45 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions For 2023 & Beyond – Ranked & Reviewed

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Top 45 Best Wordpress Hosting Platforms Solutions

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45 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions For 2023 & Beyond – Ranked & Reviewed – Best Web Hosting Service

WordPress lets you create anything you want and share any idea you have. It has a simple interface for publishing, editing, and writing. WordPress comes with dozens of plugins and themes, allowing you to construct a stunning website in no time. You may also edit and upload your themes.

Start with hosting and Imagine your WordPress website coming online in minutes with everything set up and ready to go. Choosing the supreme web hosting company is an excellent way to start your path to establishing a robust online presence.

Don’t spend much money to create a website. Check out shared hosting if you want to try your hand at low-cost web hosting. In the case of shared hosting, You get a server with many other websites hosted on the same server; therefore, the costs are shared, and you pay less.

Shared web hosting isn’t powerful, but it’s a good option if you don’t anticipate much traffic on your site.

Web Hosting: Hosting is the practice of purchasing or renting space on the World Wide Web to house your blog or website. You will use this service to publish your website’s files on the internet. 

As a result, your website is accessible to anybody with an internet connection. In reality, web hosting typically refers to the services provided by a web hosting company such as bluehost.com.

When you use web hosting services, your hosting company is responsible for keeping your server up and running. In addition to avoiding security breaches, a host’s job includes keeping all of your assets, files, databases, etc., on the server.

Web Server: A client is a device that makes the request and responds from the server. The word “server” is widely used to describe the computer system that accepts requests for web pages and transmits those files to the client.

Most servers are never switched off since they are often used to offer services that are always necessary. As a result, when servers fail, they can cause a slew of issues for network users and businesses. Servers are frequently configured to be fault-tolerant to diminish these concerns.

Different Types Of Hosting Services

There are various web hosting options, all of which will help you get your site up and running. On the other hand, each of them is tailored to the needs of website owners, regardless of how big or little those needs may be.

While they all serve as storage for your website, the amount of storage space, control, technical skill necessary, server speed, and dependability are all things to think about. 

The Five Most Popular Forms Of Web Hosting You’ll Come Across Are:

Shared Hosting: This hosting is a superb option for entry-level website hosting. Your website will be hosted here with many other websites. A shared hosting plan’s server resources, such as RAM and CPU, are shared by all domains. 

On the other hand, pooled hosting plans are incredibly affordable because all resources are pooled, making them a perfect alternative for new website owners.

Dedicated Server:  In contrast to shared hosting, dedicated hosting allows website owners total control over the server on which their website is hosted. This is due to the fact that you have hired the server solely, and your website is the only one on it.

When you choose a Dedicated Hosting, you will have full administrative access, allowing you to manage anything from security to the operating system. Dedicated servers are one of the most expensive types of web hosting.

Managed Hosting: Many of the internet hosting solutions are likely to be driven. Hosting companies provide technical services such as software and hardware setup and maintenance, configuration, hardware replacement, technical help, updating, and monitoring.

Managed hosting allows the hosting provider to handle the hardware, operating system, and standardised system applications on a daily basis.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting: This hosting bundle is the ideal blend of shared and dedicated hosting. It’s suitable for website owners who want greater control but don’t want to spend money on a dedicated server.

Each website has its own space on a VPS server, but it still shares a physical server with other clients. VPS hosting is a good option for website owners that desire dedicated hosting but don’t have the technical experience.

Cloud Hosting: The buzzword in the IT industry right now is cloud hosting. Web hosting refers to a collection of machines that work together to run programmes utilising pooled computing resources. It’s a network-based hosting solution that lets companies treat computer resources like utilities.

Best WordPress Hosting Solutions

Choosing a WordPress hosting provider might be challenging, especially if you are new to the market. Even if their solutions are irrelevant to you, hosting companies will try to offer you their services. Because you are only “another consumer” from whom they may extort money which sounds very bad.

Do you wish to have a high-quality hosting plan with the best support and features? Do you require a reliable web hosting service? Your answer is “Yes.” Let’s evaluate the Top 45 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions!

The most crucial element of creating a website is selecting magnificent WordPress hosting. The hosting business you pick impacts your website’s search engine ranking (SEO), user experience, and, ultimately, success. 

It’s challenging to determine which WordPress hosting provider is the best when you’re just starting.

There are hundreds of businesses to select from, even if you limit yourself to the most well-known hosts, such as Bluehost, SiteGround, Hostinger, HostGator, and so on. So, how can you know which is the best WordPress host for your needs? Hence, let’s see the 45 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions!

We performed the research for you and prepared a thorough comparison of the best WordPress hosting companies to assist you in choosing the appropriate WordPress host.

1. BlueHost

Bluehost - 45 top wordpress hosting solutions for 2022

Bluehost is one of the prominent and famous web hosting companies, and this is what WordPress suggests for hosting.

Bluehost gives you a variety of hosting choices for beginners and small, medium, and large businesses, along with 24/7 support. Check out this post to see whether Bluehost is the right fit for you.

Bluehost was started in 2003 and has since evolved to become one of the world’s most well-known web hosting businesses. Over 2 million websites presently use it all around the world.

In addition, Bluehost has a long-established relationship with WordPress. Since 2006, Bluehost has been an official WordPress.org recommended site hosting company.

Bluehost web hosting

Bluehost tends to make the internet easy to operate and adaptable and better and safer for the audience. Bluehost supports this goal by helping open source projects, fostering online civility, and making their service available to people of all ages.

You should know that the most important thing to consider while choosing a hosting company is speed. The speed highly affects your WordPress SEO rankings and user-adaptability as well.

A one-second delay in your website speed affects conversion rates by seven per cent. A three-second delay might result in you losing half of your traffic.

Whether you’re a novice, who needs some assistance or a seasoned pro who knows their way around the ins and outs of website development.

Customer Support: Fast

Their knowledgeable staff is available by phone, email, or live chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Uptime Test: 99.99%

Bluehost scores brilliantly in the Uptime Test, with an average score of 99.94 per cent. It had a maximum score of 100.000 per cent and a minimum score of 84.931 per cent.

On March 16th, Bluehost’s most recent performance was 100.000 per cent. In August, Bluehost had a poor day, and their average uptime dropped dramatically.

Page Load Time: 249 ms

Bluehost’s website loading speeds are similarly quick. Last year, they obtained an excellent 249 ms page load time with a static website using their Basic shared hosting service.

This year, we introduced WordPress, and the website load time has decreased to 249 milliseconds. If your site requires much work, you might want to consider upgrading to a more advanced Pro plan with high-performance servers.  

Quick website load speeds are important to everyone, especially e-commerce business owners. However, slow pages result in high bounce rates, low conversion rates, and financial loss.

Speed Test:

For sure, you need a quick load of your website, then choose Bluehost as it provides high speed. So, how fast does Bluehost work?

Bluehost may be the best solution for you if you want a fast-loading website. Even with 100 concurrent users, the average user load time remained under one second in most tests.

Blushost page speed loadtime

Bluehost Pros:

  • Customer service and technical assistance are just outstanding. Unfortunately, in the world of tech support, being able to pick up the phone, get help, and not be paid for it is a rare occurrence.
  • Their C-panel/Dashboard contains many popular tools and settings that simplify website design and related tasks.
  • With a chat feature, the customer support is excellent and speedy.
  • The ability to own a domain.
  • For website and blog operations and editing, there is an easy link with WordPress.

Bluehost Cons:

  • Their new dashboard is a bit perplexing.
  • Bluehost makes it difficult to personalize your website.

2. Hostinger

Hostinger - Best wordpress hosting solutions

Hostinger gives us shared hosting with outstanding performance at a low cost. By May of 2014, Hostinger had achieved over ten million people. By January 2017, the user base had grown to 29 million people. 

Using your dashboard, you will track logins, adjust domains, modify billing information, and monitor emails. Hostinger’s control panel is a traditional cPanel, and it has large icons, making it easy to find precisely what you’re searching for and when you’re looking for it. 

Hostinger also has an extensive knowledge base with short and long articles to get instructions, information, and answers to your questions.

They also give tutorials, gifs, and graphics to accomplish things (from website development to SEO). Hostinger offers a free website builder (although famous website builders are superior).

You can get unlimited email addresses for free when you sign up for one of the top packages. The ability to manage such accounts directly from the control panel reduces the need for guessing regarding spam filters, use, and other variables.

Emails sent to a customer’s domain may be forwarded, autoresponders can be set up, accounts can be enabled or deactivated, and autoresponders can be set up.

Hostinger has a lightning-quick response time. If you look at the Hostinger’s uptime over the previous 12 months, it was not that good. Nevertheless, the overall result is decent.

Hostinger has developed its control panel, which may be easier for newbies than a standard control panel. If you’re used to cPanel, though, you might not like their dashboard.

PayPal, Google Pay, credit card, and Bitcoin are just a few payment methods accessible. You can go with PayPal and traditionally give them your virtual money.

A website link will direct you to an easy setup wizard, and you will receive a welcome email with more information shortly.

Overall, I thought Hostinger hosting was enough for you. Hostinger Hosting will meet the needs of a medium business and is quite affordable. Also, if you’re based outside of the United States, they’ll be a good choice because their data centres are closer to your target audience.

Hostinger Web Hosting

Customer Support: Fast

The best news is that Hostinger’s support team is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in more than 20 languages. You may reach out to them via phone or by sending them an email.

Uptime Test: 99.98%

People don’t take uptime guarantees seriously, yet it can make or break our impressions of a web server for us. Small company websites must be available as much as possible since any downtime results in a loss of future revenue.

If your site’s uptime falls below 99.9% owing to Hostinger’s errors, simply contact them to receive a refund of 5% of your monthly price.

Page Load Time: 1.42 s

We appreciate Hostinger’s efforts to reduce loading times. They have their cache manager. You can improve load times and speeds by activating it!

Hostinger page load time

Hostinger Pros:

  • You receive a free domain name with premium memberships.
  • Support for multiple WordPress sites Integration of WP-CLI.
  • You will receive a free SSL certificate and a domain name with the entry-level package.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is included with each package.

Hostinger Cons:

  • Website speed and performance are inconsistent.
  • When compared to their counterparts, specific tools are a little more challenging to use.

3. SiteGround

Siteground web hosting - 45 Best wordpress hosting solutions for 2022 and beyond

SiteGround has earned an outstanding reputation over the last several years and has established itself as a hosting business worth considering if you’re searching for inexpensive, high-quality hosting services.

In terms of uptime (99.98 per cent), performance, and load time (649 ms), SiteGround is towards the top of the web hosting industry.  Their customer service representatives are competent, quick, and kind. A CDN, SSL certificate, and email addresses are included with all plans.

Uptime like this keeps your website visitors adaptable because your site is available day and night. Furthermore, it means that your website is undoubtedly open day and night, so you won’t miss every purchase your customers want to make.

We become a little nervous whenever we see web hosting offers a “DIY migration” option. That’s because most of them aren’t very good, and they wind up adding to the customer’s burden.

However, SiteGround is an exception to this norm. Siteground gives you access to free migration plugin for WordPress – You can use it for migration without any cost.

You will get a free SSL certificate as well as a Content Delivery Network from Siteground.

The communication between the devices and your website is secured with the help of an SSL Certificate – It protects Sensitive pieces of information like credit card numbers and IP addresses from hackers.

Hackers readily intercept this sensitive information when you don’t have an SSL Certificate.

WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal all have strong connections with SiteGround. Each of these programs may be quickly and simply installed. There’s no need to hire a developer to assist you.

SiteGround now includes the in-house WordPress Starter plugin with all new WordPress installations, aiming to make the process of setting up a new site as simple as possible. Additionally, the Starter tool will assist you in selecting a theme for your new WordPress website after you log in.

SiteGround is a little more expensive than standard web hosting since they provide higher performance technology and proactive protection. They use Google Cloud, for example, to develop a robust and technically better hosting solution.

Customer Support: Fast – 24/7

Their support representatives are kind, very competent, and quick. In addition, you can use the live chat service, which is always available for your help.

Uptime Test: 99.98%

For several years, SiteGround has maintained a high level of uptime. Uptime guarantee tells us that you’ll rarely experience an interruption. However, it didn’t take SiteGround long to become noticeable.

Because of the significant expenditures in infrastructure, it can now provide better redundancy and stability than other providers.

Page Load Time: 649ms

SiteGround’s load times are likewise relatively quick, and they are far faster than those of other hosting companies. Thus, SiteGround also gives us the fastest results.

SiteGround load page time

SiteGround Pros:

  • Your websites are backed up automatically and may be restored for free.
  • You’ll get access to SiteGround’s knowledgeable customer support staff.
  • Siteground gives an option to test the changes before they go live.
  • To improve website loading times, you may utilize the free Cloudflare CDN.
  • Using WP Starter, you can build your website with ease.

SiteGround Cons:

  • GrowBig or GoGeek Plans are required for Managed Hosting Features.
  • Higher Costs of Renewal

4. HostGator

HosGator - Top wordpress hosting solutions

Millions of domain names from all around the world are hosted on HostGator. Their cheap starting plans are top-rated in the shared hosting sector. Additionally, Hostgator offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to test the service without risk.

HostGator is an excellent option since it offers a wide range of cloud, WordPress, VPS, and dedicated server options. The company’s shared plans, on the other hand, stand apart in a competitive web hosting market. This is because HostGator’s shared hosting packages are so good.

Although you may install WordPress on any of HostGator’s servers, the web host also offers three managed WordPress web hosting categories: Starter, Standard, and Business.

Even if you don’t know the managed WordPress way, it is simple to set up here on HostGator. A quick Link is an option in the customer portal that provides a specialized interface for installing third-party apps.

HostGator’s robust shared hosting plans include unlimited storage, email, and monthly databases, giving your company many opportunities to expand. In a nutshell, it’s the most extraordinary shared hosting service we’ve tested.

Three Linux-based VPS hosting levels are available from HostGator. If your special requirements need a Dedicated server and you don’t want to buy it, you may go with these options.

The HostGator Value tier of dedicated server packages starts at $189 per month (or $109 with an annual subscription). You get 8GB of RAM, 1TB of hard drive storage, and unlimited email and data transfers with Value. 

Power Server (starting at $249 per month, or $139 per month with an annual subscription) adds 16GB of RAM and 2TB of HDD storage to Value (or 512GB of SSD storage). 

The high-end Enterprise Server (starting at $289 per month, or $159 per month with an annual subscription) comes with 30GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD storage.

You can obtain a free domain name if you join up for at least 12 months of cloud, shared, or WordPress hosting with HostGator—dedicated and VPS hosting do not qualify.

Although this isn’t a unique function in the web hosting industry, it is a pleasant touch. However, there are two cautions. First, your chosen domain must finish in either the .org, .com, or .net extensions, and The cost-free period is one year.

Customer Support: Fast-24/7

HostGator is a trustworthy and customer-friendly web hosting company. Their customer service is unrivalled in the business, with the representatives always available. 

Uptime Test: 99.95%

When looking at any web hosting review, uptime is by far the most crucial element to consider. Although speed is essential, a sluggish website may still be helpful; an offline page is an absolute tragedy.

