dictates the action that must be taken.

Spades: The player drinks and then picks up the next card from the deck

Clubs: The player gives one card to the player on their left

Hearts: The player gives one card to the player on their right

Diamonds: The player picks up cards from the deck until they reach a number divisible by 5

Jokers: The player gives the other players one card each. If any of these cards are jokers, ignore them and move on to another suit.

Then, the following person in line begins their turn (or the original player if they picked up all the cards off the deck). Aces can be either high or low – this is called “Ace Elevation,” but it is easier not to worry about it.

You must drink double if you can play your entire hand before anyone else has gone down to 0 points. So, for example, if you had 8 cards left in your hand, but everyone else had zero or 1 card, you would have to finish drinking that round as everyone would give you 2 cards.

When one player has no cards remaining, the game is ended. That player is the winner, and the remaining points must be earned by drinking. The loser is the one who has the fewest points at the end.

Piccolo can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to remember to drink responsibly. Please don’t play if you’re under the legal drinking age in your country.

The Picolo drinking game is a great way to get the party started. It is simple to play and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Here is how to play:

1. Pour a drink for each player, including yourself.

2. Place a stack of Piccolo cards in the center of the table.

3. Every player takes a turn turning a card from the stack over.

4. If the player flips over a numbered card, they must drink the corresponding drinks. For example, if they flip over an eight, they must drink eight drinks. If they flip over a four, they must drink four drinks.

5. If the player flips over a wild card, they must drink the entire drink in front of them.

6. The first player to finish their drink wins the game.

The Piccolo drinking game is a great way to have fun and get drunk with your friends. However, be sure to drink responsibly and always designate a driver if you are going to be drinking.

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10. Drinking Jenga

Drinking jenga drinking game

Drinking Jenga drinking game is one of the best party games to play with your friends. The game’s object is to remove blocks from a tower without knocking them over, using just your hands.

If the tower falls, you drink! The game can be played with any type of alcohol, but we recommend vodka because it’s less potent than other liquors and harder to knock over.

The Jenga drinking game was invented by two friends, John Colonna and Daniel Mihalko. They were looking for a new way to drink and have fun with their friends, so they came up with this game. It’s perfect for parties because it gets everyone involved, and it’s a lot of fun to play.

The game is pretty simple to play. First, you need to build a Jenga tower or use an existing one already in your house. Then, take turns taking out the blocks using only your hands.

If someone knocks over the tower, they have to drink! It is why it’s better to use liquor because if the tower falls over, it will be easier for them to drink their shot glass of vodka than if they were playing beer pong and spilling all the cups on the floor.

It also means fewer beers are wasted and gets everyone involved in playing drinking games. Drinking Jenga drinking game isn’t complicated and doesn’t require any unique materials (like dice), so anyone can play even while drunk at a party.

There are many variations of the drinking Jenga drinking game, but the basic rules are to take turns removing blocks, and if the tower falls over, you drink. You may even create your own rules, such as drinking a shot for each block removed or forcing someone else to drink for each block removed.

  • Drinking Jenga Drinking Game Rules
  • Who invented drinking Jenga?
  • Top 5 Party Games to Play with Your Friends
  • When should you play the drinking game, Jenga?
  • Top 10 Drinking Jenga Tips Everyone Should Know Before Playing!

Drinking Jenga is an entertaining game that can be played with any type of liquor. You don’t have to drink all day, but it’s a great way to get drunk if that’s your goal. Don’t ever play this with beer because someone will probably end up on their ass and wasted.

If you want to have a good time while getting intoxicated, drinking Jenga is the way to go. It’s also a terrific method to get everyone engaged and have a good time with their pals, making it a fantastic party game. The point of drinking Jenga is not to drink all day but to have fun and enjoy your favorite drinks with your buddies.

It doesn’t require unique materials like dice or cards, and anyone can play! So, if you’re searching for something new from the usual boring drinking games (beer pong, quarters), this is the game for you.

11. Never Have I Ever

The Never Have I Ever drinking game is a popular party game that can be played with any number of people. The basic premise is straightforward – Each participant takes a turn stating something they’ve never done before, and everyone who has had to drink.

It can be played with any drink, but it is entertaining (and dangerous) when playing with alcoholic beverages.

There are no fundamental rules or regulations for playing the Never Have I Ever drinking game – it’s basically up to the players to decide what they want to do. However, there are a few general tips that can help make the game more enjoyable (and less risky!) for everyone involved:

Always drink responsibly. This game can get dangerous quickly, especially if people drink hard liquor. Make sure everyone is aware of their limits and stick to drinks that everyone can handle.

Be creative! The Never Have I Ever drinking game is an excellent opportunity for players to share exciting stories and experiences. Keep track of who has been drinking.

It is imperative if players are drinking alcoholic beverages. It’s easy to lose track of how much someone has had to drink, and it’s important not to let anyone get too drunk.

Rules And Regulations Of Never Have I Ever

The way to play the game is to choose a statement. “Never have I ever,” you may say if no one else has done it. If one other person has done it before, you can say “once,” and if more than two people have done it, you can say “many times.”

This game is great for parties because everyone gets to know each other better.

You can also play with people you don’t know that well and learn more about them.

You may select between hard or high-proof beverages if you want to make the game a bit more exciting. Just be sure you don’t get too drunk!

12. Ring Of Fire

Ring of fire drinking game

Ring of Fire is a drinking game played with a deck of cards. The game is typically played with two to four players. The game’s object is to remove all of the cards from the deck. The player who removes the last card from the deck is the winner.

The game is started by dealing one card face up in the center of the players. Then, the player begins the game by playing any card they want to the dealer’s left.

The next player then plays a card. Cards of the same rank cancel each other out. So, if two 6s are played, the first player loses 6 points, and the second player gains 6 points.

If a 3 is played and a 5 is played, the 3 cancels out the 5, and neither player gains nor loses points. If an Ace is played, it either beats another card or cancels it out.

The game can also be played to a certain number of points. In this case, the first player to reach or exceed the target number of points for the game wins.

Variations: The rules for Ring of Fire can be altered to suit the players’ preferences, and there are several variations on the basic premise. Some possibilities include:

  • The removal of all aces from the deck (so they aren’t worth 1 point) and increasing the face value of 2s through 10s by 5 points each, so they now count as 15 points
  • The addition of one or more extra jokers to increase the difficulty
  • Unique cards such as “skip,” which causes its player to lose his next turn if played
  • Stirring in any other cards such as 2s or kings before play begins, increasing difficulty slightly but making it somewhat easier to beat your opponent(s)
  • If a Jack, Queen, or King is played at any point in the game, the next player has to pick up an extra card from the deck
  • If a player beats all of their opponents by playing a king, that player gains 5 bonus points

The above variations were used in a Ring of Fire session I participated in with some friends. The last variation was included because my friend’s little brother was present, making him feel better about losing most hands.

13. Beer Pong

It is a drinking game in which small cups of beer are arranged on either end of a table, and then players try to throw a ping pong ball into one of the opposing sides’ cups. If a player successfully gets the ball into one of his opponents’ cups, that player must drink it and vice versa for the other side.

The drinking game can be played with 2-10 players. So go get your friends, make an empty bar or party room your own personal “Pond,” grab some beers, and start drinking!

How To Play The Drinking Game (Beer Pong)?

First step: Fill up all the cups and stack them up in two rows of 6 (one for each team). These will be your drinking cups.

Second step: You must bounce the ball into your drinking cup from close enough to prevent an intentional “sink” from one side to the other but far enough that nobody else can just sink it straight in with ease. A good rule-of-thumb is 8’s length away from the table’s edge on each side or around 23 inches.

Third step: Each team takes turns throwing a small bouncy ball, known as a ‘pong’ or ‘ping pong,’ at their drinking cups to attempt to get a ball in someone else’s drinking cup. If they successfully sink a ball, drinking must drink the cup and then refill it before play continues.

When To Play The Drinking Game Beer Pong

You may take advantage of any great weather that comes your way to host or participate in a drinking game night with your friends as long as you have some form of the outside table to play on!

The drinking game is usually played very late into the night when people are already intoxicated enough to feel less inhibited, but not so much where it’s too difficult to bounce a ball and might ruin the fun.

Where To Play Drinking Games

The drinking game can be played with 2-10 players, so any place big enough for everyone! If you’re searching for a spot to have a more extensive drinking game gathering, several clubs throughout the globe have a drinking game night or even a whole room dedicated to this sort of activity!

Check out pub crawls if you want to have a drinking adventure around town by checking out several different drinking establishments in one evening.

14. Drinking Game Sets (Amazon)

Drinking game sets

The drinking game sets on Amazon come with everything you need to have an excellent drinking game night, including dice, cards, and more!

There are drinking game sets for drinking card games, board games, dice games, and trivia games.

Drinking party Supplies on Amazon come with themed shot glasses and hilarious beer pong supplies, as well as playing cards for your favorite drinking card game!

Drinking bingo: You can find drinking gift cards to play drinking bingo with the friends who brought the gift.

The drinking watermelon kit comes with a watermelon mold that you can use to make jello shots or hard candy inside of it. It also comes with a fruit tray that looks like a slice of watermelon and two little spoons.

One kit makes up to 12 drinks, including 4 double shot glasses made from recycled glass and 12 drinking straws. The drinking game trivia supports popular drinking games like beer pong, King’s cup, and flip cup, as well as popular drinking games like

Drinking dice: There are drinking dice sets for

  1. drinking number of beers (i.e., how many shots to drink before switching)
  2. drinking roll with two dice
  3. drinking rock paper scissors!

15. Paranoia Drinking Game

A paranoia drinking game is played with 5+ players. Every player puts their drink on the table in front of them and takes a shot every time they are targeted by another player or have to gain an attribute.

Another variation of this drinking game has each player drinking when they meet an operative for the first time, when they gain a new level of clearance, and when their character causes collateral damage.

This drinking game is usually best suited at home or house parties because it requires quite a bit of alcohol to work correctly. Good luck playing this one!

Set up a drinking game of Paranoia, including how many players are needed and what materials you will need to play drinking games. A paranoia drinking game is best played with 5+ players, and you will need a good amount of alcohol for this drinking game.

You can also play a Paranoia drinking game with 8+ players, but you might want to make the drinking rules easier or even take them away for that number of people playing. The more people play the Paranoia drinking game, the more complex the drinking rules will be (and vice versa).