Page Load Time: 691ms

The fastest response speed and second-fastest time to fully load the front page of my simple WordPress site were both achieved by HostGator Cloud hosting. Of course, any successful hosting company requires lightning-fast loading times.

Unfortunately, seventy-four per cent of consumers quit a place that takes more than 4 seconds to load, and slow eCommerce websites are rarely revisited.

Hostgator page load time

Hostgator Pros:

  • Your hosting plans will include all the beginner-friendly tools needed, such as a free website builder, one-click WordPress installation, and unlimited email addresses.
  • 45-day money-back guarantee to give the hosting service a try without taking any risk.
  • You will have award-winning assistance through email, live chat, and phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The site hosting control panel is highly user-friendly.

Hostgator Cons:

  • Any of their hosting services do not provide a free domain name.
  • SSD storage is not available for shared hosting.

5. Kinsta

Kinsta web hosting

Since 2013, Kinsta has been working to establish itself as a hosting service for WordPress users who are willing to pay a low price for a fast and secure home for their website.

Kinsta will help you with various aspects of WordPress website maintenance and host your website in a WordPress-optimized environment.

Because of its usage of the Google Cloud Platform, Kinsta distinguishes out among managed WordPress hosting companies. This implies that WordPress sites are housed on Google’s infrastructure, which is utilized by firms like Snapchat, Spotify, and HTC, to name a few.

The ability to switch between PHP versions, the ease with which the PHP engine can be restarted, and access to the New Relic PHP monitoring tool will appeal to developers.

Additionally, you can use the search-and-replace feature in the Kinsta dashboard to make changes to the contents of your WordPress website database.

Kinsta has developed its unique dashboard for managing your account. You may use the My Kinsta portal to build new WordPress websites, update any plugins you’ve placed on your site, and manage backups, among other things.

Through the dashboard, you can check statistics to see how much of your plan allotment you’ve used, as well as website visitor data. You can use Kinsta to host many sites, and you’ll be able to manage them all from a single dashboard.

Customer Support: Fast

You may also contact the support team via the live 24/7 chat facility after you’ve logged in to your Kinsta account dashboard. Although Kinsta does not offer phone support, you may reach out to the support team by sending a ticket or utilising the messenger.

Uptime Test: 99.95%

Kinsta also gives a 99.95% uptime guarantee as part of its service level agreement, in addition to its hack repair guarantee. Kinsta is also on the lookout for security concerns that cause outages.

Page Load Time: less than a second

The performance and speed of Kinsta are excellent even with high traffic. If your account experiences an unexpected traffic increase, Kinsta’s auto-scaling technology will immediately allocate more resources to your account, ensuring that you never suffer sluggish performance or downtime.

Kinsta page load time

Kinsta Pros:

  • For individuals who need less time on their hosting provider dashboard, the navigation is a simple and enjoyable user experience.
  • You may transfer a site to Kinsta using a WordPress plugin from Kinsta. However, all subscriptions include pro migrations performed by Kinsta’s team; few other companies provide this service.
  • When we tested Kinsta, the loading speed was terrific. It is beneficial to both your SEO and your consumer experience. Kinsta wins additional points for having a free SSL certificate, robust CDN, and updated PHP.
  • There’s nothing to be unhappy with here; Kinsta works almost flawlessly. However, you will receive some money back if the rate falls below 99.9%. Although this isn’t terrible, WP Engine’s service level agreement ensures 99.95 per cent uptime (SLA).

Kinsta Cons:

  • Kinsta isn’t the most affordable hosting service. What you pay for is what you get, but it isn’t for everyone.
  • You can not install any other CMS on a Kinsta host. 

6. WP Engine

WP Engine web hosting

Jason Cohen, Ben Metcalfe, and Cullen Wilson founded WP Engine in 2010. It has a top-of-the-line network infrastructure. In addition, this company operates three data centres: one in London, one in Tokyo, and one in the Midwest of the United States.

You’ll receive extra features that you won’t find with most hosting companies. It features automated plugin upgrades and daily backups.

WP Engine can also manage various other technical aspects of your website, freeing you your time to focus on creating high-quality content and improving targeted promotions for your small company or freelancing project.

WP Engine does not provide standard web hosting like InMotion; therefore, you won’t be able to upload your non-WordPress Windows or Linux site. Nevertheless, the advantage is that WordPress comes preinstalled, so you won’t need to install anything except plugins.

If you already have a WordPress website, you can quickly migrate it to WP Engine servers for no extra charge. Furthermore, WP Engine offers a whole section on their website dedicated to walking you through the migration process with tutorials, easy instructions, and screenshots.

WP Engine will quickly serve your content to your end-users, whether you’re hosting a blog, an online store, or a professional website. This website optimizes page load using its unique WordPress-specific EverCache solution to provide the most outstanding performance in terms of site speed.

The process is straightforward if you decide that WP Engine isn’t appropriate for your company and want to refund your subscription payments under the 60-day guarantee.

Small company proprietors, project websites, and freelancing services websites would benefit significantly from this functionality. It’s worth taking a closer look at.

Your most precious and essential asset is your website. It’s the first thing any online person will see; therefore, it’s just as vital as having an actual shop.

You may use the staging feature to fine-tune content before it goes live. It provides you with the time and space to improve your website and test a new version for your company. It can also help with a smooth product introduction.

Customer Support: Fast

The team assists you through chat, and the group provides a transparent ticketing system. The support team is well-versed in a wide range of topics and can help you quickly address problems. Except for the Growth Plan, all other plans provide phone and live chat support.

Uptime Test: 99.95%

WP Engine guarantees an uptime of 99.95%. You can increase your uptime to 99.99 per cent with enhanced SLA, which translates to just under an hour of downtime per year. WP Engine will pay you with hosting credit if your uptime falls short of the guarantee.

Page Load Time: less than a second

Response times averaged 489 milliseconds, which is substantially faster than the shared hosting industry average of 600 milliseconds. WP Engine’s stability is also something I must commend. The variation in reaction times between the highest and minimum was only 49 milliseconds. That’s about as secure as hosting gets.

WP Engine page load time

WP Engine Pros:

  • Outstanding Website Load Speed: When it comes to website loading speed, WP Engine excels.
  • WP Engine’s high efficiency is impossible to match, which is why consumers continue to pay a premium for this service.
  • Advanced Protection: WP Engine monitors all traffic to your site and instantly detects and blocks any attacks. In addition, the hosting company routinely updates and patches the WordPress core to eliminate any threats.

WP Engine Cons:

  • Resellers will benefit significantly from automated signup.
  • The user interface isn’t particularly intuitive; new employees will need more training than I’d prefer.

7. InterServer

InterServer web hosting

InterServer takes itself on providing outstanding customer support, and one way they do that is by setting a daily enrollment limit. The number of daily memberships is usually limited to 100 by the firm. The goal is to guarantee that the firm can fulfil the demands of both existing and future consumers.

If a content management system powers your website, you can also set it up (such as WordPress or Joomla).  To improve your website’s functionality and feature set, you may utilise your control panel to access the one-click installer and add content forms, event calendars, message boards, and more.

InterServer’s price guarantee is one of its most attractive features: the price you agree to when you sign up is the price you’ll pay for the life of your contract.

So, as long as you don’t modify your plan, you can anticipate stable costs for your web hosting needs (for example, upgrading from VPS to dedicated hosting).  

Shared plans are the most economical, followed by VPS, dedicated, and colocation plans, as with any other web hosting service.  InterServer, on the other hand, offers multiple “levels” within each program, allowing you to select and pay just for the resources you require.

VPS Hosting is one of the most widely used and the best hosting solution available today. Customers may get it through Interserver, Bluehost, and other leading hosting companies.

When a big server is split into several smaller virtual servers, each acting as its environment, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is used.

You receive Web Host Manager for client administration, one-click scripts, MySQL databases, and unlimited domains on solid-state discs regardless of the package you pick.

The dedicated plans from InterServer provide top-notch efficiency, high reliability, and heavy traffic support. The servers may run programs and operating systems that aren’t virtualized.

Customer Support: Fast

Interserver assistance is available by email, live chat, and phone.  In addition, InterServer has a specific staff to assist clients in migrating their websites to the InterServer hosting platform, ensuring a smooth transfer. Many hosting providers do not provide that level of service.

Uptime Test: 99.95%

Any service provider’s most essential attribute is delivery. In the context of website hosting, delivery refers to the availability of the website. In this regard, InterServer has good uptime.

Page Load Time: 0.52s

InterServer provides the best page load time. However, according to research, every second your site takes to load loses a considerable percentage of potential clients. This is because browsers are accustomed to best-in-class experiences and will abandon your site if it takes too long to load.

InterServer page load time

InterServer Pros:

  • Uptime Record – The average uptime is consistent and more significant than 99.95 per cent. However, InterServer frequently exceeds this guarantee.
  • New customers get a free website migration.
  • Servers are quick and have a high level of performance.
  • Even with the most basic web hosting plans, you get free SSL certificates.

InterServer Cons:

  • Customer service is not that responsive.
  • There are no free domains available.


WPMU DEV web hosting

WPMU DEV recently released a new WordPress hosting solution, despite being best known for their plugins. With fresh and intriguing products, the WordPress and web hosting worlds are continually evolving.

WPMU Dev already has a reputation for producing high-quality plugins. They’re also known for providing excellent WordPress support. Additionally, their hosting service is hosted on Digital Ocean’s cloud platform.

You can use Any one of these servers to host your website. But, as you know, having a server close to your target audience might help your site load faster and perform better.

You can feel safe hosting your WordPress site on their servers because this is a fully dedicated WordPress hosting company.

Unlike what others offer, you receive up to three hosted sites, your dedicated memory, SSD storage resources, and CPU, automated monitoring, flying sites, 24/7 live support, and much more.

Each site offers a range of one-of-a-kind features that you won’t find anywhere. You should choose them because of their features. Aside from access to all premium plugins, WPMU DEV hosting plans include a slew of tools and features to help you manage your WordPress sites quickly and efficiently.

You may get your membership for only $49 per month and start enjoying the perks right away. The best part is that you may try out the service for 30 days for free, following which you can pay for your membership at the above rate.

Remember that your membership includes three hosted sites! You will never be asked to pay for any hidden costs or commitments.

Unlike other providers, here, your site will never be capped at any number of visitors. You can also always increase your plan if you need more resources or add more sites to your host.

Customer Support: Fast

Their live help chat is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is manned by specialists. They won’t just help you with WPMU DEV-related issues; they’ll help you with any WordPress-related problem. They’ll even log in to assist you with a solution!

Uptime Test: 99.9%

Nobody wants their website to be down, and anyone of us wants their website to be up and running. So they make sure your site is up and running every minute (and let you know if it goes down!) and track the pace of your website to ensure everything is working smoothly.

Page Load Time: 0.52s

The load times are relatively quick, though they vary considerably depending on the test server’s location. Consider a place that is close to your target audience to ensure fast load times.

WPMU Dev page load time

WPMU Dev Pros:

  • It offers a user-friendly web interface.
  • All hosting plans include SSD storage, which means faster servers.
  • It provides email hosting to assist you in getting started with email marketing.
  • It offers cloud-based hosting. 

WPMU Dev Cons:

  • It is more expensive to upgrade to a different plan.
  • Some of their plugins may never need to be activated. 

9. InMotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting goes above and above to ensure that your third-party WordPress plugins are always up to date. The Lite plan ($4.99 per month with a yearly subscription, renewing at $8.99 per month) is the most basic.

The Launch plan ($6.99 per month with an annual subscription, renewing at $11.99 per month) expands on this by allowing you to construct two websites, ten email addresses, and 50GB of file storage.

WordPress is one of the most well-known names in web hosting, powering over 30% of all content management systems on the internet. InMotion offers a variety of WordPress hosting packages.

The content management system, which includes website staging and automated software upgrades, comes preinstalled on InMotion Hosting’s Linux-based, WordPress-optimized servers. Additionally, a custom-configured NGINX stack and an in-house caching system will be installed alongside your WordPress installation.

If you want to get into web hosting but don’t want to set up your servers or worry about supplying bandwidth, check out InMotion’s reseller hosting options.

InMotion offers several security features, including free remote backup for clients with less than 10GB of storage. WordPress sites may be scanned for malware and other security threats with the free Sucuri Security plugin. 

McAfee’s spam and virus protection are now available for email accounts (starting at $1.39 per month). In addition, for $99.99 per year plus a $25 installation fee, SSL certificates with a dedicated IP address are available.

Customer Support: Fast

The support team of InMotion Hosting is based in the United States. They provide live chat, phone, and email assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Uptime Test: 99.95%

The uptime of InMotion is excellent. It isn’t the best we’ve seen, but it isn’t the worst either. You may expect uptime rates of around 99.95 per cent for shared plans. The uptime will be better if you pay for a VPS or dedicated server.

However, they still outperform the industry averages and are a reliable web server. So you won’t have to be concerned about your site being down for long periods.

Page Load Time: Less than a second

InMotion is famous for its speed, in addition to its excellent customer service and specialist VPS options. Customers that are dissatisfied with your service will leave due to slow load.

InMotion page load time

InMotion Pros:

  • All Shared and WordPress plans include unlimited data transfers.
  • Website-building software that is simple to use.
  • There are numerous hosting options.
  • Email is included in all scenarios.

InMotion Cons:

  • There are no Windows servers available.
  • Not all plans allow for month-to-month payments.

10. WordPress

Wordpress web hosting

WordPress.com is a free website builder that is hosted on the WordPress.com platform. Without any technological skills, you can develop blogs, websites, and online stores. Hosting is included in the free (ad-supported) version and the four paid options, ranging from $4 to $45 per month.

If you enjoy what you’ve read about WordPress.com, you might wish to import a site from another platform. Because of the Import/Export functionality, this is feasible.

Customers on the WordPress.com Business hosting plan may now not only search for and install themes and plugins directly from their WordPress dashboard, but they can also upload themes and plugins from their computer, even ones they’ve bought elsewhere or created themselves. 

Depending on your payment plan, you can sell on WordPress.com to varying degrees. You can add a Pay with PayPal button to a Premium plan to take credit card payments through the payment processor.

You can manually add a PayPal button even if you only have a Free or Personal plan by building a custom HTML block and typing in the PayPal code.

A WordPress.com site can be created for free, but customization is limited, and ads will be displayed on your site. There are four premium options available on WordPress.com. Annual plans might save you up to 43% compared to monthly contracts.

You’ll get a free domain for one year if you go with a yearly WordPress.com membership. After that, the renewal fee for subsequent years is relatively high (a.com domain, for example, costs $18 per year when purchased through WordPress.com).

On your WordPress.com site, however, you can use the domain name that you purchased from another domain name registrar.

You’ll need either the Business or Ecommerce plans if you wish to use any other theme. You can upload and install your theme using either of these options. There are tens of thousands of ready-to-use WordPress CMS themes available, many more than any other website editor.

The WooCommerce platform can be installed on business plans. It’s included in the Ecommerce plan by default. You can incorporate product ratings and reviews into your pages by embedding goods.