The recommended age limit for drinking games is 21+. However, if your group consists primarily of adults, there’s no reason to keep the age limit!

Requirements For Drinking Games, Including Rules About Drinking Responsibly

To play drinking games with a group of friends, it is important to be drinking responsibly. Unfortunately, many people have lost their lives in drunk driving accidents because they chose to drink and drive.

If you intend on consuming alcohol while playing Paranoia or any other drinking game, make sure you have a designated driver or take public transit home afterward. Don’t put yourself in a position where you can end up injuring others or yourself- drink responsibly!

16. Shot Roulette

Shot roulette drinking game - best drinking games every student should know

This drinking game has been taking over bars and universities so quickly. It might have your friends wondering where they’ve been hiding. But, if you’re looking to take your drinking party or social gathering up a notch, this fun drinking game will be sure to leave you soaked in alcohol!

It’s magnificent, though, because instead of being hungover from all that hard liquor, you’ll wake up refreshed with great memories of what happened last night. You will never have to worry about not having enough drinks for your friends during a drinking event.

This drinking game isn’t just for drinking students who want to get drunk in the comfort of their own homes. If you’re organizing a drinking party, Shot Roulette will wow your guests and provide them with something to talk about on the way home.

This drinking game is simple, fun, and can even be played with people who don’t drink alcohol (though that would defeat half of the purpose).

How Do Drinking Games Feel After Drinking For A Long Time?

If you’re looking to take your drinking party or social gathering up a notch, this fun drinking game will be sure to leave you soaked in alcohol!

It’s magnificent, though, because instead of being hungover from all that hard liquor, you’ll just wake up refreshed with great memories of what happened last night. Never again will you have to worry about not having enough drinks for your friends during a drinking event.

17. The Flip Cup Drinking Game

Drinking games have been a staple of drinking entertainment for centuries. In recent decades, drinking games have evolved from bits of cardboard and plastic with a few modifiers to keep things interesting into full-fledged drinking sports with complex rules, strategies, and equipment.

Drinkers everywhere are creative in developing games that push limits and challenge drinkers to drink more and be better at drinking through physical prowess or mental acuity. Flip Cup is an example of one game that tests physical agility and mental awareness.

Flip Cup is played by four players who drink from standard party cups filled with beer or another beverage of their choice (vodka is often featured). Half the players will become the active drinking team in any given round, while the others will be drinking from their cups.

The active drinking team begins each round by lining up in a single file order around a table, with one person designated as the leader.

That person fills their cup and holds it above their head to show that it is ready to be drunk. Once all four players have a filled cup held high, they advance toward a stack of five cups placed directly in front of them.

They Then Begin Their Drinking Rotation

  1. The first player drinks from their cup and flips it upside down onto the pile of other cups on the table.
  2. As soon as this player’s cup lands on the table, they must immediately turn around so they are facing away from the table.
  3. The next player in line drinks their cup, flips it onto the table, turns around, etc.

This continues until all players have flipped their cups to the table and drink them simultaneously. The team only gets one chance at this act of drinking coordination; if four cups land on the table without anyone drinking or someone takes too long to flip their cup over, that team is disqualified.

When drinking begins, players cannot use their hands for support unless they do so of their own volition. To determine the winning drinking team at the end of a series of rounds, keep track of which side has successfully executed drinking flips without disqualification.

For example, if one side has won three times before the other wins once, they are declared the winners. The drinking cup game is fun for large groups, and it’s also ideal for drinking games tournaments.

18. Cup Stack

Cup stack drinking game - Best drinking games every student should know

The Cup Stack is a drinking game that’s probably as old as time itself. The main goal is to stack cups right on top of each other, and the one who does it the fastest wins.

What you need:

  • A lot of plastic cups (probably more than 10)
  • Something to drink (Beer works best)
  • Players (2 or more people playing Cup Stack at a time is recommended)

Starting from left to right, players take turns trying to stack their cups on top of each other. Cup stacks can lean towards the center, where everyone can grab their stack.

Cup Stack continues until one player makes a mistake by knocking over the stack, spilling their drink everywhere, or moving out of turn. Cup Stack also ends when players decide to stop playing because there are enough spills around the table to call it quits.

What You Need To Know Before Starting Cup Stack

  • Players can lean their stacks however they want so long as they don’t fall over.
  • Cup Stack is always played in a clockwise direction (just like in board games).

How to play Cup Stack: Cup stacking is relatively straightforward in that all players take turns trying to make a cup tower on top of each other. To begin the game, every player picks up their and places it upside down in front of them, with enough room to make a stack next to it.

Then, starting from the left player, each Cup Stack competitor takes turns stacking their cups on top of each other until one of three things happens:

  • Cup Stack ends when players decide that there are too many spills and want to call it quits.
  • Cup Stack ends when a cup falls off the table because someone knocked over their stack or moved out of turn.
  • Cup Stack end when all players have completed their stacks.

The Cup Stack winner is determined by whoever can build their stack faster than everyone else. Cup Stack is a great social drinking game, so it’s best to have a designated Cup Stack referee or a Cup Stack timer.

19. Back To Back

So you have that party to go to tonight, and your friend suggests Back-to-Back, the drinking game. You want it to be fun, so you agree. But your friend forgot to mention how confusing Back-to-Back can get at times, especially if many people are playing or there are not enough rules!

This is the best Back-to-Back Drinking Game ever because it’s straightforward; all you need are two shot glasses and two players! First, someone fills up the shot glass with alcohol (I know, duh). Then, Player 1 takes their shot glass full of alcohol and places it on the back of their head.

Finally, Player 2 takes player 1’s shot glass and drinks both glasses’ contents simultaneously. So if you’re looking for Back-to-Back drinking game rules, that’s all there is!

If neither player has any physical disabilities or other severe problems, then Player 2 would be able to drink both shots (this Back-to-Back Drinking Game rule makes this game slightly more dangerous than some other Back-to-Back games).

But if either player has impaired motor skills, like drunkenness, Player 1 should make sure they don’t move too much. As for Player 2, she can signal when she wants to stop by stopping her chugging motion–Player 1 will immediately know because the shot glasses will stop being held to the back of their head.

Suppose you have many people playing Back-to-Back or one or both players have impaired motor skills. In that case, Back-to-Back drinking game rules require that player 1 does not move until Player 2 has finished chugging both glasses’ contents–even if this involves someone spilling alcohol on them!

As your Back to Back Drinking Game progresses, keep alternating between Player 1 and 2, so everyone gets drunk fast. You might also want to play Back to Back with shots.

If you do, make sure you use glass shot cups instead of plastic ones, so no one gets hurt by the broken glass! Remember, Back to Back is an entertaining drinking game, but if you’re going to play it, be sure to do so responsibly.

If you want other Back-to-Back drinking games, here are some rules for Back Back Beer Pong and Back to Back Flip Cup. I’ll add more rules for other Back-to-Back drinking games later!

20. Where Is The Water

Where is the water drinking game

In where is the water? Drinking Game, you have to try and guess where people are from or what nationality they are. Where Is the Water Drinking Game is a great party game for mixed groups of friends who might all be from different parts of the world?

The water drinking game can be played in a variety of ways – you could play using cards with pictures on them or even use authentic images if your group is made up of true international adventurers! Where doesn’t the Water Drinking Game need an “object” since it’s a simple guessing game?

How To Play Where Is The Water (Drinking Game)

The point of the Where Is the Water [Drinking] Game is to get from one side of the table or room to the other without being tagged by a player from the opposite team. So where Can the Water [Drinking] Game be played with two teams of players, each with an equal number of members?

Where Is the Water (Drinking Game) cards are assigned to players on the opposite team, not to tell who has which card? Where Is the Water [Drinking] Game cards have two different colors – red and green?

Where Is the Water [Drinking] Game starts when a referee blows a whistle, says “go,” or does some other sound-making device to start play.

The Games Master will then call out instructions for the Where Is the Water [Drinking] Game, such as “red team to the left” or “green team to the right.” Where Is the Water [Drinking] Game players have to follow these instructions immediately?

Where Can the Water [Drinking] Game cards be traded from one player to another after each round? Where Is the Water [Drinking] Game starts when a referee blows a whistle, says “go,” or does some other sound-making device to start play.

21. Bob

The Bob Drinking Game is a great way to have fun with friends while drinking. To play, choose a Bob or character, and follow the corresponding drinking instructions.

Make sure to play Bob the Builder at your next party, as he is the best Bob. Bob the Rapper and Bob the Spy are both very entertaining as well. Bob the Cat is not recommended for any use. He is a terrible Bob.

The Bob Drinking Game is a simple and easy way to have fun and drink with friends. The Bob Drinking Game requires players to choose a Bob or character and follow the corresponding drinking instructions. Bob, the Builder, is the best Bob for this game as he has excellent instructions for each Bob.

Bob the Rapper and Bob the Spy are both entertaining as well. However, Bob the Cat is not recommended as he is a terrible Bob. You are Bob, the Builder. Bob the Builder is a great Bob. To play Bob the Builder, take one drink for every character you see on the screen’s name or any time something is built or fixed correctly.

You may also take three drinks if someone talks about Bob the Builder’s friendliness. For example, Bob the Rapper and Bob the Spy are both decent Bobs to play, but they do not have nearly enough good instructions to top Bob the Builder.

Bob’s Instructions:

  • Take one drink for every character’s name spoken
  • Take three drinks whenever someone says, “Bob, the Builder.”
  • Take five drinks whenever something is actually built or fixed properly (you make the call on what Bob does and does not fix)
  • Take two drinks whenever Bob says, “Can We Fix It?”
  • Finish your drink if Bob the Builder goes missing.

22. The Name Game

The name game drinking game

Drinking Game is a fun new drinking game that you can play with some friends. The rules for this game are simple, but they require the people playing to know each other’s names. The rest of the rules are pretty much just like The Name Game, which you may recognize if you’ve ever seen The Price is Right.

The object of the name game Drinking Game is to get your partner or partners to say their names in the correct order without hesitation. To accomplish this, one person must alternate between asking two different partners questions about things they have recently done together.

The types of things most appropriate are activities involving food and drink (and alcohol) because those games usually end up with everyone getting very friendly with each other at some point. The first question will be to ask something like, “Who brought the chips?”