WordPress.com has a Business package that costs $300 per year and is invoiced annually. This is the strategy that they advise for small enterprises. It comes with business theme templates, Google Analytics integration, and limitless storage.

Customer Support: Fast

WordPress.com offers a fantastic support team that is helpful with technical problems and debugging.

 Uptime Test: 99.95+%

WordPress.com is powered by thousands of servers spread across multiple data centres in the United States and worldwide. They don’t have issues; the network is set up to continue functioning even if servers or parts fail. As a result, outages are rare and only last a few moments.

Page Load Time: 603 ms

The average loading time for the Twenty Nineteen theme is 603 milliseconds (382.39 KB page size).  Business Plan is an excellent option for anyone using this theme or developing pages with large file sizes.

Regarding the heavyweight theme, the sites housed on the shared SiteGround plans didn’t load as quickly as those hosted on the WordPress.com Business plan.

Wordpress.com page load time

WordPress Pros:

  • Custom caching solution that can scale as needed without the need for site owners to intervene.
  • Let’s Encrypt’s free SSL certificates are installed on your site, but you can’t use your certificates from elsewhere.
  • As part of the WordPress.com security procedures, traffic is monitored to detect suspicious behaviour, periodically checking site security.
  • Customers on the WordPress.com Business plan have access to email and live chat support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

WordPress Cons:

  • You can use email forwarding or a third-party email provider with your domain because; there isn’t an email service.

11. EuroDNS

EuroDNS web hosting

In 2002, EuroDNS became an ICANN-accredited domain registrar. Since then, it has expanded its offerings to include web hosting and associated services like webmail, website building, SSL certificates, and more.

EuroDNS provides two shared hosting options to assist individuals and businesses in creating and managing small to medium-sized companies. For anything more than a simple webpage, the 1 GB of storage is inadequate.  You’re also restricted to 4,000-page visits each month and 10 GB of bandwidth.

Although the bandwidth limit isn’t insufficient, the page views limit might be better; nevertheless, it goes up to 20,000 page views with a 50 GB monthly traffic limit on the premium plan.  The main issue is that e-commerce websites will require more storage space than the 10 GB provided.

The Softaculous installer comes with the Plesk control panel for managing your web hosting and allows you to install WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and a variety of other programmes. 

Additionally, the SitePad website builder will enable you to create your online presence using a drag-and-drop interface. The top plan includes developer-friendly features like Git and several MySQL databases, but only the PHP programming language is available.

Although you may obtain the same features and resources for less elsewhere, this provider’s rates are about what you’d expect from the given features and resources on offer.

Unfortunately, there is no free domain registration; but, if you purchase your domain with EuroDNS, you will receive a free SSL certificate.

Start with a less-priced plan, in my opinion. Then, you may constantly update later. EuroDNS can help you make the transition to a more expensive provider.

Many times, the increase in visitors takes longer than predicted, so don’t spend much money until the necessity comes. Of course, your requirements may differ, and you may seek advice from a EuroDNS hosting professional.

Customer Support: Fast

Uptime Test: 99.95+%

This technology provides the most precise and consistent resolution of your websites, with the highest possible uptime and no need for maintenance.

Page Load Time: 0.76s

The page load time is excellent, and a few tweaks will speed up and increase the performance of your WordPress website! From cache and database administration to select the best plugins and themes.

EuroDNS page load time

EuroDNS Pros:

  • Features of security include intrusion protection, firewalls, and DDoS.
  • Backup manager with lots of features.
  • Money-back guarantee for 14 days.

EuroDNS Cons:

  • Python programming is not supported.

12. Pressable

Pressable web hosting

Pressable is one of several WordPress-centric web hosting providers, and it’s excellent. Indeed, Pressable exclusively provides WordPress hosting, but their version is more sophisticated than what you’ll get with most general-purpose web providers.

Pressable has increased the number of WordPress plans it offers from three to nine in recent years.

Your hosting account comes with unlimited storage, staging environments, free site migrations, enterprise-class architecture, personalised onboarding, site caching, a free Content Delivery Network (CDN), WordPress training, and many other valuable features that you won’t find with a non-managed WordPress web host, regardless of the plan you choose.

Pressable’s managed hosting environment is geared at WordPress installations, themes, and plugins. As a consequence, unlike other web hosting companies, you won’t have to install WordPress.

It gives an excellent experience when you open your welcome email, check your login credentials, and get started without any further setup; it even came with a few handy preloaded plugins. In addition, I found it extremely simple to generate posts, pages, and galleries.

To keep your site safe from hackers, Pressable employs a mix of nightly malware scans and deletions, as well as integrity checks from the Intrusion Detection System. It is a common feature among WordPress hosting providers that are managed.

If you want to sell items, the Woocommerce (e-commerce platform) is available through Pressable. Woocommerce offers 10 WordPress installations, 200,000 pageviews, plus the Jilt email marketing tool for $45 a month.

Additionally, each Pressable plan comes with a free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, which helps safeguard data transfers between your site and your customers.  Given that some site servers charge for SSL, having the certification included for free is a nice touch.

Customer Support: Fast – 24/7

The entry-level plan has only access to an email ticketing system. VIP 1 OR above can access Telephone Support.

Uptime Test: 99.96%

Pressable is a very stable and reliable platform. A website’s uptime is an essential part of the web hosting experience. If your website goes down, customers and clients will be unable to find you or access your products or services. 

Page Load Time: 600 ms

Your website will be housed on infrastructure that has been optimized for the WordPress software, resulting in faster loading times and the capacity to manage many visitors without expensive downtime. Pressable is a capable site host, whether you want to use a lightweight theme like Twenty Nineteen or a heavyweight choice like Avada.

Pressage web hosting page load time

Pressable Pros:

  • There is unlimited storage available.
  • Backups are made automatically every day.
  • Staging is available, which is a valuable function.
  • This is an incredible collaboration tool.

Pressable Cons:

  • Customer care phone and web chat hours are limited.
  • There are no email accounts available.

13. Flywheel

Flywheel web hosting

It’s simple to understand why Flywheel is one of the most popular WordPress managed hosting solutions today. They provide a great collection of capabilities for normal WordPress users and agencies, but are they the right fit for your specific requirements? Let’s figure it out!

Flywheel is recognized for its wide array of tools for freelancers, designers, developers, and agencies, in addition to its WordPress managed hosting capabilities. You should certainly consider them if you’re searching for a web host that will help you expand your web development or design firm.

Flywheel offers less expensive options; Few, however, can match Flywheel’s entire service excellence. If you’re a WordPress user on a tight budget, Flywheel is unquestionably a viable option. 

Flywheel doesn’t let you down when it comes to customer service. They provide primary email tickets, phone calls, social media, live chat, and other communication alternatives. Flywheel offers over 100 pages in its documentation section that address anything from WordPress-specific issues to billing questions. 

Thanks to this Flywheel functionality, web designers and developers should be able to ease the process of showcasing sites to customers and transferring ownership and hosting arrangements for such sites.

Flywheel also offers a white label solution that allows you to customize the Flywheel dashboard and hosting invoices to provide your clients with a consistent user experience.

Flywheel staging provides you with the option of pushing only database updates, only file changes, or both, giving you much flexibility in how you use this functionality.

For example, you may avoid overwriting any new material that has been published on your site. At the same time, development work is being done by merely pushing file updates and leaving the database on the live site alone.

Customer Support: Fast

Without consulting an expert, there’s a strong chance you’ll find what you’re searching for there.  But if you don’t, in-app help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all around the world.

Uptime Test: 99.97%

There is no uptime guarantee with Flywheel. Two test websites hosted by Flywheel, on the other hand, did not encounter any downtime over the seven days of Pingdom monitoring.

Page Load Time: 0.5s

The Flywheel can now provide faster load speeds thanks to their collaboration with MaxCDN.

Flywheel web hosting page load time

Flywheel Pros:

  • A comprehensive set of WordPress-specific (and security) features.
  • For freelancers and agencies, there are a variety of sophisticated capabilities.
  • Performance that is quick and consistent.
  • Excellent customer service.

Flywheel Cons:

  • Price is more than other rivals, especially if you want to host several websites.

14. Plesk

Plesk web hosting

What exactly is Plesk? Plesk control panel is gaining traction among web hosting companies.   Plesk’s easy configuration allows a web hosting company to handle hundreds of virtual hosts on a single server with ease.

Plesk provides web admins with a comprehensive collection of tools for managing their websites. For example, Plesk allows web administrators to simply set up mails, create MySQL databases, handle DNS autoresponders, create FTP accounts, etc.

Plesk offers a user-friendly interface that allows webmasters to do administrative chores with a few mouse clicks. The one-click installation tool is ideal for beginners who quickly set up a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress on their website. Only the add-ons that the user often uses can be included in the control panel.

Customers may use an integrated search box in the control panel to find the add-ons they need.  Additionally, Plesk allows you to establish accounts for other users accessing the control panel with fewer rights. As a result, they can not change anything on the control panel. 

Plesk is exceptionally safe since a sophisticated anti-spam system secures it. It runs the Fail2ban software scan regularly to remove malicious users and avoid server assaults.

From the Plesk control panel, you can ban IP addresses that belong to hackers. You may create your own firewall rules using the ModSecurity firewall. Plesk encrypts the control panel page using its SSL.

Plesk comes with a free site builder that lets you construct web pages with drag-and-drop functionality. There are over 100 pre-built templates from which to pick.

Plesk has many automatic capabilities, such as an auto component updater and a key auto-update system. Plesk provides several free templates for changing the control panel’s look. You can create your template if you don’t want to use the free one.

Customer Support: Fast

Uptime Test:

Downtime can be a big concern whether you run a business or a personal website, especially if you have no idea why it occurred or what you can do to correct it. But don’t worry: in this short tutorial, Plesk will go over all you need to know about website downtime.

Page Load Time:

When compared to cPanel, it loads quickly. However, with so many choices and settings, the interface may be a bit confusing.

Plesk web hosting page load time

Plesk Pros:

  • Plesk offers a rapid and uncomplicated installation method. The modifications for dependability and security are preinstalled. This is a considerable advantage compared to cPanel, which has a few known vulnerabilities in default setup mode.
  • Plesk requires a small number of resources. As a result, Plesk is popular among dedicated server customers because it is lightweight and small, unlike its competitors.
  • Plesk, like cPanel, may be tailored to a web hosting service provider’s or dedicated server administrator’s specific requirements.  Virtuozzo is a piece of software that makes it simple to configure Plesk and develop templates to meet specific company needs.

Plesk Cons:

  • In most situations, the backup and restoration option necessitates a considerable amount of free disc space and the transfer of big files to a secondary server.

15. DreamHost

DreamHost web hosting

DreamHost, which was created in 1996, is one of the older hosting businesses. DreamHost is one of the best web hosting companies available.  With more than 1.5 million websites, 400,000 customers, and 750,000 WordPress installations, most website owners are the most popular platform.

Thanks to a wide selection of product options that aren’t limited to hosting plans, DreamHost can help you incorporate domain names, website builders, and email hosting into your website fast and affordably.

DreamHost is more well-rounded than other web-hosting providers, offering a broad selection of website hosting packages for various purposes.

DreamHost is a full-featured web hosting service for small and large businesses working on a variety of projects. This is because the majority of website owners provide appropriate performance speed, customer service, and uptime.

DreamHost, which we will explore later, is one of the most cost-effective web hosting services accessible. DreamHost has a good selection of price options that you can configure to pay in monthly or annual payments to cut to the chase.

A few CMS choices, such as WordPress, MediaWiki, and Joomla, are available with DreamHost’s automated integration and one-click installation.

This is a huge benefit for most customers because it allows them to transition to another website effortlessly. In addition, users who currently use one of the available CMS alternatives will find it much easier because DreamHost will install it with a single click.

WordPress is the most popular CMS choice supported by DreamHost, and you’ll have the most direct experience integrating it with your hosting service.

With DreamHost, you may choose any WordPress theme or plugin for your website. Essentially, you will have complete control over the design of your website, while DreamHost will handle all of the technical details.

Customer Support: Fast

DreamHost’s extensive customer care network is another noteworthy aspect. Live chat and email support are the two main ways to contact them for free help via your control panel. From 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., live chat is accessible seven days a week.

Pacific Time and DreamHost aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours. If you want additional assistance with technical difficulties, DreamHost does provide a callback service for a charge.

Uptime Test: 99.84%

DreamHost promises a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Nevertheless, if 99.9 per cent uptime is not achieved, the client will be compensated according to the criteria set.

Page Load Time:

DreamHost provides outstanding performance and speed, which will permanently improve the quality of your website. For maximum performance, DreamHost creates products that are mainly designed to work with WordPress.

Dreamhost web hosting page load time

Dreamhost Pros:

  • Dreamhost offers excellent hosting plans customized to meet various hosting requirements and projected web traffic capacity.
  • As your hosting and domain, expiration dates approach, Dreamhost sends you email notifications. They ensure that you are informed that your hosting and domain need to be updated.
  • The hosting service is ideal for developers and people who need to tinker “under the hood” with their sites.
  • Your websites and domains may be configured in a variety of ways.

Dreamhost Cons:

  • The service may not be the most affordable among hosting companies.
  • The service does not provide excellent technical assistance and does not provide telephone customer care.

16. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting web hosting

Fast website loading times have been essential for a positive user experience, conversions, and sales. A2 Hosting promises to be one of the quickest hosting companies on the market. Is that correct? Let’s discuss!

If speed is essential to you, A2 Hosting is a great option. The company’s price is most affordable for its three-year plan, so A2 Hosting is a decent option if you need long-term hosting.

A hosting solution like A2 can help any website that is meant to increase sales and conversions. I’ve said it before, but if you want to attract new leads, retain existing clients, keep your Google rankings, and maintain a solid brand reputation, speed is the name of the game.

Exclusive to A2, global web servers provide you with an advantage in the speed game, with speeds up to 20 times quicker than the competition.

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and OpenCart are just a few of the CMS systems that A2 Hosting supports. Once you’ve signed up, you may install them with a single click.

SSL certification is required for site security and to ensure that your visitors have enough faith in your site to return. Fortunately, A2 provides this service for free.

Furthermore, A2 includes a free Cloudflare CDN for every hosting service you pick for enhanced speed and loading times as part of their commitment to speed.

A2 can manage your site’s development with a choice of hosting packages that are all optimized for speed, whether you’re starting with a website from scratch or you’re a huge corporation bringing in tonnes of traffic and revenues.

The most significant distinction among the three solutions in Managed WordPress hosting is the number of sites you must maintain and the quantity of storage you require. They all, thankfully, have the 20X quicker turbo speed function.

Customer Support: Fast

Live chat, tickets, phone support, and email are always available at A2 Hosting. They also have an extensive knowledge base if you wish to find an answer or learn something new on your own. 

Uptime Test: 99.84%

A 99.98 per cent uptime guarantee, free automatic backups, and free site migration are just a few of the things that set A2 apart from the competition in terms of dependable web hosting. It’s a good alternative for both new and seasoned websites because it’s one of the oldest providers on the market.

Page Load Time: 300 ms

A2 Hosting is indeed quick. A2 Hosting offers exceptional performance and speed, ensuring that the quality of your website remains constant.