The second player must answer, “You did!” The first player would continue asking the next question, but make sure it’s not “Who brought the chips?” The third partner should probably say to watch for this repetition because otherwise, you’ll get stuck with people expressing their names over and over forever.

The questions can’t be anything with a right and wrong answer (i.e., Who was the person who…what?). The point of this game is to make sure all of your partners know each other’s names without hesitation or interruption when one speaks.

Also, everyone involved in the name game Drinking Game should drink responsibly because The name game games are pretty fun to play but can be dangerous if played too frequently. The Name Game is a lot of fun to play with. The Price is Right.

The goals of The name game Drinking Game are that everyone involved should have lots of fun, and everyone involved should know each other’s names for next time.

The last goal is unnecessary, but it will make the name game Drinking Game a lot more interesting the next time you play. Now get some chips and beer and find some friends to play The name game Drinking Game with!

23. Sixes

Sixes drinking game is a fast-paced card drinking game. It’s similar to Kings in that players will be required to match certain cards as they come up.

Sixes can also be played as a regular drinking game, but turning it into a drinking race will require each player to put down the number of drinks assigned before the next card is turned over.

Sixes Drinking Game – How To Play Sixes

How Sixes Works: Sixes is a matching poker variant where you play five cards trying to get either a straight or six of a kind. After drawing back up from five cards to six, any time there are no playable card combinations, all players drink instead.

The Six Cards You Must Match In Sixes Drinking Game

If you play Sixes with the drinking restriction, each player must set several drinks to be put down before the deck is shuffled. The Six cards players look for are as follows: 2,3,4,5,6 and Jokers.

1- Six Card Race – If a Six is turned over during a round of Sixes, all players must reach for their drink and drink it as quickly as possible. The first player who puts their drink back on the table wins that round.

2- Straight flush – A straight flush means that all players have to chug 5 drinks in a row before the next turn.

3- Six of a Kind – Sixes drinking game is a fast-paced six-card drinking rule. Six of a kind means an automatic loss for everyone in Sixes.

The Rules Of Sixes

  • Six Cards – Six cards are played, and each player tries to make the best five-card poker hand using 2 through 10 cards.
  • Straight Flush – You get a straight flush (2,3,4,5,6); all players drink 5 times and then continue with the next turn.
  • Six of A Kind – This means that only one person has won and the rest lose. If there’s more than 1 person who has 6 kinds, it goes into overtime where they must put down 3 more drinks. Sixes drinking game is a fast-paced six-card drinking rule.

Six of a kind means an automatic loss for everyone in Sixes. Sixes also work as a regular drinking rule, but the Six cards players look for are 2,3,4,5,6 and Jokers.

Sixes Drinking Game Variant – Kings’ Rule

Kings’ rule turns Sixes into a social game where each player gets to strategize instead of playing against each other at equal levels. In this variant on Sixes, strategies will be limited by the turn order.

Players who have no strategic value, to begin with, will be skipped until later rounds when some players can’t play anymore.

So it would be best if you didn’t mind when you get overlooked for the Sixes variant. Six Cards Play.

  • Six cards are played each turn. Players must make a poker hand with 2 through 10 cards.

Straight Flush Rule – If you play Sixes with Kings’ rule, players drink 5 times if they make a straight flush (2,3,4,5,6). Six of a kind means that everyone drinks 6 times instead of 3 times.

Sixes Drinking Game – Jokers

Joker is the wild card in Sixes but can win the game by matching them up to six same value cards. Whoever plays jokers becomes a dealer, and their opponents have to drink multiple rounds depending on how many matches have been made before them.

Six card playing rules are further explained below with the Sixes drinking variant Kings’ rule. Six Cards Play – Six cards are played each turn.

24. Wizard Staff

Wizard stuff drinking game

The Wizard staff drinking game is a fun little pastime for those who drink. It is usually played with two five-gallon plastic water jugs or, if you don’t have those, just use glasses from your kitchen.

The rules are pretty easy to follow, and the only necessary supplies are one jug of water and some containers to hold the amount of liquid eventually left in it.

How Does It Work?

It is simple. Both players must start by filling their respective containers with precisely one gallon of water each. Then, they label them as player A’s jug and player B’s jug.

They both take a sip from their jugs simultaneously without stopping right after the first sip. Then, they must take turns drinking from their jugs following the pattern below:

  1. takes a drink from A’s jug
  2. takes a drink from B’s jug
  1. First to finish two gallons: To win the Wizard staff drinking game, you must be the first person to finish two containers of water instead of just one, as previously stated. If both players have finished two gallons by the same time, then there is a tie, and they both must drink another gallon each (which makes it three gallons total).

If they still have the same amount of water left in their containers, they must drink again. This process repeats itself until one person manages to empty their container first.

  • First to finish three gallons: Winning Wizard staff drinking game requires completing three containers of water instead of just two. Once again, if both players can finish all three jugs simultaneously, there will be a tie. Therefore, they must keep drinking one jug at a time until someone wins.
  • First to finish four gallons: The third variation for winning the Wizard staff drinking game is completing four containers instead of three. There will be a tie if both players manage to finish four jugs of water simultaneously, so they must keep on drinking until one player is out.

When Should You Play It?