A2 hosting web page load time

A2 Hosting Pros:

  • A2 Hosting goes one step further and offers a money-back guarantee that may be used at any time.
  • A2 Hosting offers free transfer of a single existing website to their servers on all plans.
  • A2 Hosting is indeed quick.

A2 Hosting Cons:

  • A free domain name is not included in any of A2 Hosting’s shared hosting plans.

17. iPage

iPage web hosting

iPage is exceptionally cost-effective for the first three years. It is a pleasure to work with them. They also have access to nearly any tool or open-source application you could require. A large number of popular open-source apps are also accessible for download on iPage.

iPage gives you a free domain name that you will use for the first year. After that, if you desire a refund, a $15 charge will be taken from your refund to cover the cost of the domain name. Then, you’ll keep control of your domain name, and you can move it to another hosting provider.

iPage offers a single Linux-based shared hosting plan that starts at $2.99 per month for a year. If you sign up for the three-year program, the price decreases to $1.99 each month.

That’s a terrific deal, and the simplicity of the one plan means you won’t have to do any research before getting started. iPage’s shared hosting includes limitless disc space, monthly data transfers, and email accounts, allowing your company to expand as well.

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is also available from iPage. VPS hosting is a good option if you need a server with more processing capacity than shared hosting can provide.

Multiple sites live on a server in this hosting class, albeit considerably fewer than those found on a shared hosting server.

Thus a VPS server costs more, but you receive greater server power in exchange. It’s an excellent choice to explore if you predict significant traffic levels or have special compliance needs restricting you from using shared servers.

iPage provides customer care through an online help desk and ticketing system. Furthermore, they provide tutorials if you want to try to fix the problem quickly on your own. Apart from that, they offer phone and chat support.

Customer Support: Fast

iPage offers email, tickets, chat, and phone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  They make it straightforward to discover and use all of their help channels. There’s also a decent money-back guarantee.

iPage Uptime Test:

All of iPage’s web hosting services come with a 99.98 per cent uptime guarantee.

iPage web hosting uptime test

Ipage Pros:

  • Graphic-based Control Panel with Easy-to-Use Features.
  • Free local and toll-free phone lines are available (U.S. only). 
  • There is no limit to the amount of bandwidth available. 

Ipage Cons:

  • The procedure of hosting several domains is not as simple as it once was.

18. GreenGeeks

Greengeeks web hosting

GreenGeeks is unique among web hosting companies, and it allows you to contribute to the cleaning and greening of our planet.  Most users, however, will consider reliability, customer service, affordability, and the scope of hosting options when deciding whether or not to host a website with GreenGeeks. 

If you already have a website, GreenGeeks provides a free website migration service. When switching web providers, this free site transfer is an appealing choice for those not tech-savvy.

GreenGeeks’ environmental commitment is undeniable, and many customers chose them because of it.  But, on the other hand, this firm advertises its services with free features that may be just as enticing to small companies as their green web hosting options.

GreenGeeks will move your existing website to their servers at no additional cost and with little to no downtime if you pick this service. This allows a small business owner to concentrate on the business rather than the technical aspects.

GreenGeeks offers a free website builder that is both simple and powerful, which appeals to newcomers. There are hundreds of totally customisable templates in dozens of categories to select from.  There are also mobile-friendly themes and SEO tools that make indexing your website easier for Google.

Every server is monitored by a service that applies firewall methods and brute force and DDoS protection against known vulnerabilities, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

GreenGeeks also includes materials for those interested in launching a small business. “How to Start an Online Store” and “How to Start a Blog” are among the topics covered in this lesson. 

The GreenGeeks blog, constantly updated with industry-related content, adds to the amount of knowledge you can get on running a successful website from this web host.

Customer Support: Fast

You may contact their customer service department through email or Live Chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also provide phone assistance for those few souls who still prefer face-to-face communication to resolve technical difficulties.

Uptime Test: 99.99%

GreenGeeks promises that its servers will always be accessible 99.99 per cent of the time, according to industry standards.

Greengeeks web hosting uptime test

GreenGeeks Pros:

  • There are no limits to the resources you may use, and there are many features to choose from.
  • Beginners and experts alike will appreciate the user-friendly interface.
  • Softaculous makes it simple to install third-party apps.
  • Satisfaction is ‘guaranteed’ in the literal sense.

GreenGeeks Cons:

  • There is no telephone support always available.

19. Site5 Hosting

Site5 web hosting

Site5 is a high-end hosting service that offers uptime, speed, and technical assistance. These are all excellent selling features; however, Site5 isn’t unique and is more expensive than most competitors.

In certain situations, their advantages may make them worthwhile, but for the most part, there are lots of alternative hosts who perform the same or better for less money.

Site5 offers several appealing features that have earned them a good reputation and customer base. They have a lot of expertise and plenty of titillating promises geared towards designers and developers. But, for the high fees they charge, does Site5 hosting truly deliver?

Site5 gives the appearance that they are well-versed in their field. Nevertheless, when you compare their simple site to the cartoonish offerings of HostGator or GoDaddy, it’s clear that you’re opting for the more advanced hosting choice. And there’s a lot to enjoy here!

If you have a technical background, Site5 employs developer-speak, which might make you feel like you’ve finally found a hosting company that understands you.

They promise to keep their servers running quickly because they never overload their shared servers with data from too many customers. Their support team is entirely domestic, speaks English fluently, and has prior technical knowledge.

Their in-house developers created the Site5 Backstage interface to meet your specific development requirements. They start by thinking you know what you’re doing, and that kind of confidence in you as a consumer is refreshing (assuming, of course, that you do). 

Site5 offers a variety of options starting at less than $5 per month. There are numerous upgrade choices after that, allowing you to tailor your package as your website expands.

On the surface, they offer three basic options, starting at $4.95 per month for hostBasic, $8.95 per month for hostPro, and $11.95 per month for Lightning Speed.

That is only applicable to their shared hosting options. Reseller hosting, virtual private server hosting, and even dedicated server hosting are all options.

Site5 provides you with the extra benefit of picking where your site is hosted internationally, with a dozen servers situated on four continents, all near significant metroplexes. If ranking locally is a goal for your company, this might provide you with an advantage in SEO.

Customer Support: Fast

You may contact Site5’s customer service in a variety of ways. There’s also a community forum with lots of helpful information and questions/answers. Site5’s web hosting specialists and a live chat staff are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Uptime Test: 99.9%

Site5 has servers in the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, Singapore, London, Brazil, India, Sydney, and Romania, among other nations. Records from the previous several years show that the servers have a 99.9% uptime rate.

5Sites web hosting uptime test

Site5 Pros:

  • There are several eCommerce tools available.
  • Money-back guarantee for 45 days.
  • Unrestricted migration.
  • Virus protection.

Site5 Cons:

  • The start of the chat is extremely rapid, but the answers take a long time to arrive.

20. Arvixe

Arvixe web hosting

Arvixe serves thousands of clients worldwide, only in English, and has earned accolades for being “one of the fastest-growing hosting firms.”

It offers a wide range of hosting services, from basic shared hosting (Windows and Linux) to VPS and dedicated server solutions.  Arvixe bills itself as a “one-stop-shop” host that includes everything you’ll need to start and run a website.

Arvixe provides free daily backups, extensive email security, and free website migrations. However, if you want a free SSL certificate, you’ll have to go with the VPS or Business plans, and the Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN) isn’t accessible.

The account creation interface is straightforward to use. There are no fancy pages on this site. I established an account and made a payment in less than five minutes, with no difficulties or bugs. A few add-ons are available, such as an SSL certificate, but be aware that these can be costly.

If you’re looking to host an e-commerce site, Arvixe offers a Magento hosting plan that includes a Magento-optimized area with scalable resources. However, the product page is flaky, and it’s unclear what’s included.

Although you will contact customer care via support ticket within the customer dashboard, it did not function. I was constantly asked to confirm my email address, which I had done previously. At the very least, getting help via live chat was simple.

Customer Support: Fast

Live chat, phone support, and the usage of support requests are all options for getting help. You also get access to an extensive FAQ database and a lively discussion forum where you may interact with other users.

Uptime Test: 99.96%

In past years, Arvixe had a reputation for having a low uptime. But now, with over three and a half hours of downtime, Arvixe achieved a 99.96 per cent uptime during the past 12-months.

Arvixe web hosting uptime test

Arvixe Pros:

  • You receive your domain name for free every time you pay for hosting.
  • You may transfer a site (and everything associated with it, including your domain name) from another provider to Arvixe for free.
  • Up to 700 CPU seconds, 2000 MB of RAM, and 500 physical processes can be allocated to the CPU.
  • There are no hidden costs that appear out of nowhere to catch you off guard at the last minute.

Arvixe Cons:

  • When live chat is unavailable, email may be the sole option for communication.

21. GoDaddy

GoDaddy web hosting

With over 82 million names under management, GoDaddy is the most popular domain registrar on the planet. They’re also one of the best-known hosting companies. 

GoDaddy will let you connect your website to a variety of sophisticated third-party connections.  With just one click, you may install over 125 of the most popular apps on the internet. Content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal are examples.

They provide a wide range of options that appeal to everyone, from new bloggers to seasoned site developers. They also offer a drag-and-drop website builder with a different pricing structure (starting at $9.99/mo) but is helpful for beginners.

Unmetered bandwidth, up to 100 GB of storage, and one website are all included. With any yearly subscription, you’ll also get a free name and a year of free Office 365 Email. These are beneficial features that not every host has in their most basic plan.

Despite some outstanding features and a reasonable price, GoDaddy will require you to make some compromises.  It’s only when you look a little closer that you discover it’s not quite as lovely as it appears.

GoDaddy’s shared hosting plans start at $5.99 per month (but you can buy it for just $1 per month). The Economy plan comes with 100 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, a year of free domain registration, and free Microsoft 365 email.

A virtual private server (VPS) gives you dedicated resources for a fraction of the cost of a physical server. For example, the most straightforward VPS service from GoDaddy ($4.99 per month) has one CPU core, one GB of RAM, and 20 GB of SSD storage; you can increase to eight CPU cores, 16 GB of RAM, and 400 GB of SSD storage for an additional fee. 

This program makes it simple to create a website from the ground up. They provide you with a variety of pre-built templates to select from, and then all you have to do is fill in the blanks with your information. You may change the layout by adding and removing parts as needed.

Customer Support:

GoDaddy also offers support seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Uptime Test: 99.91%

GoDaddy shared hosting has had a 99.91 per cent uptime during the last year.

Page Load Time Test: 520 ms

The website speed is about 520 milliseconds, indicating that GoDaddy is a trustworthy service. GoDaddy has a straightforward drag-and-drop website builder, which makes it an excellent choice for creating bespoke websites.

GoDaddy web hosting page load time

GoDaddy Pros:

  • The World’s Biggest Domain Name Registrar.
  • A wide range of services is available.
  • Bandwidth is limitless.
  • Discounts on Special Offers regularly.

GoDaddy Cons:

  • There is no live chat support available 24/7.

22. Cloudways

Cloudways web hosting

Cloudways provides a fully managed hosting service, guaranteeing that your WordPress sites load swiftly and that you are not concerned about WordPress hosting concerns.

Their platform for software-as-a-service Cloud servers provides many fantastic capabilities, and you can scale up or down your hosting resources as your website expands.

Their infrastructure prioritizes speed, performance, and security.  If you’re still undecided about Cloudways as your managed WordPress host, take advantage of their 3-day free trial.

When looking for managed WordPress hosting, you’ll probably run into several companies that provide similar services.  While most web hosts offer managed WordPress hosting on a shared, virtual private server or dedicated server, one company has gone above and beyond to create a unique managed hosting option.

Cloudways servers, like those of any other hosting service, come in a variety of processing power, memory, bandwidth, and storage space configurations. The most basic hosting subscription includes a cloud server with 10 GB RAM, 25 GB storage, 1 Core Processor, and 1 TB bandwidth. 

You’ll discover a slew of different options under the “Server Management” tab in the Cloudways dashboard. As you scroll down the page, more functionalities become available, which you may alter as desired.

Server monitoring is one of the most impressive features that Cloudways offers with its cloud hosting plans. This section contains a graph that you may use to monitor the load on your cloud server.

Inbound traffic, idle CPU, and readings per second are among the over 15 factors that may be tracked using a simple drop-down menu.

There’s nothing like buying an ad, getting a flood of traffic, and then having your site crash because it can’t handle all of those visitors at once.

You may adjust the number of server resources given to you at any time with only a few clicks, thanks to vertical scaling. It is a fantastic feature when there is a traffic bottleneck.

In the “Application Add-on” section, you may install DNS management, transactional email services, and other application-specific add-ons. Additional capabilities on the Cloudways dashboard include backup restoration, SSL certificate installation, and GIT integration, to name a few.

WooCommerce, a popular e-commerce platform, is supported by Cloudways hosting. The hosting has gone above and above to make installation simple, with a one-click install technique and a free automated migration service.

Customer Support: Fast

With Cloudways, you have a few choices for getting help. Because Cloudways’ technical team is available 24 hours a day, you may start conversing with them online seven days a week. You may also register a ticket or get more information by filling out an online form.  In their knowledge base, they have answers to various questions, as well as FAQs and lessons.

Uptime Test: 99.9%

Cloudways has worked with some of the most significant cloud providers in the business. As a result, you can expect over 99 per cent uptime when you host your website on their WordPress cloud servers.

Page Load Time:

Small companies should pay special attention to page speeds since slow loading times might harm your company’s Google search rankings and drive away frustrated consumers. Cloudways has lightning-fast page loading speeds due to their cutting-edge technology stack designed with speed in mind.

Cloudways web hosting page load time

Cloudways Pros:

  • In comparison to other WordPress hosting systems, Cloudways provides a significant variety of capabilities to clients.
  • Cloudways delivers outstanding server and application performance to its clients.
  • Cloudways’ technical support staff is focused on implementing cutting-edge security hardening solutions.

Cloudways Cons:

  • Plesk and cPanel are not available. Cloudways has developed its platform to assist you in managing cloud-based apps.

23. TMDHosting

TMDHosting web hosting

With unlimited SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, and a free domain name included with even the most basic plan, TMDHosting stands out as one of the most economical managed hosting solutions available.  You won’t receive the same degree of performance as with a premium managed-to-host service, but you’ll get a reasonable deal.

The company claims to deliver “military-grade security” with its BitNinja-powered web-based firewall.  This is excellent news if you’re concerned about hackers and data breaches, especially when running eCommerce sites or holding personal information. Although no virus security solution is perfect, TMDHosting’s is better than others.

TMDHosting focuses on open-source hosting for anything from PrestaShop and OpenCart to Joomla and WordPress and provides one-click WordPress and over 300 app instals.  It’s a strong bet that if you submit the installer through FTP, it’ll work even if it doesn’t include the installation for the product you wish to use.

You may let TMDHosting handle the migration of your pages and databases instead of worrying about it yourself. Even if you’re working on a new build, it contains a pre-built WordPress environment and covers firewall and security software on your behalf.  That’s one more minor issue you have to be concerned about.