In my experience, it is best played in college dorm rooms or when camping, for example. It’s a great way to break up the monotony between drinking sessions and make them more attractive. After all, the person who wins has bragging rights – after all, it takes some skill to win the Wizard staff drinking game!

It doesn’t matter what age you are! If you’re old enough to drink, nothing stops you from playing this fun little game. I would advise those who drink regularly to try this out with their friends because it can help them pace themselves – but that’s just my opinion.

How Much Should You Play It?

All you need is about five gallons of water and a pair of containers. You can use any sort of plastic or glass receptacles as long as they hold one gallon each.

I recommend using two five-gallon jugs, though, since those are more sturdy and hardy than the ones you find at the store. If you’re having trouble finding those, then use some glasses from your kitchen for players to drink from instead. That way, you also save money!

Why Play This Game?

This game is fun and exciting – especially if many people are playing, so it doesn’t get boring. It will require everyone involved to drink responsibly and not go past their limit, but it’s a good idea to do this at the start of an evening together anyway.

If you know your limits, this game will help you pace yourself better through the night without becoming too drunk too quickly…

A Few Hours Later…

At some point during the Wizard staff drinking game, someone will inevitably finish their container of water first and eliminate themselves from the contest. This is why it’s imperative to keep alternating turns!

You can also play this as a solo event if there aren’t enough people around who want to play because it does require two players (and more people make it more fun).

25. Higher Or Lower/Screw The Dealer

Higher or lower is a drinking game that can be played with any number of players. The game’s object is to guess whether the next card drawn from the deck will be higher or lower than the current card. If you guess correctly, you take a drink. If you guess incorrectly, you pass the drink on to the next player.

The game can be more attractive by assigning different drinks to different numbers. For example, if you draw a six, you might have to drink a shot of vodka. If you draw an ace, you might have to drink a beer.

The game can also be more complicated by assigning drinks of the same value to each card. For example, if you draw a Jack, you might have to drink three beers rather than just one.

There are many variations on this game that can be played as well. For example, you can change the type of liquor used for each card drawn (i.e., vodka, rum, etc.) or assign shots as punishments for incorrect guesses.

It’s even possible to play the classic colors and suits version of higher or lower; four kings would mean ‘drink’ while four queens would mean ‘pass.’  It all depends on how much you want to punish your players!

When You Should Play It?

As with any other drinking game, you should only play it when the people playing are of age to drink. Also, be sure to follow all drinking game rules for not being drunk while playing.

Who Should Play It?

Just about anyone can play the higher or lower drinking game. You need at least two players to start around, but you don’t have to have an even number of players if you want to pair up and take turns drawing cards.

Because there are so many variations on this game, it’s also easy to adjust the difficulty for different parties or friends.

How To Play It?

To start the higher or lower drinking game, simply shuffle a deck of cards and deal them out between many players. Each player, starting with the person to the dealer’s left and moving clockwise, is responsible for drawing a card from the deck and guessing whether it’s higher or lower than the current card.

26. Ride The Bus

Ride the bus drinking game

Riding the Bus Drinking Game is played on mass transit, most commonly buses.

The rules of Riding the Bus are simple: everyone drinks! Some people play it by having individuals finish their drink when they reach their stop, others play it at random intervals (ex. every 5 minutes), and others play it whenever someone yells “bus!” or something to that effect.

This game echoes anti-drinking laws that are popular during football season. Depending on how strict your state is about open containers, you may get in trouble playing this game on a moving vehicle. It also echoes those old jingles, “are we having fun yet?”

Because when you’re playing Riding the Bus, the answer to that question is always “no.” The game can be played in any type of mass transit: cars, boats, planes… even space shuttles! But some people play it by saying whoever buys a ticket has to drink.

While this seems simple enough, some individuals have been known to buy more than one ticket so they can continue drinking. It may or may not result in an altercation with an authority figure.

Critics have called this game unsafe and highly irresponsible due to its encouragement of binge-drinking amongst masses of passengers in a crowded vehicle.

However, supporters claim that the risks associated with playing this game are outweighed by how much fun it is and that they know where everyone is by the end of the trip.

Riding the Bus can be played in many states and on many types of public transportation besides buses, including:

  • Bikes (bike-share programs such as Divvy allow riders to rent bikes for short periods. You don’t even need your bike!)
  • Coaches (planes)
  • Trains (Amtrak’s Quiet Car rules will apply here)
  • And even space shuttles! (enlist a professional astronaut). If you have access to some type of moving vehicle, then the Riding the Bus drinking game can be played!

To play this game, follow these two guidelines:

  • Everyone drinks!
  • The Bus must be moving.

This drinking game is fast-paced and moves quickly between players, making it a little challenging to keep track of the score.

The winner of this game is usually determined by two factors: how much they drank and how well they could hold their liquor. Some people even play a variation where everyone takes a shot when someone calls “bus!”

However, this is risky because some buses do not have bathrooms on board, meaning whoever has to take a “pit stop” may miss out on playing for quite some time.

27. Mushroom

The mushroom drinking game is a great way to get drunk with your friends. It’s a pretty simple game to play – all you need is some mushrooms and some alcohol. First, you need to cut up the mushrooms into small pieces and soak them in alcohol for about an hour. Then, you can start playing the game.

To play, each player takes a turn picking up a piece of mushroom from the bowl and eating it. If you can finish the piece of mushroom, you then drink a shot of alcohol. If you can’t finish the piece of mushroom, you then drink a shot of water. The first player to finish their Shot of alcohol wins the game.

Mushrooms Used For This Game

Mushrooms are a natural source of psilocybin and psilocin, which are psychoactive alkaloids. They can cause hallucinations and euphoria. The mushrooms used for this game contain more than the psychoactive alkaloids, so they will not produce a hallucination or high unless you drink alcohol as well.

This is why the mushroom drinking game works so well – everyone is playing AND drinking simultaneously. This makes it an enjoyable event for everyone involved.

Mushroom Drinking Game

The mushroom drinking game works best with any mushroom, though some work better than others. You can use fresh or dried mushrooms, but it’s easier to cut up fresh mushrooms into small pieces before soaking them in alcohol.

If you are using fresh mushrooms, you should cut off the stems before soaking them – this prevents people from swallowing chunks of the stem in their drinks. If you use dried mushrooms for this game, it’s best to soak them overnight in water and remove all excess water.

You don’t want to drink extra liquid when playing the mushroom drinking game because that will just make you sick. Also, remove the stems before soaking the mushrooms – they will not soften up like fresh ones, so they are harder to swallow and chew, which can be dangerous for this drinking game.

If you have used dried mushrooms in this game, don’t soak them too long, or the alcohol might evaporate. This is the best mushroom drinking game you will find.

The mushrooms contain spores that can catch other people off guard. In addition, the alcohol causes additional intoxication and waives inhibitions, an enjoyable way to play drinking games with friends.

It would help if you always took safety precautions when playing any drinking game or participating in risky behavior. If you decide to play this game, make sure everyone is okay to function and be mindful of their comfort levels. This mushroom drinking game is an enjoyable way to spend the night with friends.

28. Truth Or Drink

Truth or drink drinking game

Truth or drink is often played with drinks, which usually involve alcoholic beverages. It is typically used as a blackmailing technique on people who have been “caught in the act” doing something stupid, disgusting, or illegal.

The game rules are simple: someone starts asking questions, and if you don’t know the answer to one of them, you must take a drink (or shots). If you know the answer, it is your turn to ask someone else a question.

The most common way this drinking game works is that everyone takes turns asking each other questions where there are only two possible answers: either ‘truth’ or ‘drink.’

This game can lead to dangerous consequences, depending on how much alcohol the players consume. It becomes almost impossible to control the game’s outcome if they are all drinking heavily, as people are likely to have very different pain tolerances.

When they are intoxicated, this could easily result in them being unable to drive themselves home, which puts their lives at risk and those of other innocent people who happen to be driving around them.

It also has potential legal repercussions if, for example, they decide to pull over and relieve themselves behind some shrubbery – or if they have an accident while drunk driving. While this game may seem harmless fun when played occasionally with friends while partying, playing it regularly is dangerous.

As a result, people are putting themselves at risk and those of others they may harm while drunk-driving or, even worse, when intoxicated. This game could lead to death in a fatal car accident due to drink driving or other causes that can be brought on by excessive drinking.

Playing with friends while under the influence is often called binge drinking, linked with many deaths worldwide each year. Alcohol is one of the leading causes of death in young adults from 18-24 years old, having been involved in up to 70% of fatalities from violent incidents and 33% of traffic accidents.

This drinking game, combined with binge drinking tactics, adds to this growing number. The “truth or drink” game is often associated with college and university students. Still, it can be played by any group of people who want to have a fun night out and don’t mind the risk of becoming intoxicated.

It allows people to enjoy each other’s company and share ridiculous stories about their pasts, using alcohol as an icebreaker which builds trust amongst friends and leads to bonding experiences that can last a lifetime. This drinking game becomes more than just a way of having fun.

But instead, it becomes part of the friendship itself- almost like an unspoken rule between those involved. This drinking game has many different variations through its structure always remains the same: truth or drink the most common variation allows players to choose between ‘truth’ or ‘shot.’

Another variation is that players must play truth. Then they can either play another question or take a drink.

29. Thumper

Thumper is a drinking game that is played with two or more people. The game’s object is to drink as much while avoiding the penalty. The penalty is drinking a shot of liquor. The game starts with one person saying, “Thumper.” The following person says “thumps twice” and then “thumps once more.

” This continues until someone messes up and says “thumps three times,” which results in them taking a shot. The game starts with one person saying, “Thumper.”

The following person then says, “thumps twice,” and then “thumps once more.” It continues until someone messes up and says, “thumps three times, ” resulting in them taking a shot.

If you say it any other way (ex: Thumper), that player must take two shots of liquor. If the word thumping is said (ex: “thumping twice”). Also, the word thumper is said while holding 1 finger up and saying “Thumper.” If someone messes it up, they have to take a shot.

Thump 2 times = No shot

Thump 3 times = Shot

Thump 4+ times = 2 Shots or 1 Shot for 4 Thumps in a row.

If playing with shots containing liquor other than your typical 80-proof vodka, you should use this rule instead: If someone says “Thumper” while holding up 1 finger, everyone must drink whatever liquor they are currently drinking before finishing what remains of their beer/soda/etc.