TMDHosting has put effort into its onboarding process, making it simple to compare packages and make a purchase after you’ve made your mind up. While other web hosts need you to wait up to 48 hours after purchasing to access your new hosting account, TMDHosting will generally validate your transaction and set up your account in just a few minutes. If you’re in a hurry, this is excellent news!

Although it generally has positive ratings, users have experienced SOME issues migrating from traditional hosting to cloud hosting and worry about its cancellation and refund procedures.

Customer Support: Fast

Representatives are typically kind and responsive, and you have three options for contacting them (phone, live chat, or ticketing).

Uptime Test: 99.74%

A (far above average) 99.999 per cent uptime guarantee, a free domain name or website transfer, a drag-and-drop website builder, and hundreds of open-source apps are just a few of the features accessible.

Page Load Time:

After integrating three levels of caching with solid-state drives (SSDs), TMDHosting guarantees a 16x quicker page loading performance. Of course, it won’t fix a sloppy website, but it should be considerably faster than if you were using a roughly identical host that didn’t have those characteristics.

TDM Hosting web hosting page load time

TMDHosting Pros:

  • All of TMDHosting’s plans come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Control Panel that is Simple to Use.
  • TMDHosting operates data centres all around the world.

TMDHosting Cons:

  • They’ve had an average uptime of 99.74 per cent during the last year, with over 22 hours of downtime.

24. 1&1 Hosting

1&1 Hosting web hosting

1&1 Hosting is a well-known hosting company with a large data centre capacity. The range of services on offer, as well as the affordable price for small enterprises, never ceases to amaze us. More plans could provide a choice of data centre locations to take advantage of 1&1 Hosting’s worldwide presence.

1&1 Hosting is a large hosting firm with locations worldwide, including Europe, North America, and South America. Its purpose is to provide a one-stop shop for small businesses who need a website up and functioning as soon as possible. The company was founded in Germany in 1998 by Ralph Dommermuth, chairman of parent company United Internet. The 1&1 Hosting brand was launched in the United States five years later. 

The MyWebsite site builder from 1&1 Hosting is designed to assist small companies in creating a website without the need for technical assistance. It comes with a domain name and many resources, such as themes, pictures, and text templates. In addition, customers may insert various sorts of material by dragging and dropping it into position, and support is included in the purchase.

A separate e-commerce site building package is available for companies who need to sell online. This site builder contains features for email marketing and social networking and easy export to major online marketplaces. There is also a domain and an email address provided.

1&1 Hosting offers three distinct managed WordPress hosting plans. WordPress is a great content management system (CMS), but it does require constant updates and upkeep. To keep things safe, you’ll want to maintain your WordPress core up to date, for example.

Each managed WordPress hosting plan comes with a certain quantity of SSD storage, an infinite number of visitors, and a single domain. Furthermore, WordPress is completely managed on all Windows plans. However, the plans do not include email service, so you’ll have to budget for it individually if you want to email at your domain.

1&1 Hosting’s managed WordPress alternatives could be a suitable fit for you if pricing is a significant consideration. However, the absence of email and other advantages (such as a technical helpline available exclusively to customers with WordPress subscriptions, similar to the one given by competitor GoDaddy) means you’re sacrificing functionality in return for rock-bottom rates.

Customer Support

1&1 Hosting’s customer service is outstanding. They have a highly responsive customer service board that nearly quickly answers your inquiries. Unlike many other web hosting companies, 1&1 Hosting offers a live chat and phone support service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, it’s an excellent web hosting option for beginners who frequently have many questions.

Uptime Test: 99.9%

Their customer support department doesn’t guarantee 100 per cent uptime because they can’t account for natural calamities. Their uptime has been a robust 99.98 per cent, with only an hour and a half of downtime based on the data acquired over the last 12 months.

Page Load Time: 865 ms

When Google evaluates your website, site performance is critical. As a result, it has a significant impact on your crucial SEO score, which decides your position on the world’s most prominent search engine.

1&1 Hosting web hosting page load time

1&1 Hosting Pros:

  • 1&1 provides free private registration, making them an instant favourite.
  • All of your domains are in one location, with DNS settings and other options. It’s also simple to add an SSL certificate to a domain.
  • They provide excellent customer service from genuine people.

1&1 Hosting Cons:

  • They should do a better job of combining services that were purchased separately. 

25. Liquid Web

Liquid Web web hosting

Jim Geiger established Liquid Web in 1997 as a privately held managed web hosting firm. In Lansing, Michigan, they possess three data centres. Liquid Web has over 30,000 customers in over 150 countries and has been named to the INC. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list for the past nine years.

Your site can only use the resources given to you on a VPS server; unlike a shared plan, which offers a pool of resources from which any site on that server may draw, the resources allotted to you on a VPS server can only be used by your site.

Most significantly, they are the safest and fastest hosting solutions, which is critical if you’re dealing with sensitive data on a heavily frequented website. A VPS plan (and occasionally a shared hosting plan) can help you safeguard your site, but dedicated servers provide the best security and speed.

Your website is hosted on a dispersed network of computers, which is known as cloud hosting. The precise distribution varies, but cloud hosting provides the benefits of a dispersed network: redundancy and failover, ensuring that your site remains available even if one (or more) sections of the network fail.

When you first start with your online business, performance may be the last thing on your mind. However, if you plan any expansion, you should remember that high traffic loads might cause performance difficulties, leading to profit reductions. As a result, you’ll need a solution that can handle your site now as well as in the future.

WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems, powering at least 25% of the internet. As a result, web hosting providers have begun to offer hosting solutions tailored particularly for this platform. One of the firms that provide this type of hosting is Liquid Web. 

Furthermore, if you’re using WooCommerce, you should undoubtedly check out Liquid Web. While many providers offer WordPress-specific hosting, Liquid Web provides hosted WooCommerce packages to help online businesses built on this platform run better. Poor performance is directly related to a drop in earnings; therefore, as a small business owner, you’ll want to avoid such problems as much as possible.

Customer Support

With a team of informed and knowledgeable individuals, Liquid Web’s customer service is greatly enhanced. These individuals are unafraid to help anyone who approaches them for assistance or to file a complaint. Additionally, they may be contacted by chat, phone, and some other means. 

Uptime Test: 99.9%

In exchange for the increased prices of commercial hosting, Liquid Web provides a better degree of technical support. Their support team has been named “heroic” and “hosting’s most helpful personnel.” This translates to 100 per cent uptime and a certified expert response time of as little as 59 seconds. 

Page Load Time: 338 ms

Liquid Web makes some big promises concerning the performance of the web pages it hosts on its website.

Liquid Web web hosting page load time

Liquid Web Pros:

  • Liquid Web’s Hosting will offer a wide range of security measures to its clients.
  • Dedicated and high-performance servers are required.
  • Liquid Web can guarantee that a company’s website will be up and running for most of the time.

Liquid Web Cons:

  • Very Expensive: One of the reasons Liquid Web Hosting is so costly is that shared hosting options are not available.

26. Pagely

Pagely web hosting

Pagely is a premium managed WordPress hosting platform that will provide your WordPress site with superb hosting. Pagely will not disappoint you if you are looking for speed, performance, and reliability.

WordPress is the most frequently used content management system on the internet; thus, it’s no surprise that WordPress hosting is readily available.  Many sites hosting companies promise to deliver excellently managed WordPress solutions.

The company’s hosting services have lately undergone a substantial transformation. Instead of small company websites and blogs, Pagely is now focusing on large corporations. Furthermore, the firm currently provides more complex managed WordPress hosting plans, beginning at $299 per month and increasing to $20,000 per month, with fantastic technology and features.

Pagely takes a proactive stance when it comes to server security. They’ve created PressArmor, a complete security architecture that tackles the weaknesses and security issues that surround the WordPress platform.

Sending a support request, which you can do directly from the Atomic dashboard or the company’s “Submit Request” web page, is all it takes to obtain help on Pagely. By logging into your Atomic dashboard, you can keep track of the status of any open tickets.

On specific plans, phone help is provided. It’s open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST. During certain hours, Live Chat is also available.

In that respect, it’d be impossible to compare their pricing accurately because Pagely is devoted to offering enterprise-level hosting dedicated to WordPress websites. However, Pagely is a premium web hosting alternative, so expect to spend a lot more on their services. It’s also worth noting that SSL certificates are included, but domain registration is not.

Pagely’s security features are superb, as expected. Pagely secures your site from nearly all forms of cybercrime, but it lacks other web providers’ comforts. It’s a reminder of what matters most when buying web hosting in this application.

The other security features, such as PressArmor and PressCDN, are far more significant. The former ensures network security by preventing threats from accessing your website, while the latter can aid with content delivery and guard against distributed denial-of-service assaults.

Customer Support: Fast

Pagely’s skilled support staff is always available to help you with any questions or problems you may have.  Because Pagely is a fully managed WordPress hosting service, you can be confident that your site will be up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Uptime Test: 99.9%

Pagely specializes in supplying complicated WordPress websites with dynamic content. They promise lightning-fast loading times, a dedicated support team, and 99.9% uptime for your WordPress site.

Pagely web hosting uptime test

Pagely Pros:

  • Pagely’s unique managed hosting technology provides easy resource scalability, multi-region redundancy, and comprehensive security for websites with significant traffic volumes.
  • Page is entirely powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), responsible for much of the internet’s infrastructure. This signifies that you have full access to all resources.
  • Thanks to its solid built-in redundancy, you’ll never have to worry about losing your data.

Pagely Cons:

  • Pagely does not provide customer service over the phone.

27. WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting web hosting

Is it anything I would recommend? Yes! WPX Hosting provides superb speed along with a hosting web package at a low cost. Terry Kyle, who has much expertise with web hosting, created WPX Hosting in 2013. The vendor has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom, and their website is in English.

The options begin with 10GB of storage space and 100GB of bandwidth, with the ability to host up to five websites. These are solid entry-level characteristics, particularly the multi-website hosting and sufficient disc space and bandwidth to handle a significant traffic volume.

The benefit of choosing WPX as your hosting provider is that they don’t charge you anything for daily backups. Daily backups were provided as a “feature” in all of their hosting plans.

DDoS protection, manual and automated backups, and malware detection and removal are included in all services to ensure that your data and online security are protected. The custom-built user admin interface, which is quick, simple, and tutorial-driven, will appeal to both novices and experienced webmasters.

Furthermore, the one-click WordPress installer simplifies the process of installing WordPress on your blog or website. Unlimited free SSL certificates are included in the hosting package, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. This way, you may test out the hosting before committing to anything long-term. 

Furthermore, free limitless website migration services are available and may be completed within 24 hours is fantastic. Even if you’re not new to technology, this frees up much time for you to focus on your online project rather than the technical parts of website transfer.

If you already have a WordPress website, you might be wondering if it’s worth it to upgrade to a quicker web host. Some plugins and solutions might assist you in migrating your WordPress website. However, the procedure isn’t always straightforward.

WPX Hosting, thankfully, provides a free site migration service. The migration service is said to take 24 hours to finish. Your complete WordPress website will be transferred from your existing web host to the team’s new WPX Hosting account. The service also includes the transfer of email linked with that website.

Customer Support: Fast

WPX Hosting provides a live text chat service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and a help desk ticketing system. When I did call support, they were fast to address my difficulties and provide answers to my inquiries. There’s also an online knowledge source that should answer any queries you have and assist you in resolving any problems.

Uptime Test: 99.95%

Another essential characteristic of WPX hosting is the promise of 99.95 per cent uptime. That implies your website will load virtually every time without any problems.

WPX web hosting uptime test

WPX Pros:

  • Website Speed is Exceptional: WPX Hosting achieves best-in-class performance by utilizing innovative technology. So, when you go from shared web hosting to WPX Hosting, you’ll notice a considerable increase in speed.
  • WPX Cloud CDN Integration is free: A CDN caches static website assets, including photos, music, video, and HTML files, via a network of globally spread proxy servers.
  • WPX Installation and Staging Areas with a Single Click: With cPanel, installing a fresh WordPress copy on your server is a breeze. WPX Hosting does not provide cPanel; hence 1-click WordPress installation is available.
  • Site migrations are entirely free and unlimited: WPX Hosting provides unlimited free site transfers, including email transfers, from any other web host to its platform.
  • Assurance of Safety: WPX Hosting, a well-known managed WordPress hosting company, takes the security of its servers and the websites hosted on them very seriously.
  • Email Accounts with No Limits: Several managed WordPress hosting providers, such as Kinsta and Rocket.net, do not offer email hosting. WPX Hosting, on the other hand, provides unlimited email accounts with basic features to get you going.

WPX Cons:

  • For single-site owners, especially newcomers, the start-up costs are too high.
  • If your website’s domain or URL changes, you’ll have to pay extra migration fees.

28. Linode

LInode web hosting

Linode provides professional services, including site migrations, software installations, and performance optimization.

Linode has grown into a global corporation. England, Japan, Singapore, and Germany have all opened data centres. Meanwhile, in both 2012 and 2013, it was subjected to security breaches. As a result, the business implemented more stringent security procedures.

This virtual private server (VPS) provider has shifted its focus to cloud hosting. The Onion and Accu Radio are among their many well-known clientele. They serve approximately 400,000 Linux clients in total, and the figure continues to rise year after year.

Linode is a cloud hosting company that specializes in high-performance Linux servers with solid-state drives (SSDs). It distinguishes out for its excellent and unique security strategy. One example is participating in the HackerOne bug bounty program, which compensates white-hat hackers for discovering vulnerabilities.

Although Linode does not use industry-standard terminology to describe its plans (e.g., shared hosting, VPS hosting, etc.), they are similar to VPS hosting. It is feasible to launch a server in seconds after an account has been activated. This frees up time for firms to focus on honing their strategy and focusing on their core competencies.

Linode’s hosting options are reasonably priced, and you may pay using credit/debit cards, money orders, checks, or PayPal in US dollars.

The trial period is seven days, which I believe is insufficient time to make an educated decision. After this period, reimbursements are subject to a modest service charge, and clients who expressly request service cancellation via the cancellation form get pro-rated refunds.

Linode has nine basic plans to choose from. They range from 1GB RAM to 96GB RAM, so businesses of any size may select a package that suits them.

Linod constantly checks its networks and supporting systems to verify that everything is configured appropriately, that patches and fixes are up to date, and that there are no security flaws. HackerOne, a security firm paid to identify and document deficiencies in Linode systems, is a partner.

Customer Support: Fast

Customer service is prompt, kind, and competent. As an infrastructure provider, they usually avoid concerns with your application(s) or setup. Still, if the stars align, you may receive guidance on such issues as they apply to your unique circumstance. The customer support agents go above and beyond the call of duty. 

Uptime Test: 99.9%

Linode’s standard uptime guarantee is 99.9%, as stated on its Terms of Service page. Although the company does not appear to post uptime data, it seems that they may be enabled through a customer’s VPS if that is something you wish to track.

Linode web hosting page load time

Linode Pros:

  • Reliability is crucial for us since any outage harms our brand.
  • Their product line is relatively comprehensive. Some are a touch rough around the edges or don’t quite measure up to some of their competitors’ products, but generally, their product capabilities are rather impressive.
  • Migrations for scheduled maintenance go off without a hitch. As a result, there is relatively little downtime.
  • The company’s pricing has always been competitive—excellent value for money.

Linode Cons:

  • Absence of a managed database solution.

29. Web.com

Web.com web hosting

Web.com is a robust web hosting firm that also offers its customers a lot of other benefits. It’s undoubtedly one of the most acceptable options for someone who is just getting started and has no prior knowledge of creating or running a website.

In addition, web.com hosting bundle includes a comprehensive range of site-building tools to make the process of constructing your website as simple as possible. For example, the Neo website builder is completely free to use!  Changing the design or colour schemes, as well as adding and editing content, is simple.

If you don’t want to learn a new set of skills, you may utilize their WordPress content management system instead or pay extra to have a fully customized website developed for you. And it doesn’t get any simpler than hiring someone to do it for you!

The templates on Web.com are reasonably adaptable. Not only can you change the colour scheme and typefaces, but you can also change things like header styles, link colours, and button types. Of course, more options would be preferable; however, you can alter your template without spending hours on it with this degree of flexibility.

The uplifting “Small Company Breakthrough” series also profiles small business entrepreneurs who have successfully grown their companies. So you can learn from other entrepreneurs, and who knows, maybe one day you’ll be included in one of their breakthrough films.

You might be wondering how their accurate hosting plans compare to those offered by competitors. They provide three levels of programs that are well-balanced in terms of pricing and valuable features.

Web.com employs both strategies. Even though you receive the same item, in the end, they charge various rates based on which system you use (hosting with built-in website builder tools).  Offering packages that sell simplicity or hosting plans with minimal limits may have some benefits. When simple features are enough, not everyone wants to compare different programs or search for extra options.

Customer Support: Fast

Web.com’s 24/7 phone support – while the company’s other support alternatives aren’t always helpful, I liked Web.com’s 24/7 phone service. It’s comforting to know that your questions will be answered no matter what time zone you’re in.

Uptime Test: 99.84%

Web.com boasts a 99.99 per cent uptime rate, which is the best in the industry. That means you can be confident that your website will be up and operating whenever and wherever your visitors wish to go.

Web.com web hosting uptime test

Web Pros:

  • Web.com provides you with an industry-specific design that includes free photographs, headlines, menus, and other information, which might save you a lot of time and effort.
  • The e-commerce system from Web.com includes email marketing capabilities.
  • You’ll also have access to shop management tools, which will allow you to keep track of orders, inventory, and customers.

Web Cons:

  • The lowest Web.com website builder costs $22.95 a month in total, with no free plan or trial available.

30. Fatcow

FatCow web hosting

FatCow provides shared web hosting for small and medium-sized organizations and individuals seeking a low-cost solution. FatCow also claims that its method is more straightforward and customer-friendly than other hosts on the market.

The offices and data centres of FatCow are entirely run on wind energy. Not nearly as environmentally friendly as GreenGeeks, but still admirable. However, they appear to be an EPA Green Power Partner; thus, their claims seem to be valid.

Despite the lack of a free trial, FatCow offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all hosting plans. If you are dissatisfied with their services, notify them, and you will receive a complete refund.   However, add-on services, such as domains, are not covered by the return. A $15 fee will be charged if you want to maintain your domain name.

Although FatCow’s shared hosting package is excellent, it retains its Editors’ Choice status for shared web hosting. Windows servers with limitless storage, email, and monthly data transfers are among the champion’s possibilities.  Because some webmasters build sites utilizing Microsoft’s ASP or ASP.NET technology, which isn’t compatible with Linux, the Windows server choice is critical.

If you need to host your website on a server with only a few other websites, choose VPS hosting and have guaranteed server specs.  VPS hosting is the way to go if you expect much traffic to your site but don’t want to pay much money.

You’re still sharing a server with other sites, but yours is more isolated and considerably less likely to encounter the kinds of issues that shared servers are prone to. Reseller hosting is the way to go if you want to get into the web hosting industry.

Reseller hosting is renting server space from a well-known provider and reselling it to your clients. The reseller hosting plans from FatCow, which cost $49.95 per month, includes monthly data transfers, storage, email, subdomains, and databases.   You may also add your company’s logo, which is a great touch.

Customer Support: Fast

The customer support at FatCow is excellent. Users can simply and intuitively find solutions to their inquiries on the company’s website. There are various alternatives available. You may access the FatCow Knowledge Base by using the “Help” button. These resources feature articles organized into categories to simplify visitors to find what they’re looking for.

Uptime Test:

Working with FatCow has a few drawbacks, one of which being their patchy uptime record. After all, they didn’t promise uptime in the first place!

FatCow web hosting uptime test

FatCow Pros:

  • Web Hosting for WordPress: FatCow’s allows you to have quality WordPress web hosting without breaking the budget.
  • Uptime and Performance: Thanks to a team of system experts that work around the clock, FatCow has an outstanding uptime.
  • Plugins that are simple to use: FatCow offers some plugins to aid with the optimization of your website.

FatCow Cons:

  • Renewal fees are high.
  • Hosting on Windows is not supported.

31. eHost

eHost web hosting

If you need a web server for your personal or small company needs, eHost should be on your list of options. They provide shared hosting plans with unmetered storage and bandwidth and unlimited domains for rock-bottom costs.

Although eHost’s plans start at just a few dollars a month, they come with many extras. For example, with $200 in Google Adwords and Bing credits, you can jumpstart your site’s marketing initiatives. They’ll also provide you with SEO tools and site statistics.

eHost only caters to the low-budget market with shared hosting services. In 2015, the firm got a makeover and made a few adjustments. eHost updated their web hosting control panel in addition to the new website style. Initially, the firm used vDeck, but they later moved to cPanel, which most web providers offer.

Even for beginners, launching a website with eHost is quick and straightforward. Websitebuilder.com and its sibling sites Sitey, Sitelio, and SiteBuilder utilize this web host’s same drag-and-drop site builder. The site builder is ideal for beginners who want to create a website but lack web programming skills or expertise.

eHost provides tools to assist you in measuring site traffic and visitor statistics, whether you wish to set up an online store, blog, or primary WordPress site. Google Webmaster Tools is also readily integrated with the site builder’s analytics software.

Furthermore, there are over 1000 design templates to select from, and you won’t have to create your website layout from scratch.

To begin with, their network has a unique firewall, flood protection, and robust mod security rulesets, which defend servers against DDoS and hacker attempts. Furthermore, only authorised workers have access to the data centres, which are likewise highly protected facilities.

Customer Support: Fast

eHost provides a world-class customer service team that goes above and above to assist its clients. They provide 24/7 phone, email, and live chat assistance in addition to a complete training library to assist you in getting your website up and operating as fast as possible.

Uptime Test: 99.9%

eHost guarantees 99.9% uptime and even gives a one-month hosting credit refund if this assurance is not reached. On the other hand, server maintenance does not qualify as downtime, and any credit is granted at their discretion. eHost appears to meet their uptime guarantee, according to several reviewers who have uploaded uptime graphs and analysis charts online.

eHost web hosting uptime test

eHost Pros:

  • Fully featured, with the option of using a regular cPanel or a custom website builder to create a website.
  • Packages are reasonably priced and come with a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • eHost has almost everything you’ll need to get your website up and running.

eHost Cons:

  • There are just shared hosting options available, which means you’ll be sharing your server with other websites.

32. Accuweb Hosting


The supplier offers enough unique offerings to pique anyone’s interest. Even better, it has developed a sizable fan base that lavishes praise on it. I’m pleased with the outcome. Even though AccuWebHosting is the most generalist of hosting businesses, all of its plans are of exceptional quality. Furthermore, the general server performance and uptime are good.

AccuWebHosting offers a “no overselling” policy, which means you’ll always get the resources you pay for—which is one of the most significant drawbacks of traditional shared hosting. Unfortunately, most providers are unable to give such assurances, but CloudLinux allows AccuWeb to do so.

The host’s shared plans also use the LiteSpeed webserver. Unlike standard Apache, this ensures that material is delivered faster, primarily if you use a PHP-based CMS. AccuWebHosting also supports the most recent versions of PHP, making it ideal for programs such as WordPress.

AccuWebHosting provides Windows servers specialized for Forex trading, in addition to different dev technologies, which I’ll go over in the next part. In addition, the support team can quickly implement your preferred Forex app, allowing you to get started right away.

Many businesses claim to be WordPress-friendly and offer industry-leading WordPress services. Unfortunately, few people follow through on their promises, and your site will most likely be hosted on a regular server.

Your WordPress site is protected by multiple levels of security provided by AccuWeb. An anti-DDoS system, a hardware firewall, and the Cloudflare web application firewall are all included. There’s also a WordPress auto-updater. so you don’t have to be concerned about your website becoming vulnerable if you fail to apply a crucial fix.

If you don’t want to keep track of new software versions, it’s one of the best WordPress hosting options. The host preloads your WordPress installation with specific essential plugins, such as Super Cache and Yoast SEO. Beginners will find it a little simpler to get started as a result of this.

SSH access, WP-CLI, Git integration, and WordPress staging are among the advanced capabilities available. Of course, these aren’t necessary if you’re a total newbie, but they’re helpful when making sophisticated modifications to your WordPress site.

Customer Support: Fast

AccuWeb Hosting options include free backups, anti-spam email protection, and technical assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thanks to its various protection levels, your website’s security is maintained 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And if you have any security concerns, you can contact their support team and get your questions answered in a matter of minutes.

Uptime Test:

The uptime guarantee offered by AccuWebHosting is a little dubious. It guarantees a 99.9% success rate. Nevertheless, you’ll notice that you only get a partial reimbursement if the uptime goes below 99 per cent. This indicates the supplier may have more than seven hours of downtime each month, which is a significant amount.

AccuWeb Hosting uptime test

AccuWeb Hosting Pros:

  • It offers a wide range of web hosting plans and customization options to meet all of your needs.
  • VPS and dedicated hosting services are incredibly flexible and capable of ensuring that your data is always protected and backed up.
  • All of the web hosting plans are reasonably priced.

AccuWeb Hosting Cons:

  • Unlimited email accounts are not available with Windows hosting services.

33. iPower Hosting

iPower Hosting web hosting

iPower Hosting is a well-known leader in assisting small and medium-sized enterprises in their growth. Their most basic package gives you unlimited storage and bandwidth. You may set up blogs, forums, and galleries right away. Their template site creation is basic and straightforward. Their pro plan, one of the finest, is $5.95 a month, a reasonable price.

When you use iPower Hosting, you must have a year-long membership. If you have a large firm, you may use a separate hosting provider to aid with website hosting demands. They’ve been in business since 2001 and target small and medium-sized enterprises with their goods.

It’s ideal for individuals seeking a hosting service for a new business, but if you’re looking for a large-scale web hosting solution, you might want to explore it elsewhere. Their easy-to-use website builder makes it simple for anybody to go online and develop their internet presence.

One of the main reasons people choose iPower is that their basic plans do not break the bank. Their initial prices are low, and it’s simple to figure out the renewal rates. Some plans are available on a month-to-month basis, and if you wish to commit to iPower, you may save even more money.

A one-year commitment is required for their basic Starter plan, which costs $5.95 each month. You’ll get 5GB of storage space, 250GB of data transfers each month, and a domain. An email address is included in the base package. WordPress is one of the most critical components of a website, and iPower makes it simple to add WordPress to your site.

You may install WordPress on a regular Linux server or sign up for a managed WordPress hosting account. The WP Starter package, for example, costs $3.75 per month and provides a free URL, a customizable control panel, pre-installed themes, and a plugin. The service backs up data daily, and the basic plan covers data transfers, storage, and email accounts every month.

It costs $49.99 for a year to obtain an SSL certificate, which is less than comparable options. It’s a complicated system with nearly too many possibilities, but they do have a lot of WordPress projects accessible. It gets more straightforward when you get through all of the payment details. Patience and much reading are required.

Customer Support: Fast

iPower, like other hosting companies, has a range of support options. Phone, live chat, forums, and emails are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Uptime Test: 99.56%

iPower claims to achieve 99.9% uptime; however, based on customer feedback, it appears that they still have room for improvement in this area. Compared to other top web servers like BlueHost, the average uptime record is 99.56 per cent, which is a little disappointing.

iPower hosting web hosting uptime test

Ipower Pros:

  • Reasonable pricing and low-cost site hosting.
  • iPower offers servers that are both Linux and Windows-based.
  • A simple-to-operate control panel.
  • It’s simple to set up an e-commerce site. 

Ipower Cons:

  • Importing an existing WordPress site is difficult.

34. A Small Orange

A Small Orange web hosting

A Small Orange’s technology prioritizes quick and secure performance. With that goal in mind, all A Small Orange shared hosting plans have SSD servers, allowing 15 times speedier page loading. “We’re recognized for our technology,” Zach added, and the team is constantly striving to give more and better performance in the services they develop for its clients, especially after the firm was acquired by the strong Endurance International Group (EIG).

The ASO team is also encouraged to take on new initiatives to find even more ways to improve their customer service experience. Customer feedback is accepted with open arms and minds because customers know what they want, and the best ideas are adopted by integrating all sources of feedback.

Python, SSL, PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, and a few other advanced capabilities are available. cPanel is utilised, one of ASO’s finest advantages because it has identifiable symbols and titles and is user-friendly. Emails, files, and other elements become easier to use as a result. Additionally, Softaculous, a cPanel-based installer, allows you to install up to 100 scripts quickly and easily.

For individuals that require a more powerful server, this is an excellent option. There are still numerous options with variable speeds, storage allowances, and RAM depending on your demands. If you’re not sure if you need a dedicated server yet, this is the hosting option for you.

WordPress is the standard content management system on the internet, and most providers have tailored hosting packages (CMS).  All of ASO’s WordPress hosting plans include a free domain, and setup is simple — you’ll have WordPress installed in under a minute.

The WordPress plans include technologies like SSD, Nginx, and Varnish to help your site load faster. Online merchants, in particular, benefit from faster web pages. Conversions are greater for sites with shorter loading times.

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is required if you run an e-commerce shop. By encrypting your connection, an SSL certificate protects your client’s data safe.

SSL is recommended for all websites, even those that do not sell anything. Google began flagging sites without SSL as “not secure” in July 2018. A Small Orange will install an SSL certificate purchased from A Small Orange or another supplier for free. A free SSL certificate is included with ASO’s higher-end plans.

Customer Support: Fast

A Small Orange offers free 24/7 customer assistance with all of its plans, on top of these fantastic options and benefits. A Small Orange will provide you with the same level of personalized customer support whether you pay $3 per month or $60 per month.

Uptime Test 99.9%

ASO provides a 99.99 per cent uptime guarantee, unlimited email accounts, unlimited domains (except for the tiny plan, which allows only one domain), 24/7/365 customer service and support, SSD servers that provide super-fast speed equal to 15 times the average performance of other servers, and much more.

A Small Orange web hosting uptime test

A Small Orange Pros:

  • A little orange stands out because of the wide variety of various plans available.
  • Everyone who wants to buy shared hosting or any other sort of hosting gets a free domain name.
  • ASO does not oversell; you will receive exactly what you paid for.