Whoever was holding the 1-finger when the thumper was called must finish their liquor before anyone else. Making up rules of your own is fine. Just be sure everyone agrees to them beforehand. Don’t start a game you can’t finish!

Not following these rules would result in an automatic penalty shot (or two). You must follow all the original Thumper drinking game rules unless previously agreed upon by all players.

Players unable to drink within 5 minutes should probably stop playing the game because they are not playing intelligently. The purpose of this game is primarily to get drunk, but if that’s not what you’re into, then there are plenty of other games you could play instead; feel free to make some up along the way.

30. Straight Face

The straight face drinking game is a drinking game in which players must keep a straight face while consuming alcohol. This can be difficult because people find it amusing when they see someone unable to control their facial expressions after consuming alcohol.

The game’s goal is to drink without showing any signs that they are intoxicated. Laughter and smiling eyes are considered proof of intoxication, but frowning doesn’t count.

Players: 5 or more

Drink/s: 2-4 of any drink (more for advanced level of players)

Required materials: Alcohol and friends with a good sense of humor.

Setup: The game begins with each player sitting in a chair lined up from left to right. If there is an odd number of players, one person will have to sit out until another person leaves or enters the game.

Everyone must have “two drinks” before the game starts. All players need two different alcoholic beverages when playing this game.

The first player is on the far left and starts by taking both drinks at once and then placing them back on the table without showing any signs of impairment. They then proceed to take a drink from the leftmost beverage, and as they are drinking, it is the next player’s turn.

The third person must take both drinks at once, place them back down on the table, and then take a sip from either drink. This continues until everyone has had their first turn except the first player who started this round-off.

Then, the last player takes a swig out of each beverage before going again with a new round starting from the far left of the line-up.

Note: The last player in every round starts by taking two swigs from one type of drink instead of two different types so that they can catch up to their competitors.

Rules: When playing this game, each player must drink in turns without showing any signs of impairment. The players can show emotions such as smiling or laughing through facial expressions, but frowning is prohibited.

If a person fails to keep a straight face while drinking alcohol, the next person in the line-up starts over on that turn. Players must continue drinking until they complete all of their drinks for that round or until they are unable to do so by laughing or smiling while consuming alcohol.

This game can be played with more than five people if desired, but an even number of participants is required since everyone has to take turns consecutively instead of randomly.

Is Drinking Games A Fun?

30 Best drinking games every student should know

Drinking games are always a good option to kill some time with friends. But what are the risks involved? And is it as much fun as it seems? So let’s go through it!

The Risks Involved With Drinking Games

Even though drinking games can be tons of fun, they’re not without their risks. Since alcohol consumption is the critical ingredient in most of these games, playing them has profound health implications.

If you find yourself getting drunk faster than usual when playing drinking games, it might be time to take a break or switch activities entirely.

Another risk involved with drinking games is that you could get seriously injured if the game gets out of hand, whether it’s dropping heavy objects on someone’s head or trying to catch projectiles launched at high speeds across the room.

Drinking Games Are More Than Fun

Remember that drinking games can be fun, but they aren’t always about having a good time. And for some people, playing drinking games is quite severe.

For example, many college students see their ability to play popular drinking games like beer pong (a game where teams try to shoot ping-pong balls into one another’s cups to score points).

Or flip cup (where players compete by flipping the middle of the cup upwards with each successive shot), as essential skills that can significantly influence their social standing within certain circles.

While this isn’t true for everyone, it’s critical to remember that some people take their drinking games as seriously as others treat sports.

When playing with such people, be mindful of the rules and play carefully. Otherwise, you might hurt someone’s feelings or even turn a fun activity into something that feels too competitive.

Whether you play drinking games because they’re fun or because they make you feel like an essential part of a group, always remember to drink responsibly and avoid getting injured due to overindulgence.

Best Drinking Games Every Student Should Know – Final Thoughts

In conclusion, drinking games can be enjoyed safely if everyone plays responsibly and has a good time! Are drinking games better than drinking alcohol usually? Drinking games are taking alcoholic beverages and playing with them to make it more fun.

Advantages include lowering the inhibition, which is an advantage because you will probably remember less of what happened during that wild night out. Another benefit is that they are better than drinking alcohol commonly in moderation since this could cause problems such as alcoholism later on in life.

However, there may also be disadvantages to drinking games. One potential drawback is that drinking games can lead to alcoholism if not practiced properly. This occurs when one drinks too much to the point where they cannot control how much they drink anymore.

Some signs of alcoholism include blackouts, tremors, and nausea, just to name a few symptoms. An alcoholic may also need to drink more frequently than usual.

Another disadvantage is that drinking during games can lower inhibitions, making people more likely to do something they will regret later on.

The last potential problem with playing drinking games is that they are straightforward to lose control of if you aren’t careful because the goal of many drinking games is to get drunk as fast as possible, so you might end up having a night you won’t remember at all.

If you want to play drinking games, the best way to prevent any health risks is simply moderation and avoiding alcoholism. Depending on how much beer or liquor people decide to drink every game, this could be not easy, but everyone must stay hydrated by chugging water and alcohol.

If you’re planning to play drinking games, make sure that you have a designated driver or that the people playing are willing to stay overnight for safety reasons.

In conclusion, drinking games can be enjoyed safely if everyone plays responsibly and has a good time!

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