A Small Orange Cons:

  • It’s a significant issue that you’ve been given restricted bandwidth after paying a hefty sum.

35. Rocket

Rocket.net web hosting

The rocket should be your first pick if you’re seeking the finest Kinsta and WP Engine alternatives. They provide several tiers of WordPress, WooCommerce, and reseller hosting options.

Rocket provides everything you need to build a lightning-fast and secure website for your business or client projects, from a free corporate CDN to sophisticated security protection. It will optimize assets to improve their performance and conduct daily backups of all your sites. Their worldly security standards and settings are sufficient to keep any cyber-assaults at bay. Furthermore, it will search your account for malware and instantly delete it.

Rocket is an excellent host for establishing an internet presence and expanding your market, whether a sole proprietor or an agency. You could think it’s a touch too pricey. However, it is well worth your time and money. To administer websites and services, Rocket.net provides an easy-to-use interface. They swapped over the clunky cPanel for a professional-looking control panel.

Rocket.net is an all-in-one WordPress hosting platform that offers a variety of valuable features and tools. They employ WordPress servers that are highly optimized to ensure that assets are sent quickly regardless of the user’s device. Brotli compression and built-in picture optimization are included to speed up page loading.

It loads faster, with a GTMetrix performance score of 100 per cent. This data is sufficient to demonstrate that Rocket.net is quicker than you may think. Cloudflare Enterprise CDN, which is three times faster than the free CDN, optimizes and delivers content automatically. There are over 200 worldwide edge locations, allowing you to target audiences from any place effortlessly.

Their SSD servers, which are specialized in WordPress, can serve your content at lightning speed. It ensures that every user has access to resources and, as a result, your website will never fall due to other users. It also has caching built in to respond to user queries as quickly as feasible. Using a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache or WP Rocket, you can erase cache with a single click from the control panel.

You don’t need to go to the WordPress dashboard to install, deactivate, and uninstall themes and plugins. Other hosts can use the same option as well. But it’s a lot easier here. Rocket.net’s sophisticated hacker security protects all websites.

It secures your installations with a multi-layer firewall capable of blocking any type of attack down to the root level. Another benefit of Rocket hosting is real-time virus detection. They will eliminate any harmful threat for free if it is discovered. As a result, your site will never lose ranks or be included on Google’s blacklist due to malware infestations.

Customer Support: Fast

You will receive specialized expert assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for any questions you may have about the hosting. Emails, phone calls, and live chat are all options for assistance. On both tickets and emails, the response speed is outstanding. For immediate assistance, phone calls and live chat should be used.

Uptime Test 99.9%

All plans come with a 99.99 per cent uptime guarantee, ensuring that your website is always up and running. Rocket scales and optimizes resources automatically to minimize their size and serve them more quickly. All of these features allow you to spend more time on productive things rather than optimizing.

Rocket web hosting uptime test

Rocket Pros:

  • One of Rocket.net’s most prominent features is its WordPress control panel, which is simple to use and aids in deploying WordPress websites. You may also use themes to manage plugins and backups as necessary.
  • If you use Rocket.net to host your website, it will be ready for any form of utility since full-page caching will provide you with the fastest possible speed. There is no need for customization to have your content optimized.
  • This web hosting service’s CDN is exceptionally efficient and effective.
  • It’s simple to see the number of daily visits to your website right from your dashboard.

Rocket Cons:

  • For individual websites, it is too expensive.

36. HostPapa

HostPapa web hosting

HostPapa is excellent for the ecologically conscious client who wants to construct a simple website without expecting a lot of traffic or email functionality. However, anyone who intends to be more hands-on with their website may be frustrated by a slew of hidden costs and limits. While upgraded plans may be adequate, HostPapa pricing is not inexpensive, and the base plan leaves a lot to be desired.

WordPress, Joomla, and other major content management systems are all supported by HostPapa. They do not, however, provide any managed WordPress options. If you’re planning to scale, keep this in mind.

A green web server that is also reasonably priced! If you want to feel good about your essential website’s carbon impact, HostPapa’s cost makes them an easy choice. The most basic package from

costs only $6 per month, compared to $10 from competitor GreenGeeks. Other hosting providers, such as A2 Hosting and Dreamhost, participate in carbon offsetting schemes, but HostPapa is entirely green at a low cost.

Every shared hosting plan offered by HostPapa has unlimited bandwidth, which is an excellent addition that will provide you peace of mind if your website becomes popular. Although the basic program only allows for two domains (more than many budget hosts), their upgraded plans allow unlimited domains.

With a one-year membership to their services, you’ll also get a free domain name, which is a beautiful bonus that makes the process of getting your website up and running much more manageable.

HostPapa provides three scalable Linux-based and Windows-based VPS plans for customers who want to improve their website and develop their business. They also have five different reseller account tiers to choose from.

Each program includes limitless domains, MySQL databases, three IP addresses, and pricing based on the amount of disk space you use. Customer service at HostPapa is available via live chat, which is usually the quickest way to contact someone. You may also write an email or give us a call if you’re having problems with your website.

When you purchase your ticket, you will be able to check where you are in line. You may submit your ticket online, and you’ll be able to track your number’s progress on the website. HostPapa assists in three languages: French, English, and Spanish. While they provide help 24 hours a day, response times are often higher during non-business hours.

Customer Support: Fast

Use HostPapa’s 24/7 live chat tool to talk to a natural live person about an issue you’re experiencing right now. Using your HostPapa dashboard, you can submit support tickets or check the progress of existing ones.

Uptime Test 99.9%

HostPapa promises 99.9% uptime, and most HostPapa reviews indicate that this is more or less accurate in practice. They don’t appear to have a formal procedure to reimburse their consumers if uptime falls below the specified level. If your uptime rate falls below the promise, you may need to contact customer support to request a refund.

Hostpapa web hosting uptime test

HostPapa Pros:

  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days.
  • Cloudflare CDN and free SSL.
  • Disk space and data transport are both unlimited.
  • Obtain a free domain name.

HostPapa Cons:

  • Renewal fees that are too high.

37. Fasthosts

FastHosts web hosting

FastHosts is a well-known web hosting provider situated in Gloucester, United Kingdom. The firm was founded in 1999; thus, it has more than a decade of hosting expertise. Like 1&1 Internet and Sedo.com, Fasthosts is currently owned by United Internet AG, a prominent German internet services company. FastHosts provides a wide range of services, including website hosting, internet, and cloud storage.

Customers may pick from four distinct shared hosting packages at FastHosts. Customers may also choose between Linux and Windows operating systems for their hosting and plans that last up to three years to save even more money.

If you wish to sell your own hosting space can choose from two reseller packages offered by Fasthosts. There is a bundle for novice resellers and another for businesses with more complex needs. Advanced resellers receive limitless space and bandwidth, while starters get 20 GB of disc space and unlimited bandwidth. Intriguingly, advanced resellers can also resell broadband services to clients in the United Kingdom.

FastHosts offers six dedicated server hardware configurations, ranging from a two-core processor with two X 250 GB SATA disc spaces and four GB RAM to 32 core processors with two X 120 GB SSDs, two X 2 TB SATA disc spaces, and 64 GB RAM. Furthermore, customers may pick from a variety of Linux and Windows-based operating systems, and bandwidth is limitless.

PHP, Perl, Python, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and other programs are supported by shared hosting, which comes with a free one-click setup. Customers that add Professional Mailbox to their Windows hosting account will get Outlook 2010 for free.

FastHosts offers VPS hosting on both Linux and Windows platforms. One Starter package and two Professional packages are delivered. A customizable advanced package is also available, allowing users to configure their VPS with various hardware options.

This ranges from 512 MB RAM, 50 GB of disc space, and a single CPU to 16 GB RAM, 1 TB of disc space, and up to four processors. Each package includes an infinite amount of bandwidth and two IP addresses.

Customer Support: Fast

Customers of Fasthosts have various help options, including live chat, phone, support website, support community, system status page, and more.

Uptime Test 99.9%

Customers who use VPS and dedicated server hosting get a service level agreement (SLA) and a 99.99 per cent uptime guarantee, which allows them to claim a day of free hosting for every hour of downtime.

FastHosts web hosting uptime test

FastHosts Pros:

  • Fasthosts’ plans all include free SEO tools.
  • When you join up for one of their programs, you may save a year’s worth of domain fees.
  • You may operate your site on any of today’s prominent CMS platforms.
  • SSD drives will improve the overall performance of your website.

FastHosts Cons:

  • There are no free SSL certificates offered.

38. HostDime

HostDime web hosting

You can trust HostDime; you don’t have to be concerned about your data or website; you can relax and let HostDime’s capable team handle it. Their infrastructure and power plants are impregnable, and they are prepared for any disaster. Furthermore, they provide a 90-day money-back guarantee, demonstrating their faith in their service and commitment to client happiness.

HostDime’s worldwide infrastructure is their most noticeable feature. They own and operate their own data centres, with on-site and off-site engineers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their data centres in the United States and Mexico each include completely redundant power systems and networks, sophisticated fire suppression measures, and a high level of security.

A data centre provider like HostDime is required for high-traffic, high-performance websites. With just a glance at their hosting and colocation choices, it’s apparent that this firm knows the requirements of enterprise websites and how to meet them.

The guys behind HostDime are more knowledgeable about server infrastructure than other web hosting businesses. This is most likely why they don’t provide shared or reseller hosting plans since they are aware that many other firms can.

The costs with HostDime are pretty reasonable, albeit a little perplexing. The pricing is listed in Mexican Pesos, despite having a dollar symbol on their website. However, a quick currency conversion reveals that pricing is highly competitive in domestic and foreign markets.

The server rents can be paid every month. However, if you pay for a year’s worth of hosting in advance, you’ll save one month’s worth of hosting expenses. This offer is only applicable to new members; consequently, you will lose the discount if you renew your subscription.

Unfortunately, there is no free trial or version accessible, which is expected with such high-end hosting options. HostDime does provide a money-back guarantee, but it’s a little draconian. You can, for example, ask for a refund if you didn’t receive any of the features stated in the package you purchased.

However, you will not be eligible for a refund for any other reason. Furthermore, they will only reimburse costs for the current and future months, not for the months you have already paid for.

Customer Support: Fast

HostDime provides technical help by phone, live chat, and email 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Video lessons, FAQs, manuals, and guidelines are also available to customers. They can also get help and community support through a blog and forums. For consumer contact, HostDime makes extensive use of Facebook and Twitter.

Uptime Test 99.9%

The shared hosting services from HostDime come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. HostDime will reimburse the customer if the uptime goes below 99.9% in a month. If the uptime falls between 95% and 99.9%, the credit is worth 10% of the customer’s monthly cost. If you have 90 per cent to 94.9 per cent uptime, you get a 25% credit, and if you have less than 89.9% uptime, you get a 100% credit.

HostDime web hosting uptime test

HostDime Pros:

  • Customer service is quick.
  • Large enterprises will find this a suitable host.
  • A wide choice of plans and services are available.

HostDime Cons:

  • Some consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with downtime.

39. Pair.com

Pair.com web hosting

Pair.com is one of the earliest web hosting companies, having been formed in 1995. Pair Networks has a significant edge over competing services simply because of its enormous expertise in the sector. As a firm that has played a vital part in developing and generalizing the home internet since its inception, Pair Networks has a massive advantage over rival services.

You may require a more robust solution, and Pair.com provides all of them. For instance, you might choose an eCommerce hosting package if you run an online store. You can upgrade to a dedicated server plan if you have a more robust website, such as a huge forum that requires many resources.

It is not difficult to accomplish, and the benefit of scalability allows you to pay just for the resources you use. You may customize the help you wish to have access to in order to get the most fantastic price-to-feature ratio possible. If you’re not sure what features you want, you can always contact customer service, who will propose the best services for you.

Pair Networks provides one of the top hosting services available. While budget plans are reasonably priced, higher-end plans are sometimes more expensive than the competitors. However, the costs are more than reasonable for the level of service provided. therefore, pair Networks comes highly recommended.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans are also offered from Pair Networks. These are ideal for scenarios in which scalability is critical. VPS hosting is a fantastic choice if your hosting needs have surpassed shared hosting but aren’t quite large enough to warrant dedicated servers. All VPS hosting plans have super-fast SSD storage, ensuring that there are no performance bottlenecks.

Additionally, professionals completely control and continually monitor the servers that operate the VPS platforms to avoid and handle any service-related issues that may arise. Pair Networks Provides a custom-built hosting infrastructure optimized for WordPress-based websites.

WP Enthusiast, a higher-tier WordPress hosting service, employs SSH-secured access protocols and runs on a virtual private server (VPS) infrastructure for faster performance. Automatic updates and specialised support people for WordPress are included in all WordPress plans.

Customer Support: Fast

Pair offers one-on-one assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week via international phone lines or email/ticket support. Both alternatives give several channels so that you may target your questions to the appropriate nation or department for superb service. In my experience, their customer service has always been responsive and pleasant. Emails are usually responded to within 30 minutes.

Uptime Test: 99.9%

Pair is well-known for its reliability and network uptime. However, only their dedicated servers are covered by an SLA, despite claiming to have 99.9% uptime for all of their other products. Nevertheless, they are pretty good in my situation, and according to the majority of their consumers.

Pair.com web hosting uptime test

Pair.com Pros:

  • International phone help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with quick response times.
  • Money-back guarantee of 100 days.
  • Hosting packages with many features

Pair.com Cons:

  • There is no live chat assistance available.

40. ChemiCloud

ChemiCloud web hosting

ChemiCloud is a web hosting business that specialises in shared hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, and virtual private server (VPS) hosting.  The firm is a newcomer to the market and has yet to achieve significant recognition.

The company has quickly established itself as one of the most reputable shared hosting providers available. Overall, the technology is simple to use, and the customer service is excellent.  Their services are very convenient for any shared hosting company; however, they have a few distinguishing characteristics.

ChemiCloud is one of the few hosting companies that use solid-state storage technology (SSD). SSD storage is included with every hosting web subscription. SSD storage is critical for speeding up your website and assuring a quick server response time if you didn’t know.

ChemiCloud will provide you with the option of registering a name for free when you purchase a hosting package. Unlike other hosting companies that will only offer you a free domain name for the first year, this business will renew your domain every year and will never charge you a dime as long as you are a customer.

ChemiCloud uses the Cloud Linux operating system. This is safe and reliable. Another benefit of Cloud Linux is that if one account uses too many system resources, it will be caged, ensuring that other accounts’ performance is not hindered.

ChemiCloud guarantees that a server’s data is spread across several redundant servers. As a consequence, even if the hardware dies, data is never lost. It ensures that your information is safe and secure, regardless of whatever server location you choose.

A web hosting company that offers LiteSpeed web servers out of the box is exceedingly unusual. I always like to go with the LiteSpeed server. All you’ll ever need to produce lightning-fast websites is SSD storage and a LiteSpeed server with Cloudflare!

Customer Support: Fast

You may reach out to the customer service staff through phone, support ticket, email, or live chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This company guarantees to respond to live chat requests immediately and to ticket requests within 10 minutes. So yes, you will receive prompt responses to your questions via the live chat channel.

Uptime Test 99.9%

The firm presents itself as the best-shared hosting provider with a 99.99 per cent uptime guarantee in the shared hosting sector. ChemiCloud, like every other shared hosting service, offers freebies and price tricks that will eventually drain your bank account.

ChemiCloud web hosting uptime test

ChemiCloud Pros:

  • Forever free domain
  • There are many user-friendly features.
  • Money-back guarantee for 45 days

ChemiCloud Cons:

  • Plans that are a little on the pricier side.

41. Stablehost

Stablehost web hosting

StableHost is a web hosting provider that places a strong emphasis on reliability. It is a privately held company that began operations in 2009. Unlike some other hosting businesses with thousands of workers, they now have only 15 team members.

Instead of the usual shared hosting that many of the providers we examined employ, StableHost uses clustered hosting. The health of all SSD discs is checked every 60 seconds with clustered hosting. This implies that anytime you make a change or add content to your website, it is automatically transferred to the best available server at the time.

The automated load balancing function of clustered hosting technology is another benefit. As a result, visitor surges will not be a problem because server resources will be automatically scaled up.

In today’s environment, having SSL certificates installed through your website hosting business is critical. Some companies will charge you more for this essential layer of protection, but many provide at least one free choice. For example, StableHost offers three different SSL Certificates. Two of them are included in your shared hosting plan for free.

You can get details about your data use and bandwidth from the dashboard. You may use the shortcuts listed below to do some easy tasks. You’ll find access to your Webmail account and cPanel on the left side of the page.

cPanel is a popular platform used by many hosting companies. You can efficiently manage your website from a single spot using this. While the primary interface may appear crowded, putting the function you want into the search bar at the top of the page will quickly locate it.

Customer Support: Fast

StableHost offers a live chat option available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by clicking the green chat button in the lower right corner. When you submit a query to live chat, the site estimates a 10-minute response time. Speaking with a customer support representative took less than a minute. Furthermore, the responses to our inquiries were thorough and prompt.

Uptime Test 99.9%

StableHost has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and believe us when we say that they seldom (if ever) go below this level. They also guarantee to reimburse their customers if they don’t keep their word.

Page Load Time: 787 ms

The average load time for StableHost for the last 12 months is 787 milliseconds. It’s not the quickest speed we’ve observed, but it’s also not the slowest.

StableHost web hosting page load time

StableHost Pros:

  • Beginner to professional hosting options is available.
  • Custom server orders are welcome.
  • Furthermore, a large number of self-help materials are available.
  • Regularly, there is promotional pricing.

StableHost Cons:

  • The website looks to be incomplete at times. 

42. HostWinds

Hostwinds web hosting

Peter Holden created Hostwinds in October 2010 to provide small businesses with low-cost web hosting options supported by excellent service and support. Hostwinds have expanded significantly over time. The company’s headquarters are in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and it services thousands of clients.

The shared web hosting services from Hostwinds are designed to get websites up and operate as quickly as possible. If you don’t already have a website created and constructed, Hostwinds’ DIY site builder is a good option. The Weebly site builder is included in all of Hostwinds’ shared hosting services.

There are three distinct shared hosting options to select from right now. It all boils down to how many domains you need to support in your account, determining which plan is ideal for you. Hostwinds offers Business Web Hosting to people on a budget yet want a better degree of hosting web service.

These plans are comparable to shared hosting plans, except they are more powerful and quicker. The enhanced speed is due to the SSDs (solid-state discs) included with all programmes, the performance-optimized MySQL databases, and the Litespeed web servers on which the sites are hosted.

You can choose an unmanaged VPS hosting package if you desire complete control over your hosting environment. Your plans will be somewhat less expensive than managed ones in exchange for you performing all of the labour required to set up, administer, and maintain your environment.

You receive 100% of the resources on the server devoted to your website; nevertheless, the cost is a drawback. A dedicated server is overkill for most small companies. Still, dedicated servers are an excellent choice for those with heavily visited, resource-intensive websites (or particular security-related needs that prevent sharing a server).

Hostwinds now provides Enterprise Email Accounts, which are excellent for organizations that want email accounts to go with an existing domain name. There are various alternatives available, and the ideal one for you will be determined by the number of email accounts you require.

Customer Support: Fast

Hostwinds is accessible to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have any questions, complaints, or difficulties, you can contact them by Live Chat (average response time: 30 seconds), phone (average hold time: 10 seconds), or support request.

Uptime Test: 99.9%

A 99.99 per cent uptime guarantee is included with all shared hosting plans. Hostwinds promises a 99.99 per cent uptime guarantee. It implies that the network Hostwind uses and the electricity would remain up and running for the whole year, with no downtime exceeding 31.6 seconds.

Page Load Time: 837 ms

It uses SSD drives (solid-state drives) to boost the speed and efficiency of sites hosted on its platform. Page speed is essential for some reasons.

HostWinds web hosting page load time

Hostwinds Pros:

  • A crucial feature is the ability to migrate an existing site to a new server for free.
  • All three of Hostwinds’ shared hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate.
  • Hostwinds’ shared hosting plans all provide unlimited email accounts for free.
  • Hostwinds offers itself an all-in-one solution by providing you access to Weebly’s website builder.

Hostwinds Cons:

  • Only a few server locations are available.

43. Nexcess

Nexcess web hosting

Nexcess has set the objective of delivering on its promise of becoming one of the top Web Hosting Platforms on the market. Nexcess now provides its services through several data centres across the world.

Nexcess’ headquarters and operations are both based in Southfield, Michigan. Nexcess is one of the best in terms of control and performance.

Nexcess ensures a great server experience with fast loading times, especially for WordPress and Magento projects. The web hosting services provided by Nexcess are significantly quicker than those offered by competitors.

Nexcess’ rates are pretty reasonable, and the service is excellent. You do not need to purchase any other hosting package after receiving a full year of free domain hosting.

I’ve bought a few different hosting packages with Nexcess, and I can assure you that they’re all excellent value for money. People considering purchasing a domain name hosting plan should not hesitate to do so from Nexcess; they have provided excellent service to us thus far.

With the comprehensive user interface, you may change resource allocations, pay bills, track visitor data, and much more.

Nexcess also provides free website relocations, so you can be confident that your site will be back up and running in no time. They also take care of your backups, creating them regularly and storing them offshore for up to 30 days.

Want to try out some new WordPress features without risking your current site’s integrity? Go ahead with Nexcess.

Customer Support: Fast

Their customer support specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through phone, email, assistance passes, and live chat. Please keep in mind that you may only contact tech support after logging into your client portal; the live chat on their homepage is mostly for pre-sales questions.

Uptime Test: 99.9%

Nexcess’ hosting services come with a service level agreement (SLA) that guarantees 100 per cent uptime. This is true based on our personal experience. Because it is scalable, safe, and speedy, this cloud hosting is great for WordPress and digital commerce platforms. 

Nexcess web hosting uptime test

Nexcess Pros:

  • Nexcess Cloud infrastructure keeps your WordPress website and WooCommerce store up to date and safe.
  • Website migration can take anywhere from 2 to 5 days depending on the intricacy of your site and is done on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The backup option is found on the dashboard. If a tragedy occurs, you may restore your website with a single click at any moment.
  • All Nexcess plans come with premium plugins, including iThemes security pro.

Nexcess Cons:

  • Nexcess does not provide domain registration for free.

44. BionicWP

BionicWP web hosting

Bionic takes care of your website, provides limitless site modifications (much like a content and development firm), and gives site speeds you’ve never seen before.

The best thing about BionicWP is that they guarantee incredible results! You may simply test your websites on BionicWP servers for free. Additionally, BionicWP takes advantage of the Nitropack cache plugin, which improves site speed even further.

You may quickly restore or download a backup on your local machine because the backup is also available through the site dashboard. This is a simple method for backing up your data. Unfortunately, most hosting companies do not provide daily site backups, which may be a significant concern if your website has a data loss.

BionicWP allows webmasters and agency owners to change their websites by altering banners, text, and sliders. This is an add-on to their current hosting package, but it’s a fantastic service for anyone who manages many websites and might benefit from some extra help.

It updates all of your themes, plugins, and even the core WordPress installation without your awareness.  The BionicWP dashboard identifies and upgrades WordPress core versions automatically.

You may change the WordPress theme on your own with the click of a button.  I was relieved to discover a single method for updating all plugins and templates at once.

The BionicWP dashboard automatically lists all plugins you install to your WordPress website via its integrated script.  This script is installed on all of the BionicWP hosting solution’s websites.

BionicWP has made the entire hosting platform extremely user-friendly. Users who have never utilised a cloud service before will find hosting and managing their website and its settings straightforward. 

You are directed to the hosting administration page when you login into BionicWP. The total amount of sites, active sites, themes, and plugins accessible are all displayed here. On the same screen, you may view websites with malware and backups.

Customer Support: Fast

When people ask them a question, they generally answer in less than a minute. Through the chat, you may obtain immediate responses to your questions.

If you have an urgent issue that needs to be tracked, you can submit a ticket to their customer service experts.  The team is very professional, and all customer service personnel are knowledgeable about their clients’ websites.

Uptime Test: 99.99%

It’s simple to expand your online business with managed hosting services, a 99.99 per cent uptime guarantee, and excellent support.

BionicWP web hosting uptime test

BionicWP Pros:

  • Hack-proofing your website with a 30-day backup.
  • Monitoring and reporting on performance every week.
  • Scalability, SSL, and a high-performance CDN.
  • Update management for WordPress core, plugins, and themes.

BionicWP Cons:

  • Add-ons are charged separately.

45. Scala Hosting

ScalaHosting web hosting

The most important and valuable factor to consider when picking a hosting provider is the value you get for your money. With one-click installations, ScalaHosting makes it simple for new clients to be up and running immediately, free migrations, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Meanwhile, WordPress users may want to go elsewhere because ScalaHosting’s WordPress hosting options are sparse compared to those offered by other providers. Users can pick from the Mini, Start, or Advanced shared hosting plans, starting at $3.95, $5.95, and $9.95 per month.

However, these costs increase to $5.95, $8.95, and $13.95 per month when the subscription is renewed. Users may also try the service for a month for 99 cents.

ScalaHosting also provides cheap, fully managed cloud VPS hosting options, beginning at $9.95 per month and escalating to $19.95 per month on renewal for those interested in a more comprehensive hands-off solution.

Dedicated environments, daily remote backups, pro spam protection, SEO analysis, dedicated internet protocol (IP) addresses, free snapshots, and LiteSpeed support are all included in managed VPS hosting plans.

ScalaHosting also offers SPanel, a proprietary alternative to cPanel, for managed cloud VPS services.  SPanel provides consumers with an easy-to-use control panel from which they can handle all aspects of their website, from email administration to DNS settings.

SWordPress Manager, a utility included with SPanel, assists customers in managing their WordPress sites. Users can quickly access and modify all of their site’s administrative settings from a user-friendly control panel.

ScalaHosting saves seven copies of your site on a distant server for the previous seven days. These remote backups will always protect you as long as you check your website at least once a week for any concerns.

Customers managed cloud VPS access daily disaster recovery backups on distant servers and are quickly restored via SPanel.

Customer Support: Fast

Because issues might arise at any hour of the day, hosting companies should provide 24/7 assistance and numerous ways for consumers to reach them. ScalaHosting provides email assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week at support@scalahosting.com.

ScalaHosting’s customer care staff comprises professionals with at least three years of expertise in the industry, ensuring that clients receive reliable assistance.

Users of ScalaHosting may also access the company’s knowledge base, which offers a wealth of lessons and articles to assist them in managing their websites and accounts.

Uptime Test: 99.9%

ScalaHosting offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee to provide customers peace of mind and trust in the company’s services. Excessive downtimes are addressed as part of this assurance by offering credits to users who suffer less than 99.9% uptime.

For example, if your site is up and running 99.8% of the time, you’ll get a 10% credit on your account.

ScalaHosting web hosting uptime test

ScalaHosting Pros:

  • ScalaHosting provides lightning-fast server speeds.
  • High Reliability – Guaranteed Uptime of 99.9%
  • SPanel Is Comprehensive and Powerful On Managed VPS
  • ScalaHosting keeps seven copies of your site in its automated backup system.

ScalaHosting Cons:

  • All-In SSD Performance is only available on VPS plans.

Best WordPress Hosting Solutions For 2023 & Beyond – Summary

There are a few things to bear in mind while searching. What is the uptime of your favourite WordPress host, for example? Some of the most OK web servers have a 99.99 per cent uptime with a 0.01 per cent downtime.

Also, think of how simple SEO will be. Is it possible to easily optimize your chosen hosting service? SEO is critical in the digital era, so you can’t afford to ignore it and will need a hosting service that makes it simple.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, choosing the best WordPress hosting package might be tricky. Don’t know where to begin with WordPress?

Which One Is The Best WordPress Hosting Solution?

Bluehost is the best, and WordPress recommended hosting solution.

Since 2005, Bluehost has been WordPress’s preferred hosting service, starting at $8.99 per month or $2.95 per month for a 36-month contract. For individuals with tiny sites, small companies, and expanding businesses, Bluehost provides three hosting options.

This is a firm that specializes in shared hosting for professionals. It’s a WordPress-approved web hosting service. They provide one-click setup, automated backups, and round-the-clock assistance.

Bluehost is unbeatable when it comes to absolute design flexibility. It uses Cloudflare to improve site performance, collect site statistics, and prevent spam and viruses.

Additionally, Bluehost offers unlimited storage, bandwidth, email accounts, and WordPress.org recommends Bluehost.

After successfully selecting the platform to host your website, you own a business. However, it is essential to setting up a Facebook Business Page for your business’s success today and in the future.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the fastest hosting for WordPress?

When it comes to fast WordPress hosting,  SiteGround is a superb option (one of the few platforms recommended by WordPress.org). 

SiteGround’s own SG Optimizer plugin, which allows you to use SiteGround’s caching techniques, is another bonus that makes it an excellent pick for the quickest WordPress hosting.

What is the best hosting for WordPress?

Bluehost is one of the most well-known web hosting companies on this list due to its status as an official WordPress.org recommended hosting provider.

They are consistently voted #1 for small company web hosting, so you can’t go wrong with them. They have a standard cPanel interface where you can easily control your hosting. 

Bluehost has the most acceptable cost-to-value ratio, I noticed. Over the preceding 12 months, Pingdom’s uptime and speed monitoring engine recorded an average uptime of 99.95 per cent, with only 38 outages and an average page loading speed of 249 milliseconds.  

How can you host your WordPress website for free?

If you want to build your self-hosted WordPress website but aren’t ready (or able) to dive into premium web hosting, a free WordPress hosting provider can be just what you need. Unfortunately, you can only use a WordPress.com subdomain; you’ll have to pay if you wish to use your domain name. 

WordPress.com makes it easy to start a WordPress site for free by allowing you to create one by just enrolling for a WordPress.com account. It also doesn’t provide you access to the entire WordPress program, so you’re restricted in what you can accomplish.

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